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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 4 : Beanery is a funny word!! Seriously!!!
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Chapter 4
Beanery is a Funny Word!

Harry started walking rather fast to the coffee shop. Rather fast as in, if you knocked into somebody and they spilled something you wouldn't help as opposed to the type where you would. But seeing as that's based solely on your situation I don't Harry would really care if he made someone drop their baby. It's a stupid cause, but smalls things like this have begun to get him excited. Just a little more adventure is what he thrives on. Al
l he needed to do was warn Ron of what he just heard. He eventually found the "Irish Beanery"(Beanery is one funny-ass word). He saw Ron getting some coffee from a particularly pimple-faced kid.
"We gotta talk." Harry told him. Ron sat down looking at Harry curiously.
"What's the problem?" He asked.
"Have you heard about this fashion show thing going on?"
"Sounds stupid... What about it?"
"Well... You might want to know that Hermione's being forced into it by her dad."
"You're serious?"
"..... Of course it was her dad. I can't believe it."
"Well are you gonna do anything about it?"
"No, why would I? Aren't you always supposed to be the brave one?"
"Well yeah, sure. But this is different."
"How? Our relationship is done, I'm over her,"
"No you aren't!"
"What do you know, anyway?"
"That you probably still love her!"
"Shut up!! Why are you so determined to get me back with her?! I don't see you talking your mouth off about Ginny!" Ron said standing up. Harry also got up, a small bit taller.
"Do you honestly think I just shook off the fact that the girl I loved up and dumped me without warning!"
"......... You know I suddenly want something very bad to happen to you...." Harry shook Ron's words off. He was suddenly surprised by the hand on his shoulder and elbowed Luna in the chest.
"Oh, Luna, I'm sorry!" She got up and punched him in the face sending him down. Ron stood over Harry and nudged him with his foot.
"That's what you get for screwing with me." He said.
"Luna you okay?" Ron asked.
"Yeah just recovering from an elbow the chest!" She said.
"I saw Potzer was here, you guys come together?" Ron asked.
" .... Potzer is here? Oh god..... Must be because of the fashion show.." Luna said as Harry got up rubbing his face.
"I here someone is planning for it to not happen. Maybe it's him.." Harry said.
"Well that's just great... We should go find him. Father says I shouldn't come here with all the muggles.. I should have listened too him."
"Wait... so we're leaving right now?" Harry asked.
"That's stupid..."
"No it isn't, it's for a good cause! And besides, what do you have to do that's any better?" Luna said starting off down a hall leaving Ron and Harry wondering if they had anything to do and since when did she become so pushy. "Right when I get my coffee." Ron said as they followed Luna.

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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B: Beanery is a funny word!! Seriously!!!


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