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A New Year, A New Beginning by padfoot and prongs foreva
Chapter 6 : Surprise
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A New Year, A New Beginning
Chapter 6

“Whuh?” cried the beautiful angle that was Lily Evans, before she rolled to the ground in a very graceful heap, at least that is the way it seemed to James, who would have found even the sight of Lily brushing her teeth attractive.

“Oh my God!!! We killed her!!!” James and Sirius cried, the later somewhat excited and the earlier perplexed.

“I killed my future wife!! What’s going to happen to all of our unborn babies!?!? Rose, Harry, Sirius, Remus, Aurora, and Violet?” he was jumping up and down and running and biting his nails all at once.

“What’s with the floral theme?” Sirius asked, one eyebrow raised.

“All the women in her family are named after flowers.” replied the faithful James over the coughing of Remus, although it sounded like “Stalker!”

“Oh!!” Sirius cried, before suddenly starting to scream again. “My namesake will never enter this world. You better find a girl…and soon!” he pointed an accusing finger at Remus.

“But he already has one.”

“Oh, right. Well in that case, get busy boy!!! What is the matter with you, Moony?” Sirius cried melodramatically, shaking him.

“Padfoot, Prongs, calm down.” Remus tried to say, but it was rather hard with two pairs of hands chortling him. He tried to breath, but was unsuccessful; finally he forcefully broke off their grips and smacked each in turn. “SNAP OUT OF IT!” he shouted.

This rare and unusual burst of violence shocked the two Marauders into stopping their manhandling of him.

“She just fainted. There is NOTHING wrong with her.”

A very pale James ran up to Lily on his tiptoes, followed (very) closely behind by a very white Sirius. James took her hand and checked her pulse. Relief swept over him like the pitcher of cold water that would soon be over Lily. “She’s ALIVE Padfoot! She’s alive.” He cried throwing his arms around Sirius’s neck.

“Wooh!! Yay!! There IS hope for Sirius Jr. yet!” and hugged James back. Remus watched the two with tears of mirth in his eyes. The two were the biggest drama queens EVER.

“Well, what do we do now?” James asked no one in particular.

“Maybe throw a little bit of water on her.” Remus suggested, not knowing the consequences of that innocent little proposition. Before he had time to blink, Sirius ran up to the table they had so lovingly and painstakingly set, and picked up the huge steel just of ice cold water. And before anyone could stop him he bend down really low and threw all the contents in Lily’s face as Remus shouted “I said a LITTLE, you dolt!”

Lily’s body twitched with the cold and she opened her eyes to find two faces unnaturally close to her own. She couldn’t quite place the faces with her being as groggy as she was, but she knew they were too close for comfort. She tried to move her arm but realized she couldn’t, as one of the two men was sitting on it. “Oh, no” she thought. “This is the end of me. I’ve been drugged; I’m going to be killed.” Her mind raced to remember the last conversation she had and realized it was pretty one sided with her yelling at Jam- er Potter. She felt bad that those words would be her last ever. She could tell both people were leering wildly over her.  She blinked her eyes as tears started to come in and realized with a jolt that the people weren’t leering, they were smiling, just too much, abnormally large smiles. She knew one of those smiles very well, but couldn’t quite place it, but she felt comforted by it somehow and stopped struggling as much. She felt a hand under her head. As her head got closer she recognized the other smile too, they were both familiar in any cases. “Oh, God, maybe I got kidnapped and these two saved me. I wonder how long I’ve been out for. Oh, no what if they make someone else Head Girl. Oh well, at least now I won’t have to see Potter so much. But she realized that made her sad, instead of making her happy.” Her thoughts were interrupted soon.

“Lily? Lily? Wake up, please.” The two faces begged. And…she knew the voices too, though she couldn’t ever remember hearing this desperate and worried tone in them.

“Maybe another glass of water, Sirius.” One of the voices suggested brightly.

“NO!” she replied so quickly that they both jumped. James lap was the only thing that kept her face from hitting the ground. She was shivering and her lips were blue. “NO!” she screamed again. She knew the faces to belong to James Potter and Sirius Black now and she closed her eyes in anger and exasperation.

“She’s awake! She’s alive!” cried James joyfully.

“My namesake has a chance.” screamed Sirius. Both boys were hugging each other (AGAIN!). Lily had no idea what they were talking about but realized they genuinely were worried about her and this was not one of their dumb prank.

“Guys, if you can let go of each other for a while, Lily is freezing.” Remus, always the voice of reason pointed out. Looking down they noticed the ghostly state Lily was in. Sirius quickly dried up her robes and James warmed them, while Remus got her a mug of the French Vanilla Cappuccino. Still her head in James’s lap, and her feet in Sirius’s possession, she drank the Cappuccino from Remus’s hands. (AN: lol how jealous are you girls of her right now!?!?!). As soon as she finished, the boys as one swooped down and hugged her.

