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The Secret of a Lily by 188__dragon song__881
Chapter 8 : Beware of the Hair
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“Hello boys and girls. Today I am going to be introducing you to the art of animagus.”

With a flick of her wrist a jet of sparks flew from Professor McGonagalls wand and three of pictures appeared on the blackboard. The pictures were of two wizards and one witch. Next to each picture was a delicate drawing of an animal.

“Here are three examples of animagi. Beside the pictures are the animals they turn into.”

She proceeded to demonstrate to the class the skills of animagus. The professor turned from human into cat. The transformation was so quick the students could barely tell when the actual transformation occurred. This performance was met by an array of gasps and claps.

McGonagall had just returned to her normal state when a small knock sounded on the door of the classroom. The handle turned and a small weedy boy tumbled into the class.

“Sorry I’m late,” he panted.

“Sit down,” Professor McGonagall commanded. “What is you name, boy?”

“Marvin Luvgood,” the boy squeaked.

“House?” McGonagall barked.

“Hufflepuff,” Marvin said.

“10 points from Hufflepuff I shall not tolerate tardiness in my classes.” Marvin quivered under McGonagall’s piercing stare.

When the Transfiguration class had finished Rowena and Alice chatted about the Professors transformation.

“How cool was that!” Rowena exclaimed.

“It was amazing,” agreed Alice. “One moment she was human and then VOOM cat,” in her excitement Alice dropped the textbook she was putting in her bag. She leant down to pick it up but another person bet her to it.

“I think you dropped this,” a small voice said.

“Thankyou, Marvin,” Alice retrieved her book.

Marvin turned away and was about to exit the classroom. Then, as if a bought of courage had entered him, he turned back to Alice and asked, “Do you like lilies?”

“Yes I adore them.”

Marvin smiled shyly before hurrying from the class.

“That was weird,” Alice said as she watched Marvin leave.

“Looks like you’ve got an admirer,” Rowena said as they joined the throng of Ravenclaw students all of whom were making their way toward the dungeons.

Alice laughed, “Every boy who picks up a girls belongs does not have a crush on them, Rowena.”

The two friends arrived at the dungeons to find a large group gathered around someone. Rowena pushed her way to the front. James and Sirius were entertaining a crowd of students. Sirius let out a huge burp of fire, which flew from him mouth. This stunt was met by an array of claps and whistles. James, in an attempt to out do Sirius, stuck his wand in his mouth and caused steam to bellow from is ears and nostrils. The steam curled together to form the wispy image of a lion. The audience also appreciated this feat. The lion floated through the crowd until it appeared before Lily. James flicked his wand and the smoked turned it a series of words that read:

Go out with me, Evans

Lily waved the smoke away with disgust and gave James a withering look. James shrugged and turned around to watch Sirius turn Hannah’s shoe into a mouse. She squealed, spin around and fell promptly on her bottom. Sirius roared with laughter along with his fellow students.

It appeared that James, unlike Rowena, was not enjoying being single. He had been on several dates with different girls over the past month. Yet he would always return to Lily and ask her out in some form or another. James’ affections toward Lily had distressed Rowena at first but after some time she had accepted his behaviour. She had begun her own string of admirers and loved the attention from various boys.

The laughter was interrupted by the arrival of Slughorn, “Enough of these silly trick lets begin some real magic.” The class filed into the room and the lesson began.

“Today you shall all be required to work in partners…” Slughorn addressed the class.

The students smiled and made eye contact with their friends reassuring that they would be partners.

“…of the opposite sex.” Groans from the girls and cheers from the boys met this comment. “We shall be making Hair Growing potion the instructions are on the board. You may begin.”

The student’s rose from their seats, several guys (Sirius and James) walked confidently over to the girls but the majority of the students shuffled shyly up to individual students.

Sirius walked over to Alice but before he could reach her Frank asked, “Alice do you want to go with me?” Alice glanced at Sirius but he was already talking to Emily. “Sure,” she replied.

Alice collected the ingredients while Frank studied the potion. Hair Growing potions were easy to make but you had to be exact in the proportions of ingredients you put in it or it could go horribly wrong. During the summer holidays Alice had tried to make some Hair Growing for herself.

Her mother had cut her hair with a pair of enchanted scissors. The scissors, instead to giving her ‘the latest look’ cut, almost all off her hair off. Alice had been left with several tuffs of blond hair. Luckily she had been successfully able to create the Hair Growing potion.

“Have you made this potion before?” Frank asked her.

“Only once.”

“Well I have made it a couple of times,” Alice rolled her eyes.

Franks next comment surprised Alice, “the first result was shocking! I had wanted to grow a goatee and I ended up with a beard down to my waist.” Alice laughed imagining Frank with a beard.

“Yeah you have to be careful with the potion,” she said. Alice continued to tell Frank about the encounter with the enchanted scissors. He laughed until tears appeared at the side of his eyes.

Alice was surprised at the amount of fun she was having with Frank as they made the potion together. She had expected the lesson to be filled with Frank boasting about his Quidditch skills or some thing equally boring.

“Do you want to add the beetle juice or shall I?” Frank asked.

“You can do it.” Alice said

Frank started to pour the juice into the caldron when his hand slipped. The entire bottle of juice fell into the potion. The potion started to boil and it turned from olive green into mud brown.

“Oh no!” Frank cried.

The potion was acting as if it had a mind of its own. The liquid began to swirl like a whirlpool. Then the potion flew out of the caldron and exploded in mid air. Frank jumped out of the way just in time but Alice, who was standing directly over the caldron, got covered in the brown potion. Hair began to sprout from her ears; her nostril hairs were growing at an alarming rate.

Slughorn raced over to the couple, “Alice!” He cried as he whipped out his wand.

Alice was about to tell the professor not to panic when hair start to grow from somewhere inside her body. It erupted through her mouth. She began to cough and choke on the hair. She crashed to the ground unable to breath. The last thing she could remember was Rowena, Frank and Slughorn’s face peering down at her. Then darkness clouded her scenes.

*Authors Note* So what did you think? Is hair inside someones body too gross? and is Frank being nice a bit too much of a change? I just love hearing your opinions and thoughts, thank you

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The Secret of a Lily: Beware of the Hair


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