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Kiss by Hunter_girl
Chapter 1 : It Begins
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(A/N) This Story follows the life of Lily Evans and James potter. Now the structure of this storry goes bk and forward in time from Older Lily/James and Younger Lily/James. I hope i didnt put you off cos i really would like for you to read it!!! enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilys story!!!!!!

*A lot has changed since 7th year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, I pinch myself sometimes to make sure its not a dream sometimes I wish It were but on the other hand so much good has come from bad. Just by looking in the mirror is a reminder of the good in the world. A small bump has now developed, it still blows my mind to think there’s a baby within myself growing and living, two hearts beating as one. I love this little person with a vengeance, and would do anything to keep it safe.

*3 months left to an era at hogwarts, 3 months and I’ll be free of everything to do with hogwarts. don’t get me wrong I Love hogwarts its my second home and lately my only home, since my mother and father have became so caught up in petunias wedding. I thought it was a joke at first when they told me that she was getting married, and to Vernon of all people. God, he’s so fat and ugly. I hope I do better than that, any ones better than that even Potter. Oh just mentioning that name makes my blood boil. James Potter the schools bighead and biggest prankster, him and Sirius Black, both so a like they could be brothers. But what separates Black and Potter is that Black leaves me alone Potters my shadow.

*“Lily, do you need any help?” for what had seemed like the one millionth time I couldn’t get up. I used to laugh it off but now I’m just fed up.
“ no I don’t need any help!” I snapped back, as I dug my feet into the carpet and with all my might I wiled my self to GET UP. Finally after the second try I was up. But what was I getting up to get?
“you lost?” said a small voice behind me. I knew if I turned around I would come face to face with the tall, ash blond, blue eyed, smiling ,face of Remus Lupin. I was right. Rounding on him as fast as I could (considering I was 6 months pregnant) I gave him one of my don’t mess with me am pregnant looks. And putting my arms around his waist I pulled him closer so we were inches from one and other, I could smell his sweet aftershave and could tell that he had shaved this morning because of 2 small cuts under his chin. Reaching up I traced my finger along his chin down to his collar then grabbing his collar I pulled him closer.

*“ Hey, lily” since the library was no longer marauder free I took to sitting outside when I had to do my homework, but it looks like I need to find somewhere else to do my homework because Potter had found me.
“oh, what is it now, Potter.” looking around I saw that he was alone. Rubbing my eyes just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Potter without the gang, God what I would do for a camera to record this historic moment. He had his hands in his pockets and it looked like he HADENT run his hand thought his hair. Now instead of shock to which I thought I would be feeling I was feeling concerned.
“what’s the matter?” I asked putting my school book to the side and turning around.
“nothing just wanted to ask if you wanted to go to Hogsmade with me.” his eyes had been on the ground but now they were staring intently at me. Those eyes. looked right at you and thought into your soul, it made you feel like you were the only person in the world. It showed a world of ever lasting safety and reassurance.

*“lily…” he whispered in my ear.
“do you know what I would like?” looking in to his eyes deadly seriously.
“what?” it was barely audible more like a sigh.
“I want… you to get my stupid lazy ass of a husband home on time for the fist time ever.” I screeched in his ear, backing away he sighed and started to laugh.
“oh god lily you don’t want much do you” still laughing he came up to me put his hand under my chin and said “ James loves you and he’ll be here”
“ does he? I sometimes wonder. God, Lupin he’s never here…” Turing away I suddenly remembered why I had got up in the first place. “Oh shit the dinner.”

*God, what was I thinking? a world of ever lasting safely… this was the guy who from first year has been begging me to go out with him. “one date please just one date” yet when I might think hey why not! He does something totally stupid, like curse some poor unsuspecting victim just to impress me, or run his big dirty hand through his hair every time I walk by. Some might be flattered that a guy, no wait a Marauder, is paying attention to someone like me Lily Evans. But there’s something about him a total fakeness that is so unattractive.
“I got to go.” I said hoping that he wouldn’t stop me.
“ok, night lily.” I kept walking I could tell his eyes were following me but turning around he was sitting by the lake his back to me. I walked away feeling that something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He never tried to take my hand, he never once flashed me his “you have to love me because am hot” smile, he never even pushed me into answering his question. It was like he was growing up. Oh, what was I thinking, James Potter growing up, god I have a wild imagination.