“We were so worried, Lily.”

“We thought we lost you forever.”

“Speak for yourselves, guys, I TOLD you she was alive.” But even Remus couldn’t keep the note of relief from his voice. Lily couldn’t help but smile.

“Now, fair maiden, onwards.” cried James, pulling her to her feet and offering her his arm. As Sirius took her other arm she couldn’t help but let a giggle escape.

“Where are we going guys?” she inquired.

“Breakfast” cried three voices at once, obviously very hungry.

“But I need to change.” She protested.

“Oh, wait. Lily, you ruined our surprise.” Sirius said, with a pout, all of a sudden.

“What sort of-” but she finished in a scream as she everything around her went dark; her world turned black. Remus had put his hands over her eyes. “Remus, I can’t see.”

“Trust us, Lily.”

“You know it is kind of scary how you three say the same thing at the same time. Kind of like one person.” But nonetheless she let them lead her.

The Marauders happier than ever led her to a table filled with food and the flowers. As Remus removed his hands from over her eyes, the guys once again showed their talent of speaking at once: “SURPRISE!”

She opened her eyes and they were filled with tears for reasons she couldn’t fathom. She was the banners and a huge smile formed on her lips. The guys were all looking at her as if not sure of how she would react. “You guys did this for me?” she asked, but she knew she wasn’t fooling anyone, she knew it was James.

“Well, this one here, wanted to apologize for being a great big git, and of course Marauders always do everything together, even apologize.” Sirius replied.

James was slightly pink in the face. “So, are we friends again?” he asked, trying hard to hide the fear in his voice.

“Forgive you? After all you guys did. Of course. And I guess I did overreact just a little bit.”

“Sorry to ruin the moment, but I am kind of starving here.” Sirius pointed out. And with a laugh the three old and one hopefully new friend sat at their assigned spots.

“Oh, you got Liles in the middle. They are my favorite flowers; I didn’t think Hogwarts had a domesticated bunch.”

“Oh, well, lucky we found some then, isn’t it?” James said, glaring at Sirius as if daring him to tell the truth. But his two friends just laughed.

“You know what, Po- er James? This year is probably going to be a lot better than I expected. And the ball idea really was quite good.”

“Thanks” he replied while Sirius and Remus asked what the Ball was. They explained to them the basic idea over some Éclairs. By this time the food was done and they were all full.

“Well, I’m going to go get dressed and go to the common room. Wait, till I tell the girls about my breakfast. They’ll be so jealous that I had the first breakfast of terms with their boyfriends before they did.”

Sirius and Remus suddenly looked worried, they had not thought about it, but WOULD Rhiannon and Ashley get mad? They looked at each other for a second and then both said, “Nah!” with a wave of their hand in a dismissing manner.

Lily smiled. “I can’t wait to tell Rhia and Ash. We have to go shopping for clothes and everything. Oh, this is so exciting!” she said with a girly squeal that although her friends were very accustomed to, James and Sirius had never heard coming from her. She looked at Remus and Sirius. “Ash and Rhia are so lucky. They don’t even have to worry about dates. While I have to-” she suddenly stopped, talking about finding a date in front of James Potter was the worst thing she could’ve done. She was sure he’d ask her now.

And she wasn’t let down, “So, Lily do you want to-”


EVIL CLIFFY!!!!!!!!! BUT hope this keeps your interest!! and guess what...i've already started writing the next chappie!?!

And ok, admit it was ANYONE jealous of Lily here!?!?!

I REALLY REALLY hope you like this as I tried my best. And PLEASE REVIEW!! I LOVE those things soooooooooo much you’ve NO IDEA!!

Thanks soooooooo much for all those lovely WONDERFUL people who reviewed. This one is for you. Especially Velvet, whose review I JUST got and realized “to hell with hw, I have a chappie to post/type/finish”!

This is dedicated to: (in no particular order): Velvet, FunkyDucky222, MinervaEvenstar, WiCkEd, IsabellaMarilyn, “unknown” (sorry whoever you are), Padfootsdog, BaybeStrawberry, xobebeox, baby_gurl101, midnight_whispers, hogwartsgirlhg, Ashley, unheard_dreams01, jemma341, SilverDaggers, Tears4Sirius, Lady Dragon, chinkles, ivoryangel, Sweden, slyswn180, darthvengeful, glacialangel, Secondincharge, Ocean Potter and anyone else who reviewed. I REALLY hope I didn’t leave any names out and if I did SORRY!!

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