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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 2 : The Elevator Incident
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Chapter 2
The Elevator Incident

((WARNING: This chapter may be the raciest of the chapters. Sorry, if you are SCARRED FOR LIFE))

They both stepped into a large, pristine mall. It wasn't too crowded or too empty. Harry walked in and breathed in the air.
"Aaah.. Smell that?" He asked Ron.
"What, the marble polish or wood polish?"
"No! That's the smell of commerce... Wizards and Muggles alike flock to this Mall, Ronny."
"Don't call me Ronny." Ron said gloomily. They both walked across the fresh, calm hall.
"What are we for again?" Ron asked, looking over the map mounted on a wall. "Huh... Let's stop by the cookie stand first. Then, I need to go by the bookstore, a new 'Garfield' book is supposed to be out."
"Ugh, give me cancer now.." Ron croaked as they headed to an escalator. Halfway, Ron stopped Harry in his tracks.
"Hey wait... Is that?" Ron looked in the direction of a pet store.
"Yup." Ron smirked and headed for the pet-shop. Harry followed him, not knowing what to expect. They met up with a tall young man , about their age. He was drinking a paper cup of coffee and had a smug look on his face. His dirty blonde hair got in the way of his eyes it seemed.
"Hey!" Ron said. The man threw his coffee over his shoulder and greeted Ron.
"Ron! What are you doing here?"
"Oh, I came here with my friend, Harry."
"Sup, Harry." The man said/
"Uh hi." Harry still had no idea who this man was.
"Oh, this is Potzer. I actually met him near college." Ron had been attending Quidditch college, ever since a year from his 18th birthday.
"Oh, you training to play Quidditch too?" Harry asked.
"What? No. I'm actually a commentator for Quidditch, though."
"Really? You any good?"
"Well, he doesn't have much shame about anything he says. He's been known to make a horrid pun after someone falls off of their broom."
"It's a living." Potzer shrugged.
"Well, I'll check with you later. We're getting cookies, so we gotta get to the foodcourt." Ron said. Potzer waved his wand over his coffee as it came back to him.
"Cookie stand is not a part of the food court." Potzer said before taking a sip.
"Well yeah it is." Ron replied. Potzer paused and began using his hands to make his point.
"Cookie stand is upstairs, foodcourt is downstairs. We aren't talking quantum physics here." Potzer said pointing up and down.
"Cookie stand is an eatery. An eatery is the part of a foodcourt." Ron said.
"Bullshit! Anything within designated foodcourt square is part of the food court. Anything outside said square is an autonomous establishment, for mid-mall snacking." He took another drink.
"He has a point." Harry said. Ron agreed, and they left Potzer to drink his coffee.

Soon, Harry and Ron were sitting at the bench next to the cookie stand. They had nothing to talk about, so Harry decided to bring up the first thing that came to his mind (something he had actually been wondering).
"Say, Ron.... How was Hermione."
"You know her, Harry. Smart, sweet... I don't need to think about her."
"No, you didn't understand the question......"
"What?............. WHAT?! Like I would tell you, pervert."
"So it was bad?"
"I never said that!!" Ron grew red, obviously not wanting to talk about it.
"So, I'm pretty sure you'd like to know how your sister-"
"Fuck no!!" Ron shouted a little too loud.
"Ok, sorry... I'm just saying you would be proud. The way she could-"
"Just shut up, will you!!? I'm going to cough up my cookie, you asshole!"
"Sorry, prude..." They both went back to eating.
"You know what worries me though..." Ron said.
"What?" asked Harry.
"I had well... Asked if it was her first time.... And she sort of changed the subject, immediately." Harry was drinking a soda and it came through his nose at Ron's last words.
" Well maybe she.... She could've..... Ok, I can't help you on that one." Harry said.
"Yeah, thanks for that." Ron replied. Harry laughed. He then looked over at where the elevators where and saw Ginny waiting for one to come.
"Hold my, cookie." Harry threw his cookie to Ron. Harry crept over to the elevator. When she got on, he saw someone else was on, too. He hid behind a bush. He couldn't see or hear anything.
"Wow, long time no see." Said a girl's voice. He knew it was Ginny speaking.
"Well I hear they're here in the building... Just wanted to warn you.. That's all actually. You should leave." He heard her say again. He then heard footsteps coming out of the elevator. He waited until they were gone to step out. He put his foot in the elevator door and stuck is wand in. He wanted to make the elevator completely dark, he had always liked it that way when he was alone with Ginny.
"What the?" He heard her yell. The door closed.
"It's me.." Harry said.
"You? I knew you were here, what do you want?!" she screamed.
"Why did you leave me?" Harry asked.
"Well the note should explain it good enough for you."
"The note is just one big insult!"
"Well, then my point was made!"
"I want a real reason, now!" Harry said.
"Ok then... You don't show any compassion or interest in me anymore. You've lost all the romance in your body. And I don't even need to mention your labeto."
"You're attacking my labeto?"
"There is no labeo to attack.."
"No labeto to attack?!" Harry reached out and pulled her in, it seemed she went the rest of the way.

Ron still stood outside a closed elevator sitting down.
"So if they're not in the square... What if they're only 20 feet from the square? Are they in the food court or not?" Ron puzzled. Meanwhile, Harry stripped off his jacket while he was still snogging.

"I think 20 feet is close enough to be considered.... Unless it's bad food... Or ice cream? Is dessert something completely different?" He still puzzled. Meanwhile, she had jumped up on Harry causing him to fall down.
"Ow!" Harry yelled.
"Oh.. Sorry." she said.
"S'allright.." Harry replied.

"Where is he, how long does it take to ride an elevator? This food court thing needs a second opinion." He sat up as she and Harry stood up and were putting their clothes back on. Harry hummed a little tune as he pulled up his pants.
"Yeah, that was romantic.. Passionate."
"No, that was too little, too late."
"... Hey, come on now!" Harry said.
"Just shut up, and get rid of this darkness.. Why do you always insist on turning off the lights? Hiding something?" She asked. Harry flicked his wand, and his stomach flipped.
"Hermione?!" He almost yelled putting his hand over his mouth.
"HARRY!! I thought you were Ro-.... Oh no oh no... What have we done?" She gasped.
"I thought you were, Ginny!"
"Can't you recognize someone's voice!?" She yelled. Harry never liked seeing Hermione mad, he tried to lighten the moment.
"Well..... Aren't you glad I can't?" He asked. She stared at him in disbelief for a moment.
"Well... I guess so, yeah." She edged up to him.
"What?..... Are you serious?" Harry asked happily. She slapped him.
"Of course not, idiot!!"
"Ok, sorry... What are we gonna do? I mean.. We're like best friends!"
"I know..... Let's just try not to think about it... Don't tell anyone this happened!" she said.
"All right.... I'll never look at you the same way again." He said.
"I know what you mean..... I guess in a good way though." She said. Harry stared at her, amazed.
"What am I saying!! Ugh.. It never happened.. Never happened.... Now you should get out first.." She pointed at the door.
"Ok, then. Ron might be waiting just to warn you." She hid herself at those words.
"See ya later, screamer- uh Hermione." She pushed him out the open door with her foot. Harry stumbled on Ron.
"Well who was that?!" Ron asked as the doors closed. Harry stared blankly at Ron, in the heat of the moment he had forgotten they had just gotten out of a relationship.
"Umm uh... I though it was uhh... Someone I knew."
"Riiight.. Heres your cookie. Let's get to you bookstore." Ron started off as Harry sighed and rubbed his now sore back.

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