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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 6 : The Master Plan
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Chapter 6
The Master Plan

Ever since coming to Hogwarts, Harry was the hero. But not today. I'm not saying Ron was the hero though. No, today the only person that might have resembled a hero was in fact a villain. Mr.Granger simply lied about some Jennifer girl since Ron was too poor and too "Abnormal. Mr.Granger was half wrong , considering Mr.Weasley's enormous raise. But let's not think about that, let's think about the matter at hand.

In school Fred and George were mischievous troublemakers. Complete misfits to the bone. People change when they get older though... They mature and become more serious...... But owning a chain of very successful prank and joke shop since before you were 21 completely obliterates that view. Now Fred and George are just pranksters with the right to do things as certified adults. Such pranks as say ruining a fashion show. But they couldn't do it alone, yes they got Potzer to help recruit the completely anti-feminist baseball team.... It'll all make sense in a minute... Make that 3. Back to Luna!

Luna rushed out of Hermione's dressing room, she wasn't allowed. But, this didn't stop her from snooping around the catwalk. She eventually came across Mr.Granger.
"No!! Bruce, the curtains are crooked!!" Mr.Granger yelled. What made this amusing was the fact that Luna had never met Mr.Granger, unfortunately he had heard all about her.
"Oh! Are you the head of this fashion show?" Luna asked. Mr.Granger rolled his eyes, another nosy onlooker.
"Yes, sweetheart, I am."
"Sweetheart? Do you call everyone that?"
".................No.. Only young ladies like yourself and my daughter." Mr.Granger wanting to get back to his work.
"Oh is your daughter nice?"
"Yes.. Very.. bad judge of character.. Was about to give her life up to some poor, freak called Weasley."
"Ron Weasley? Oh I think I'd like to try and get his attention.." Luna said staring into nothingness. Mr.Granger was amazed.
".. Well I'm fascinated in your little crush, but I'm afraid I have work to do!" Mr.Granger yelled snapping Luna out of her fantasy world. Luna shook the disrespectful muggle off and left to find her brother.

Potzer finally made it to his favorite part of the mall. The food court. Unfortunately, he wasn't there to eat. He found a group of gathered tables. Sitting at them was a team of very masculine muggle baseball players.
"Ok guys.. Get your fill?"
"Yeah, bud!" yelled one of them. Potzer rubbed his forehead.
"Ok, you ready for the rest of your tour?"
"Hell yeah!"
"Good... Well we'll get started on he tour of the north side as soon as I speak with some associates." Potzer smiled.
"Cool beans."
"I'm sure....." Potzer smirked walking to the bathroom. One of the well known rules is to never get caught performing magic in a muggle area. He entered one of the stalls and locked the door.

At the completely opposite side of the mall, in that bathroom's handicapped stall. Two tall gangly young men were preparing a rack of different pies.
"How long does it take to whip up a couple pies?" Potzer asked annoyed. The men were twins, only they had one distinguishing difference. Fred, had facial hair known as a "Van Dyke" and George a short beard growing. When they hit 20, they decided to finally have separate looks (this excludes wearing the same clothes and finishing eahother's sentences on occasion. Note: such an occasion as this will not happen in any of my stories because I find it incredibly annoying.)
"A couple? There's over 50 pies."
"We don't know how many they feel like throwing."
"Yeah yeah yeah well hurry it up and get them out there, because me and those idiots will be back here soon." Potzer said looking at his watch which he had set the times to " Only an hour away, Half an hour, get a move on!!, and You're missing it!" It was currently at: Half an hour.
"We only have half an hour..." Potzer sighed.
"See you in 28 minutes." Fred waved goodbye. Potzer dissaparated back to the opposite handicapped stall. Now all he had to do was lead the "Dumbass Squad" to the other side of the mall.

Ron had always been somewhat afraid of girls, especially someone like Hermione. It didn;t make it any easier that she would be made up to go on a runway. Ron had to find Potzer, find out his plans so he could explain to Hermione why he was pulling her out of the show. But first, he had to use the bathroom...... Bad. He ran into the bathroom, ignoring any of the urinals and going in a beeline to the stall at the end with the unlocked door. He kicked it in and heard a loud:
"OW! My god!" Ron was startled (luckily he didn't soil his trousers).
"Ron what are you doing?"
"Wanting to use the bathroom!" Ron didn't have much time to interrogate them now.
"Use a urinal..." Fred said sighing. Ron did so, and went back to fred and George.
"Umm.. What are you doing?"
"Making over fifty pies to give to the baseball team that Potzer is recruiting so they can ruin the fashion show." George explained without even looking at Ron.
"Why did you just tell me everything?"
"Get out now, before we kill you...." Fred said. Ron was puzzled but left and never thought about it again. Now, Ron knew what was going on. Part 2 of his plan was to muster of the courage to speak to Hermione...... He was doomed.

Out of everyone in the mall 7 of them were running, 3 of these people are in our story. Luna, Harry and Ron. What was comical was the fact that eventually, they would all end up in the same spot. A three-way collision is what followed. No one is seriously hurt, but one does bruise their elbow. ( They will be revealed at the end of the story)
"My god, why do you have to run into me?" Ron said as the three got up.
"Never-mind that, did either of you find anything out?" Harry asked.
"Nothing." Luna said.
"Everything." Ron smirked. He explained what was to happen, to the two.
"We can't let them embarrass Hermione like that!" Luna said.
"Well I was gonna pull her out anyway.." Said Ron.
"Oh did you find those testicles?" Harry joked. ("shut the hell up" said Ron)
"So what's the plan?" Ron asked.
"Ok.... We get down to the fashion show, and Ron will pull out Hermione and then the four of us can watch the sabotage of a perfectly good fashion show."
"WHAT! I thought we were stopping Fred and George all together!" Luna objected.
"No I rather see Hermione's father's carer ruined." Ron smiled.
"I'll do it......" Luna said. They all figured out ways to make sure Fred and George's plan went through and began for the north side.

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