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Desperation by Secret Lily
Chapter 2 : Amortentia
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Part Two: Amortentia

Amor; love.

The bitter whispers my father shared with my brother did not go unnoticed to my keen ears.

Nearly a Squib. The useless bitch. Look at the wench, Morfin. She has to wash the dishes by hand. Every ounce of her blood, purer than pure, is a waste.

They doubted my abilities. They doubted the magic that coursed through my veins. They doubted that I was capable. It was easy to keep things hidden, as I received no expectations from neither my father nor brother. Neither one of them could have suspected me capable to brew a powerful love potion.

However slow I may have been, however far behind I was, I was still capable of succeeding. Patience was what helped me through the process. I was able to slip off in the darkest of nights to Knockturn Alley. There I found the ingredients I needed, the instruction manual that would guide me along, and the confidence necessary to go through with it.

I convinced myself that it was the only way. I argued and fought, but alas, the potion was the only choice I had. He was a muggle, I was a witch. Our paths were not meant to cross. Yet, I was so deeply infatuated with him, with Tom Riddle. I knew that he would never accept me for who I was and what I wasnít.

I became stronger than anyone could have predicted. I was no longer defeated. I was no longer my fatherís slave. I was working towards my escape, plotting a way to make my dreams come true.

Once they were sent to Azkaban, my plan became even more likely to succeed. I had no one in my way. I could concentrate more efficiently without the constant murmurs ringing in my ears; slut, squib, bitch, whore, etc.

I was magical. I was able. I was talented and damn them for doubting me. What did they have to show for their so-called Ďtalentsí? Imprisonment. Not to say that they didnít deserve it, but after they left, I went without food for days on end. I was forced to steal from the muggle village. Eventually, I became known as the town beggar, a young hag whose life was already destitute.

If this was to bring me down, it did not. I became motivated. I was going to achieve what I wanted most of all; love. This potion was my lifeline. It would provide me with a husband, a loving home, and a family. I was going to be normal. I was going to escape the horrible life Iíd been afflicted with.

Tom Riddle was going to fall madly in love with me.

Some may have considered it false love, trickery, scandal even. Yet, what I was resorting to were drastic measures. My heart was aching in agony. I was mourning each and every day over the death of my free soul. I needed an opportunity. I needed a future.

As I sat in that house day in and day out, brewing the pearl potion as instructed, the weight of the Gaunts hung around my neck serving as a constant reminder of my binding to them. Even if Morfin and my father were rotting in prison, they were still there. In my locket. Their blood still circulated through my body, their voices still rang in my head, and their souls were still etched into my heirloom.

The only reason I kept that locket was due to itís value. However beautiful it may have been, it represented all that I was trying to get away from. It symbolized the horrible home Iíd been raised in, the mother that had left me, and the purity of my blood.

For one entire year, the only thought that kept me working on that potion was Tom. He was constantly on my mind. The only time I took breaks from preparing it was when I slept, when I stole, and when Tom passed through the woods.

I knew that I was going to marry him. He was my destiny.

Amortentia, the strongest love potion in the world, came to slip into my dear loveís hands one particularly hot afternoon. Fate stepped in from there.

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