*Smoke was belting from the cooker by the time I got toe the kitchen, opening all the doors and windows I tried my best (with Lupin’s help) to fan the smoke from the semi sized kitchen.
“just my luck” I moaned as I surveyed the damage, the cooker looked fine but the roast was ruined
“don’t worry we can fix this.” I looked at him sceptical that even Lupin could save my poor roast. Sitting the roast out in front of him, with my piny around his waist I couldn’t help but laugh “what are you laughing at?” he said his eyes shinning.
“nothing really continue!”
“ok, carving knife” he held out his hand like a doctor working on a patients suppressing laughter I handed the knife to him. Just as he stared to slice the roast I heard a faint pop in the living room. That pop could only mean one thing. James is home!

*Breakfast next day was even weirder, I came down earlier than any one else because I couldn’t sleep, what happened with James hit me hard. To tell the truth I had always harboured a small, really small, crush on James. But only because he makes me laugh (sometimes) as soon as I walked into the hall I realised I wasn’t alone, sitting a the very end of the Griffindor table was James and Lupin, both deep in a (what looked like) a very serious discussion. Sadly I couldn’t just sneak away because they had already spotted me. I walked over to them, thinking thank god I took time with my hair today, normally my hair is kept up in a ponytail (it doesn’t look as red when its up) but today I had it straightened and brushed neatly over my shoulder.
“Hey, what you guys doing up so early?” I asked as casually as I could. I liked Lupin, I considered him one of my best friends, we’d been through a lot together, I’d spent a lot of my time at Hogwarts studding and keeping out of James away. Lupin was the one who has always told me that James was different to what he portrayed to others, and I think that maybe yesterday I saw a glimpse of that James.
“couldn’t sleep plus I was hungry and I don’t like the dark so I begged James to come with me.” I laughed “what about you?” asked Lupin.
“Couldn’t sleep, Alisa’s snoring is horrible.” both Lupin and James nodded almost everyone in Griffindor had heard Alisa Snoring, she had become some what of a legend.
I looked at James he seemed different, I think he saw me looking at him because he turned to Lupin and said
“Lupin mate am knackered am off to see if I can get back to sleep.” and off he when leaving both me and Lupin looking at one and other in confusion.

*“James!” I ran into the living room but instead of James, Sirius stood there and gave me a sad smile.
“he’s not coming home is he?” he nodded
“something came up, another muggle killing in west England…” I sighed feeling close to tears, when I told James I was Pregnant his lights light up and he twirled around and around his mum and dads kitchen, I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier than I had at that moment, James was like a baby at Christmas constantly asking me if I was ok, did I need anything, I kept saying I had everything I had James and now the baby, we would ly together at night and he would talk to the baby telling it how its mummy and daddy had met, how he loved both me and the baby so much, that he would always be hear for us. At that time I had believed him but ever since he had gotten his new job at the ministry, he comes home to tired to talk, sometimes I wont see him for 3 to 4 days at a time. Now I hardly see him at all.
“Lily?” the voice seemed so far away, I blinked a couple of times, everything was losing its focus, I could no longer see Sirius. Darkness was engulfing me like black thick smoke. I had a funny sensation in my stomach, the same sensation you get when falling…

*“What was that about?” I asked as a bowl of cereal and a slice of toast appeared.
“Lily…never mind I got to go.” he stood and looked down at me sighed then left. Really weird behaviour, first James now Lupin, who else. I blocked it form my mind as soon as my stomach gave a great loud growl thank god no one was here to hear it. just as I had finished my breakfast and looked over my homework making sure I had everything. My best friend’s came walking in, there was Alisa Roland, a tall, black haired modal: Bree Warner, an American wanna be, and the biggest drama queen you could meet: and scuffling behind them was, Jenna May straw, a serious hillbilly, but could make a rhino, standing in its own poo, surrounded be lions, laugh.
“lily, I was wondering where you had got to” said Bree stealing my toast which I had left.
They talked on and on about who was the cutest looking guy in school. I get fed up quickly with this kind of talk, so i excused my self and decided to go up to the common room and relax a bit before potions.

(A/N) Please review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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