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Lost Hero by F4L
Chapter 3 : Occlumency
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--Disclaimer - JKR owns her lot, I own mine--


Kael leaped out of the way, panting hard as the flash of light flew past his shoulder. Raising his dark green eyes across the room, he could see the Dark Lord was pleased. Slowly Kael got to his feet, and raised his wand again.

'Very good Kael, very good,' Voldemort said quietly, lowering his wand. Kael remained in the dueling position. He had learned not to let his guard down until the Dark Lord left the room. 'You may relax Kael, I daresay you've learnt your lesson from ... ah, previous experiences.'

Kael hesitantly lowered his wand, and bowed to the Dark Lord. This, he hoped, would signal the end of the Duel. Voldemort approached Kael and placed an arm around him, leading him out of the dimly lit room. Kael was unused to this sort of treatment and stiffened a little.

Since his father was killed four years ago, Kael had been subjected to harsh treatment from the Dark Lord's followers and at times, though it was rare, from the Dark Lord himself. He had come to the conclusion his father didn't deserve to die, but Kael was forced to bury his pain and show a strong, heartless front. Weakness was treated with more pain. Kael was strong, he could take high levels of pain, but that didn't mean he enjoyed it. Pain always brought bad memories to the forefront of his mind, memories he'd prefer to forget.

The first few weeks without his father were horrible, Voldemort had gone away on a mission and Kael was left in the care of Severus Snape and a foreigner by the name of Karkaroff. Neither had been kind, Severus especially seemed to hold some sort of grudge against Kael. Severus had cast a silencing spell on his room so no one could hear his screams, no one would wake him from the horror that he felt when he slept. This tormented Kael.

He still had nightmares, though they were less frequent. Always the same one and he would wake in a cold sweat, panting hard. He would climb out of bed and open his window, taking deep breaths of the cold air. Kael had learned it was not worth his while to wear a t-shirt in bed, it was always soaked when he woke. He never asked the Dark Lord about the vision he saw. He didn't want to know.

'Kael, you will be 15 next month correct?' The Dark Lord asked as they walked down the hallway. Kael nodded, he rarely spoke in front of the the Dark Lord. 'I intend for you to attend Hogwarts this September. You will be entering the 4th Year class and your ability and magic will be much stronger than theirs. I am sure of it.'

He looked up at the Dark Lord who was staring ahead. 'You must hide your talents, don't show off or do anything to draw attention to yourself,' He continued. Kael nodded, paying close attention to what he was saying. He had never spoken to anyone his own age before, the idea of attending a boarding school was intimidating. 'Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle have boys there. They will be instructed to show you around.'

'What if I'm not sorted into Slytherin?' Kael asked, interrupting Voldemort, when he did speak he had a bad habit of picking the worst thing to say ... Voldemort stopped abruptly and raised an eyebrow at Kael, removing his arm from Kael's shoulder.

'What?' He hissed, his voice low.

'Nothing, never mind.' Kael muttered, looking away. Voldemort straightened a little.

'That's what I thought,' He replied haughtily. 'Snape teaches in Hogwarts and he will be giving me updates on your developments, because you see, we have never been able to infiltrate Hogwarts. Dumbledore used all sorts of spells, many we can't break,' Voldemort snarled. The mere mention of Dumbledore always seemed to anger him. Kael remained silent. 'You will be issued with instructions by Severus when you arrive. Until September, you will be having Occlumency lessons with myself daily to prevent the act of Legilimency. When you arrive in Hogwarts, Severus will take over these lessons.'

Kael didn't know how to feel, he despised Snape. He had treated him horribly and Kael would never forgive him for the harsh words he spoke against his father. He could never forgive such cruelty and heartlessness. However, the opportunity to learn Occlumency was one he was very grateful for. He would finally be able to block out his nightmares. Finally.

'You will also have lessons with me on wordless magic. You will have both these skills perfected by the 1st, do I make myself clear?'

'Yes sir, and thank you.' Kael bowed his head low. Voldemort smirked faintly and walked away, leaving Kael outside his room.


'Here is your ticket for the 1st, Lucius will meet you on the platform with your things,' Instructed Snape, handing him an envelope. He had put forward the case to Dumbledore, Kael was an abandoned young wizard that Severus had found nearby a Death Eater attack. Dumbledore was reluctant, but he trusted Snape and offered Kael a place in Hogwarts.

Kael accepted the envelope and opened it. He read the ticket. 'Platform 9 and ...' He read slowly, looking up at Snape. Severus nodded.

'Lucius will show you everything, though if you want a broom or an Owl I suggest requesting one soon. Your first class with me is tonight at eight. Don't be late,' Snape shut the door and Kael could hear his footsteps grow fainter and fainter.

He smiled to himself, unknown to many of the Death Eaters he had been given a broom by the Dark Lord. It was a good broom. Kael was to use it to escape should anything ever happen ... an attack or should the Lord's followers rebel. He sat on his bed in silence for a moment to let it all sink in.

