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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 5 : His,Hers, and His Again....
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Chapter 5
His, Hers, and His Again....

The both of them followed Luna around the mall for a long while, until they decided to "Split up". This is how it happened:
"Luna! We're burning day light, sister!!" Harry yelled. Ron was between them and faced Luna.
"Yeah. Besides, I want to find Hermione."
"Point taken, Ron. Unless, she's already found someone else..." She hinted. Ron didn't notice, but Harry was shaking his fist at Luna behind Ron's back.
"Yeah, sure... Well we'll all just split up... Harry I'm sure you want to find Ginny. I want to find Hermione and Luna is hell bent on finding Potzer...." Ron said. So, they all decided to split up.......


Harry began down a hall he hadn't been through. He soon found Potzer in a CD store listening to some music, Harry never had anytime in his life that he actually sat and listened to music.
"Turn my MUTHAFUCKIN' HEADPHONES UP!!" Potzer yelled. Harry, a little shocked, came and patted him to gain his attention.
"Huh? You want some of this hot-fire? Oh, Harry!" He put up his headphones.
"What's going on?" Harry asked looking through the different CD's.
"Listening to some music..." He said.
"Muggle music is better than wizarding music. Wizard's music always has lyrics about something like uh unicorns and all that stuff." Harry put on some headphones and his eardrums were almost blown out.
"MY LOVE FOR YOU IS A LIKE A TRUCK, BERZERRKERRR!!" The voice yelled. Harry tossed them off. He put on the one's Potzer had.
"How ya gonna rip it like this, son? How ya gonna rip it like this, son?I don't play that, beacause it's action! That's why I say BAH-Bah cuz I'm black, son! That's right, I'm the blacksheep, the real blacksheep! I'm the blacksheep the real blacksheep!! IT's like uhn..... UHN!! Doodle-doot doodle-doot doodle-doot doo! Tha'ts right cuz I'll freak for you!! That's right, and you say what! I got goat legs and no nuts, thats ok with me because I rock it to streets and the hippity-hop beat! Uhn! Spaghetti spaghetti, cuttin it up! Rippin it up! Spaghetti spaghetti, potato sauce!! That's how I roll cause I'm the boss! BAH BAH BAH, BITCH! I'm rich! BAH BAAAAH!!!" Harry put them down.
"So do you have anything to do with sabotaging this 'fashion show'?" Harry asked
"Yes I do.. But not just me..." Potzer said looking through more music.
"Well that's just great.. Good luck with finding some music. I need to go find Ron."
"So you can rat us out?! Huh?!" Potzer almost yelled.
"I guess so..."
"......... Well I guess it's too late. No stopping us now." Potzer said. He bade Harry goodbye and Harry began running once again.


Luna had known where Hermione was, and was going to visit her. She entered her dressing room. Hermione was looking at the different stuff she was going to model.
"How are thing's going?" She asked.
"Just fine.... My dad is riding me to be JUST perfect."
"You were always perfect in school." Luna said.
"Well not at looking good..." Hermione said sitting down on a couch next to Luna.
"Plus, I have to worry about Ron in the audience. Or worse, Harry." Hermione said rubbing her forehead.
"Why are you so worried about Ron... I mean why did you dump him?"
"I got word he was cheating on me.... Besides why would you want to know."
"Because, after walking through half of the mall with him. I realized, Ron is a great catch."
"Well, you can go ahead and have him." Hermione replied. Luna was about to leave.
"Believe me, I would definitely consider it... If he wasn't so hung up on you." Luna said before closing the door.


Ron wandered around the mall alone. He had no intentions as to getting Hermione back. He loved her, sure, but he decided to just give it up. He eventually came across a large run way being set up by a bunch of men. Among the men, he saw Mr.Granger. He seemed to be the boss of everyone building it. He casually walked up next to Mr.Granger bossing a man around, he looked over the runway. Mr. Granger finally noticed Rona and gave him a disgusted look.
"Oh? What are you doing here?" Mr.Granger asked.
"Nothing really..."
"Finding more girls to cheat with?"
"I never cheated!" Ron blurted out.
"I know that, Weasley. But how else would my daughter get away from you?"
"So you did set this up, I'll bet your proud of yourself."
"I'm as proud of that scheme as much as this fashion show! Which you will not be attending."
"You'll be lifted from the premises." Ron grew angry, he didn't know why.
"I don't care about Hermione anymore." Ron lied.
"Well, then my job is done then." Mr.Granger lumbered off. Ron had never felt more like finding Hermione.

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