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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8: We Have A Winner
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A/N: This is a really fast update so MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for all of the reviews.. i never thought it'd be this much of a hit. I almost didn't write it! Glad i did! lol. Anyways, some people have been asking and remember... Erin is 4 and Jami is almost 2... Jami is a very smart two year old considering she's the daughter of Harry and Ginny. Well, my friend, Ann, should be happy now! I must warn you… probably not that many more chapters… five at the VERY most.. don't hurt me! i have lots of other ideas!! So read on and please review when you get to the end!

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TND (The New DragonGirl) DREW THAT! WEll she drew something even awesomer but i had to edit it down to that.

Chapter 8: We Have a Winner

“Oh, no… I don’t need a room.” Hermione said, laughing nervously.

“I thought you looked a bit pale, go on Hermione.” Ron said gently, urging her on.

“Ron, no, I… I don’t need to, what about Erin?” Hermione pleaded.....she did feel a bit whoozy though.

“I can take care of Erin, we’ll see you after.” He said softly in her hair. Goose pimples spread over her arms and a shiver laced down her back.

“Ron.” she whined, getting desperate as the healer took her hand.

“Go.” Ron said firmly, his eyes demanding.

“Fine.” Hermione snarled, admitting defeat.

“Good. Now, follow me.”

“What’s wrong?” Erin asked in slight panic, her eyes had been steadily growing larger as they argued.

“I’m just going to get a check up too, don’t worry.” Hermione assured her before Parvati ushered her out.

“Please take care of Mrs. Hermione Weasley, she has a 105 temperature.” Parvati told another healer.

“Yes, m'am.” the healer answered and led Hermione to a room.

“Lie down, please.” The healer instructed, pulling out a wand. Hermione did as she was told without argument. The bed felt soft on her fevered skin and she couldn't help but let her thoughts drift..

“I’m Healer Descro, you feel free to relax, we will be conducting some regular tests.” The healer said, but Hermione barely heard him, a soft buzzing had filled her ears and her eyes were growing heavy.

“Ok.” Hermione said and relaxed. Before she knew it, she was asleep.


“No! Not that! This!”



Shrill voices brought Hermione back to conciousness, a loud shushing sound struggled to quiet the uproar but to no avail.

“VROOOOMMM!!” two voice argued. Hermione blinked her eyes opened and squinted at the bright lights.

“Wh—Where am I?”

“Hermione?” Ron asked from a chair by her bed.

“Mommy!!” Erin squealed and crawled off of Jami’s bed and onto hers.

“Hey, Erin. How are you feeling.”

“Good. Look what Santa brought me!” she said holding out a miniature Seeker from the Chudley Cannons. The figure looked agitated and, judging from how Jami played, it was probably tired of being slammed into things, the bedpost for example.

“Wow!” Hermione gasped and smiled at Ron as Erin sat by Hermione’s side.

“How do you feel?” Ron asked his wife and kissed her on the head.

“Better.” Hermione answered, “Is Jami ok?”

“Yeah, she’s good. They want to keep both of you for another day though.” Hermione sighed in exaspiration. She really didn’t want to spend Christmas in the hospital.

“Where are.. oh.” Hermione said went she saw that the two people she was wondering about were sitting in a chair next to their daughter’s bed, sleeping. Ginny was in Harry’s lap with her head on his shoulder, comfortably fitted in his arms.

“Have you heard anything on uh.. Ferret-man?” Hermione asked Ron looking at Erin.

“Not really. Just that he’s in Azkaban for the time being.”

“Good. So, Erin, Jami, what all did Santa bring you?” Hermione said. The room was suddenly filled with loud lists of what they got.

Jami had also gotten the team of the Chudley Cannons mini figures and Ron told Hermione that Jami and Erin had made them fly a very violent game of Quidditch. Hermione was examining the little figures when Erin suddenly jumped off of the bed and reached under it. She pulled out two folded pieces of paper and gave one to Ron and one to Hermione.

“Jami’s mommy helped me with the letters, but I did the rest all by myself last night.” She said shyly, perching in Hermione's arms and resting her head on Hermione's shoulder. Hermione looked down at the card and smiled. On the front was a picture of a little girl that Hermione took to be Erin hanging an ornament on the tree. Then when the girl in the picture finished, a taller figure with lots of brown hair came in and tickled the little girl. Hermione opened the card and read the messy handwriting and backwards letters.

Mumy, thank you for evrythig. i am happy tat you ar my mumy. mary christmass. love, Erin.

Hermione had to hold back tears as she read the note. “Thank you so much Erin, this is the best card I’ve ever seen.” She said softly.

“Yeah this is really good.” Ron said. Hermione could see that he was about to cry. He mumbled something about the loo before departing, card clenched to his heart.

“You’re welcome, Mummy.” Erin said happily and hugged her.

“Come here.” Jami demanded picking up her toys. Erin smiled at Hermione and climbed over to Jami’s bed.

Knock, Knock

Healer Descro walked in and over to Hermione.

“Well, we got the results of your tests in.” she said.

“Oh Merlin, are they good or bad?” Hermione asked. She was glad that Ron was gone and Harry and Ginny were asleep, that way she would hear it first.

“Well, most people thing that it’s good.” The Healer answered calmly, a smile tugging at his lips as Hermione began to tense.

“Ok, just tell me.” Hermione said and braced herself.

“Hermione Weasley, you are eight weeks pregnant.”

“Oh No!------" she began, then stopped, "What?”

“I said, you are—"

“No, I heard you… wow.” Hermione couldn’t believe it! She was pregnant! That’s why she’s been sick in the morning.

“Now, Mrs. Weasley, you are going to have to take care of yourself better. You don’t need to get to stressed out.” The Healer explained. Oops thought Hermione guiltily.

“Is Mummy ok?” Erin asked from Jami’s bed, the lack of attention to the game allowed Jami to ram her seeker with a Bulger, a mini one of course.

“Yes, and soon you will have a little brother or sister.” Healer Descro told Erin.

“Really!” Erin said her face lighting up.

“Yes, now I am going to go get you a packet that explains everything that you will need to do to get ready for the baby.” Healer Descro announced and left.

“I get a sister!?” Erin squealed, Ginny stirred and opened a beady eye.

“Yeah, a sister or a brother.” Hermione said. She was still amazed, how come she hadn’t thought of this?

“Hey, I met the Healer, I think. Long, black hair?” Ron said as he entered the room.


“Did she tell you what was wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, really, just well, I think Erin would like to tell you.” Hermione answered.


“I get a sister!” Erin announced.

“Or brother.” Hermione corrected again.

“Malfoy’s wife is pregnant!?” Ron asked, dumbstruck he stumbled to his chair.

“Ron, you’re so thick.” Ginny said yawning and climbing off Harry’s lap.


“Congrats, Hermione! This is going to be awesome! You can have all of Jami’s old clothes if it’s a girl.” Ginny squalked.

“Thanks, Gin.” Hermione said as her best friend walked over and hugged her.

“You… sister… pregnant?” Ron stuttered finally making to connection.

“Ding, ding, ding, witches and warlocks, we have a winner, now Ginny tell this lucky man what he’s won!” Harry said sarcastically, struggling to keep his eyes from rolling.

Ron scowled at him.

“Wow Hermione!” he said turning to his wife, “This is great!” he leaned down and kissed her.

“Ew!!” Erin and Jami said at the same time they gagged before falling back on the bed, giggling.

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