Kael was going to school, he was going to be away from the Dark Lord and his followers, he would be away from the fear and pain. For the first time he would meet wizards and witches his own age ... Kael stood slowly at this thought and looked at himself in the mirror on his wall.

He gazed at his reflection. His dark hair was a mess, it was nearly covering his deep green eyes. Kael tried to flatten his hair, but knew it was no use. He had straight teeth and didn't need glasses. The Dark Lord had made sure of it ... He shuddered slightly remembering that horrifying night.

Kael could see nothing wrong with his appearance, but he had nothing to compare to. He smirked suddenly; there would be girls.


'I wish for you to learn Occlumency in order to prevent the use of Legilimency against you. '

'Who in Hogwarts would...'

'Professor Dumbledore has proven himself to be accomplished in Legilimency, whether he would use it on a student is questionable, but it is a risk the I am unwilling to take,' Voldemort replied smoothly.

'Oh ... right ...' Kael said lamely. 'So what do I do?' The Dark Lord raised an eyebrow as the boy took his wand out of his robes and pushed back his hair.

'Before we get to Occlumency, you must know that eye contact is crucial for Legilimency to be effective ...'

'I know that already,' Kael interrupted. 'I realised this when you did it on others ... you always know when someone is lying,' He added, smiling weakly at the Dark Lord who continued to survey him through his narrowed eyes.

'I'm going to attempt to break into your mind, block me anyway you can.' Kael nodded and prepared himself for the familiar feeling.

Feelings and memories came flooding back, he was in his room wondering if he'd fit in, ducking the Lord's curses earlier that day, waking up late last night ...'EXPELLIARMUS!' Kael screamed, he didn't want him to know of his fear, his weakness. The silence charm had stayed on the room, no one knew he still had these nightmares. Not even the Dark Lord.

Voldemort blocked the spell easily and raised an eyebrow at Kael. 'You lost control and that is how you will be penetrated. You must focus Kael ... Legilimens!'

The fearful feeling came rushing back to him as the Dark Lord continued where he left off, a flash of light followed. No, you can't see any more Kael thought desperately, trying to block the Dark Lord.

His eyes adjusted to the dark room again and he scowled, realising he was on the floor. The Dark Lord looked down at him curiously. 'What was that flash of green?' He demanded watching Kael closely as he got to his feet.

'A nightmare,' Kael answered bitterly.

'Close your eyes Kael, focus on blocking me from your mind. Rid yourself of all emotion, hide your feelings ... come now, it isn't that hard.' Kael glared at Voldemort for a moment before shutting his eyes. He took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind. 'Legilimens!'

Kale grimaced feeling Voldemort break into his mind yet again. He failed to block him and the nightmare started in front of his eyes. The duel in the hall, a flash of light. The cruel high voice taunting the mother ... 'No, no you can't ...' Kael muttered, falling to his knees. The room re-appeared and he groaned as he climbed to his feet again.

'Get up! You're making no effort, you need more discipline Kael! You're letting me access memories you fear!' said Voldemort sharply. 'Only fools wear their hearts on their sleeves, they cannot control their emotions, they wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be easily provoked weak people in other words they stand no chance in this world. Are you weak Kael?'

'No, I am not weak,' said Kael in a low voice, fury now coursing through his veins. How dare the Dark Lord call him weak? After the years of torment and torture, the years of pain and suffering Kael had survived through without arguing, without complaining. And the Dark Lord was calling him weak? Kael had lost more than most, though he didn't know quite how much he had lost, he had buried the pain and stayed strong, but now the Dark Lord was calling him weak?

Kael was sickened. His years of silence had gone unnoticed. It pained and angered him, he didn't know whether to walk away or to stay and continue to be ignored, under appreciated, abused and insulted.

'Then prove it!' spat Voldemort. 'Control your anger, discipline your mind! Legilimens!'

Kael was watching Voldemort dueling with him again, Snape cruelly taunting him when the Dark Lord had left, the Lestranges inflicting Kael with great pain laughing all the while...

'When did that happen?' Demanded Voldemort, removing the effects before Kael could fight back. Kael was on the stone floor again and pulled himself up against the wall. He shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant.

'A few weeks ago, it is not exactly uncommon my Lord,' replied Kael wearily. He saw Voldemort's expression darken.

'Practice that tonight, clear your mind. If you have your little nightmare, you have failed. We will do this every night until you get it Kael, it is necessary for you to able to do this,' the Dark Lord rested a hand on Kael's shoulder for a moment before leaving the room. Not for the first time in his life, Kael felt like crying.

His mind and emotions were worn, he was lonely and lost. Kael missed his father. He climbed to his feet and shuffled out of the dark room, hands in his pockets, head hanging.

Kael had proved unworthy of the Dark Lord's attention. He knew the Dark Lord felt he was wasting his time on someone as pathetic as himself.

Perhaps the lessons with Snape would be better, he thought darkly.

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