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Peeves Plays Cupid by kei_sainter
Chapter 3 : A Draco Malfoy Story: The Unbreakable Vow
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A Draco Malfoy Story

The Slytherin Prince was getting too cocky, so Peeves gave him arrow three…

PART ONE: Background Information

Peeves waited until the right moment, lurking within the walls in the girl’s dormitory (where he wasn't allowed) and when he saw his target coming he aimed.

Ann Sheehan, a fifth year Slytherin, was walking back up alone, while her friends (if you could have friends in Slytherin) stayed in the common room, flirting with some guys.

Not that the guys of Slytherin were anything to fawn over…

Except Draco Malfoy- a.k.a. the Slytherin Prince, in 5th year, he was already demanding respect, or at least fear, from his peers. All the girls wanted to be with him, all the guys wanted to be like him.

Ann shook her head as she stopped just outside her dorm and spun around when she heard a giggle.

By the time she saw Peeves-- it was too late. He had reared back the contraption and an arrow (more like a plunger) smacked her on the side of the shoulder, sending her toppling into her shared room with a thud.

A drawer banged shut.

'Malfoy?' Ann asked incredulously.

And there he was. The Slytherin Prince, rummaging through someone's trunk-- Pansy's.

Ann's lips curved into a sinister smile, 'What do you think you're doing?'

'You tell anyone about this, and I'll make sure that you don't live to see the end up of your fifth year,' he'd marched over to her in a white rage and basically spat out his threat.

Ann stood her ground.

'That's all well and good Malfoy, but before I go-- I'm sure people will be interested to know why the Slytherin Prince is in the girls dormitory. I mean-- it's obvious that honesty isn't something you hold in high regard-- but to have gotten past the charms around the dorm? Tsk, tsk.'

Draco took a step back as if seeing this girl for the first time.

He'd never really had much to do with Sheehan, he only knew that she was too smart to be in Slytherin-- he always believed that she was a shame to the Slytherin name.

'What do you plan to do?' he asked, more out of curiosity than fear.

'I think a little blackmail may be enough to teach you a valuable lesson, Malfoy,' she said after pretending to think it over.

'Blackmail? You don't have the guts.'

PART TWO: Blackmail

It was probably the wrong thing to say.

Malfoy knew it the moment that he saw Ann's smile grow into a big, nearly menacing, one.

'That just goes to show that you don’t know me very well,' she said and walked in a circle around him, Malfoy trying to stay still.

'What do you want Sheehan. Don't keep me in suspense,' Draco demanded, he wasn't going to back down.

Ann thought rapidly.

She finally had Draco Malfoy where she wanted him-- and she didn't get into Slytherin for being kind and secretive-- cunning was the game.

'I'd ask you to do my homework for me for a month,' she began, 'but you're not very smart.'

It was an insult if Draco had ever heard one.

'Money maybe-- you have a lot of that,' she paused and looked him in the eye.

Draco was staring at her, Ann was almost sure that there was some respect and admiration in them, she laughed inwardly-- respect for being evil wasn't exactly what she wanted from a guy.

'But then again so do I,' she turned away again.

'Get to the point,' he told her, getting bored.

'I've got it.' Draco raised an arrogant eyebrow to her, 'Well then?'

'The Slytherin Prince is such a catch. I think I deserve to be selfish enough and raise my status a bit higher, don’t you think?'

'What are you really asking?'

'I'll make you a deal. If you play the role of my boyfriend-- convincingly-- for the two weeks til Christmas, my Christmas gift to you will be not to tell anyone, nor bring it up.'

Draco looked her up and down.

Though not exactly plain, she wasn’t the type of girl that he usually went for, she was made of much stronger stuff, her features were prominent and she was only a few centimeters shorter than him.

'I'm sure we both didn't get into Slytherin for keeping our promises,' he scoffed, 'so how will I know you wont double-cross me?'

'Good point,' she said, 'on Christmas Eve, when the deal finishes-- I'll give you an Unbreakable Vow not to tell anyone.'

'You do know that breaking it causes death?' he raised an eyebrow.

She nodded, and Malfoy felt admiration towards her, 'Deal.'

