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My love by Ginny
Chapter 1 : My love
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Disclaimer:I own no HP characters!
Virginia Weasley sta in the library trying to concentrait. She was raised up a year(7th year) so she was with Hermione, Ron and Harry. But her thoughts kept coming back to Hermione. Ginny had found out she was gay during her 5th year. She dated Lavender who was bi-sexual and now dating her brother Ron. Her family knew and were ok with it. Ron even offered her dating tips. Hermione did know too. She was oblivious to the fact that Ginny liked her though.
She looked back down at her book and began to try to study again when Harry and Hermione entered. They smiled and sat with her.
"So whats up Gin?" Harry said with his all knowing eyes. He had been trying to help Ginny out with Hermione for 3 months now.
"Oh nothing I can't consentrait."
"Oh well come by my headgirls dorm today and I will help. I just came to grabb a journal I left here."
"Sure Hermione." Ginny said with a small blush.
~Later that day~
Ginny entered Hermione's headgirl room and saw her sitting by her window. She looked like an angel. Ginny wanted to run over and kiss her full red lips. She gave a small caugh and hermione turned around.
"Hey gin."
"Hey what were you thinking about?"
"How did you know I was thinking about something?"
"By the look on your face."
"Oh well you see I have this problem."
"What is it maybe I can help."
"Well you see my friend likes my other friend but doesn't kow how to tell her. What do I do?"

A/N:I will write more later. Tell me what you think. If you don't like it then try to be nice about it. I wanred you it's f/f and I am having major writers blck.

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My love: My love


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