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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 3 : No Gloating!
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Chapter 3
No Gloating

Harry scratched his head furiously thinking over what had just happened. Ron kept looking back at him weird. They had finally made it to the bookstore a while later.
"Harry, you can go look around. I'm gonna get some coffee." He told Harry. He left Harry alone to think about what happened in the elevator. He passed by aisles of books and books, some taunting him: "The joy of sex"
"What kind of sick bookstore is this!" Harry began running. Everything seemed to be some sort of innuendo. He ran until he knocked into someone.
"Woh! Potter, you okay?" Potzer helped Harry to his feet.
"What you running for, man?"
"Uh just trying to make time..."
"....What happened?" Potzer asked.
"Ok well... We got the cookies right? Then, I saw Ginny go into an elevator. I had followed her and mistakenly ended up with Hermione..."
"she made me feel bad about Ginny... That's all..." Potzer looked Harry up and down.
"............. You had sex with her didn't you?" Harry's stomach jumped.
"How did you..... What did you.. Wuh?" Harry was speechless.
"Don't be alarmed... My sister told me. I understand that her and Hermione are friends."
"She said not to tell anyone!"
"Well she probably meant don't gloat...."
"Wait, who's your sister again?"
"Oh, Luna Lovegood." Potzer said as he began looking through the books. "Luna! Well, that might explain..."
"The way I'm weird? Yeah. I'm fine with it... It's odd because our parents are damned geniuses."
"hmm..." Harry shrugged.
"So you're running because your worried about all 3 of your relationships... Ginny, Hermione and Ron. "
"This is one of the most troubling things I've had to deal with." Harry said rubbing his head.
"Well, is it that your scared.... Because you liked it." Potzer said looking through books on aliens and other paranormal ordeals.
"Well of course I liked it. It was sex." Harry said mornfully.
"I mean you liked it more than usually." Potzer said.
"Well who says I did?"
"Nobody... Well I'm pretty sure you don't feel like talking about it."
"... Gimme the gory details."
"WHAT!? I'm not gonna-"
"I'm kidding, ok? Wow, you really are tense." Potzer said.
"Not every day you sleep with your best friend." Harry replied.

Harry left Potzer to look over books while he went to one of the tables to sit down. He sat as his mind raced. He felt someone's hand on his shoulder.
"So you slept with her..." He heard a voice say. his heart jumped as he spun around.
"How was it?" Seamus asked.
"Sweet jesus..." Harry sighed resting his head.
"Aww come on, Harry. Why so glum?" Neville asked as he and Seamus sat down.
"What are you two doing here? And how do you know?" Harry asked.
"Potzer told us. But don't worry, Ron and Ginny are the only one that doesn't know."
"Great.. All I have to do is to wait for someone to tell him."
"No one has the heart to tell him anyway." Neville said sipping on a drink.
"And she said not to tell anyone..." Harry sighed.
"I think she meant not to gloat." Seamus said while Harry glared at him.
"Why did Ginny leave you again?" Neville asked.
"I was always writing an autobiography." Harry said.
"Your autobiography?"
".............. I had heard it was a way to make a quick buck, but I'm having second thoughts. I mean really. A book about the adventures of Harry Potter?" Harry said.
"You're right. It would go down like a lead balloon. So you've decided to stop writing it?" Seamus asked.
".... I'll have to think about it." Harry said.
"Well we gotta get to the north side." Neville said.
"What are you doing?" Harry asked worried.
"A fashion show is going up in an hour or two. There's a rumor going around that someone is going to interfere and ruin it. You'd be interested. Your 'best friend' Hermione got forced by her dad to do it. He's puttin' it up, been planning it for 7 years since getting fired." Harry definitely remembered the episode of Hermione's parents being fired (For an unknown reason) near the end of their 7th year.
"What?! Does Ron know?"
"Since when does Ron know anything?" Neville said as they left.

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