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Cursed by theclick5
Chapter 3 : Patronuses
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( hey people. I know that we kinda switch between HP/GW and DM/HG but I like DM/HG better than becky does so just enjoy the chapter. Ill stop talking (typing) now.)

Hermiones alarm woke her up at 6:00 the next morning. She rolled out of bed and into the bathroom, that she shared with Malfoy along with a common. Hermione started up the water for the shower and got in. when she was done she got dressed and began to work on her hair, this when she heard a alarm go off in Malfoys room, stumbling, and the door open.

“Morning sleepy head.” she said sarcastically. Hermione looked closely at him, he was in a black t-shirt and green boxers, he had bed head. Malfoy just plain out looked terrible.

“to early…..out….shower” he managed to get out

“not a morning person, huh?”

“no not ‘till I get a shower”


Hermione went into her room and put on some lip gloss and her shoes. It was now almost 7:15 so she ran down to the great hall. About 7:30 Harry, Ron, and Ginny came in.

“morning guys.” Hermione said cheerfully

“morning ‘mione” all three said as they sat down. Ginny by Harry, Ron by Hermione. Ginny was practically sitting on Harry they were so close.

“So hows life with Malfoy?” Ron asked protectively

“well, its really not that bad, not that I like it but Ill survive. So Harry what’s this I hear that Sirius is still alive?”

“I really don’t know”
Before Hermione could say any thing else the time tables were passed out.

“We have every bloody class with the Slytherins!” Ron practically yelled

“wow we do.” Hermione sounded shocked

“poor you guys” Ginny said sympathetically

“Well at least we have DADA first. We’ll get to see Lupin again.” Harry said trying to cheer everybody up.

“Your right, and we had better get going.” Hermione said. Harry gave Ginny a kiss good bye and the ‘trio’ set off for the DADA room.

“hello professor .” Harry said “ what are we doing to day?”

“well with the dementors against us im going to try to teach the patronus.”

“really?” Hermione said excitedly
By the end of class only four people could do the patronus Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco.

“Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco. Could you come up here please and show every one your patrouses?”

“Expecto patronum” Harry yelled, his of course was a stag, Rons a Hippagriff, Dracos a dragon, and Hermiones a badger.

The rest of the day was uneventful, they didn’t get any homework not even from Snape, which was odd . Hermione went up to the common room and got engrossed in the book ‘The Giver’. She was so engrossed that she hadn’t heard any one come in or sit in the chair next to her.

“Granger don’t you do any thing but read?” Draco Malfoy asked. She was so surprised she jumped and fell off the couch.

“Oh my god, don’t do that Malfoy. You scared me.” he however was in a fit of laughter.

“ were… scared.” He managed to get out.

“Well you shouldn’t sneak up like that.”

“ ok Im good now.” he stopped laughing. “but seriously your ALWAYS reading.”

“yeah I do other things”

“like what?”

(please please please please please please review)

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Cursed: Patronuses


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