PART THREE: Two Weeks Bliss

To Draco's surprise, the two weeks weren't as hard as he'd expected.

Of course there was the initial surprise-- after all, most expected that Pansy Parkinson and himself were a couple-- but others seemed to think choosing Ann was a good thing.

After all, she lacked the annoying laugh of Pansy, she was actually smart-- he found that when they were alone, the awkward silences he dreaded never appeared.

And he was actually passing Transfiguration now.

'Morning Sheehan,' he smirked at her as he sauntered into the Great Hall for breakfast on a Saturday morning.

'Malfoy,' she barely looked up from her newspaper.

It was something that both endeared and annoyed him. The fact that she wasn't all over him-- though she was benefiting from a higher status now that she was the current 'Slytherin Princess'-- she didn't take it as an opportunity to kiss him at every instance.

He'd even attempted to make out with her in a closet, but she'd tapped his cheek with her palm and laughed at him.

'So what are we doing today?'

That made her look up at him.

'Don't you have plans with Crabbe and Goyle?' she asked him.

'No. I kept this weekend open because it's the only one left before… you know,' he said.

'That's nice,' she said, 'the trip into Hogsmeade is today isn't it?'

If Ann didn't know any better, she'd have thought that Draco liked spending time with her-- but she just put it down to the fact that he liked to be thorough with his roles.

By the end of the day though, he was looking at her with such intensity that she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

'Out with it Malfoy. What's on your mind?'

The smirk came back-- and Draco's blue eyes glittered with her own.

'Well, I think its unfair that you're telling me to be convincing with this role as your boyfriend-- especially when you won't let either of us enjoy the perks,' he pointed out.

'Perks?' Ann thought she'd play dumb (Lord knows she's had enough lessons from Pansy).

'For example, the rest of the gang are still in Hogsmeade, and I know this corner in the Prefects common room--'

'Come and show me,' she said, pulling him towards the corridor.

And though it may have not been the smartest thing to do, Ann and Draco spent the afternoon enjoying certain 'perks' of their pretend relationship.

PART FOUR: The Unbreakable Vow

The perks saw them through any spare moments in the next week, thoroughly enjoyed and taken advantage of.

But when Christmas Eve loomed ahead, Ann didn't mind that her 'relationship' with Draco was ending. It would be good not to be followed constantly by Pansy and her idioms, or have to sit with Draco's rowdy crowd.

The only thing she regretted was the actual time she spent with Draco.

But a promise was a promise-- and no matter how cunning, devious or sly she was-- she had promised Malfoy an unbreakable vow.

'Malfoy,' she called over to him.

With the grace of a feline he came to her side, and it almost made her laugh the way he was looking at her-- like a sex-starved teenager (which he was).

'I think its time,' she said.

It was the day before Christmas Eve, but she was going home at 11 a.m. the next day, so she needed to do it now.

'For what?' he looked at her blindly.

'For the vow? We just need to find a Bonder--' Ann looked around the Great Hall but aside from a few second years-- whom she doubted had powers strong enough-- she couldn't find anyone.

'Ann,' he said.

Ann froze. It was one of the few times he'd addressed her by her first name.

'I've changed my mind,' Draco continued after clearing his throat.

'What?' she asked, surprised.

'Two weeks with you-- I don't think I can go back to being around Pansy-- she's so bloody annoying!'

Ann blinked, 'Okay… do you want me to hex her?'

Malfoy let out a slow laugh, and suddenly he was closer.

'No-- what I'm trying to say is-- I want you. I don't care if you give me away to Snape or Dumbledore for being in your dorm room… but I want you.'

He looked at her expectantly.

She couldn't resist it, he looked so hopeless, 'Well you cant always get what you want Malfoy,' he looked like was about to argue with her, 'luckily for you-- what you want is what I want.'

'Happy Christmas.' And it was a Happy Christmas indeed, sealed with a kiss.

[If they ever had kids, they'd be evil!!!]


A/N: I'm personally proud of this story-- I wrote it for my friend and beta Ann as a kind of belated birthday present (we're talking almost a month) I think she's personally glad that she has 'perks' and she's evil. love Kei

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