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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 1 : Three and What now?!
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    It all began in a seedy, reeking coffee shop that had probably been a home to fornication, once before.

    Not once in your life, do you get a chance to redo things. That's my theory. Who I am is not important. What is important however is my little theory. For instance, if you were to decide to write a detailed story of your life instead of living out the rest of it, with a wonderful girl, you can't go back and try to fix it.... Well, maybe you could give a really good shot. A good way to test whether or not my theory is true is to use an example. I think I know a good one. I'll use Harry Potter, how's that?

    One mid new millennium decade, just about eight or nine years after Harry Potter's little scuffle with Voldemort, the boy who wouldn't die was sitting around in some god awful coffee shop. It was so god awful in fact, that nobody at all went to eat there. This was why Harry went there. He went there to be in complete solitude, so he could finish writing his life story. His original idea of a career was actually and Auror, for the ministry of magic, but that's another issue. See, they figured it would be embarrassing to have basically the best wizard of all time going around showing off. It goes without saying, that Harry did not become an Auror. So, instead he opted to miss out on dinners with his then girlfriend Ginny Weasley.
"..... Fuck.."  Harry said, stopping mid sentence on his parchment. If Ginny was more important to him, the truth is he would have gone and had dinner with her. But, she wasn't, so he forgot about it very easily. Even though he knew that this was an unfixable mistake, he chose to get up and run either way. It wasn't a bad decision, actually, since this one last encounter with Ginny would begin a deep depression in Harry. A depression that would end up changing his life more so than any dark wizard. It all began in a seedy, reeking coffee shop that had probably been a home to fornication, once before.

He sat down as if he had gone to the bathroom and came back. Ginny scolded him.

"Sorry." Harry said, looking at the menu. "I was a little late..."

"A little? A little?! You know I'm really surprised at you Harry. I mean... I had always
thought you would make a great boyfriend..... "

"I was only a little late!"

"2 HOURS!! I've already eaten.. TWICE! What are you doing that is so important that you have to be late for our date?"

"Listen.. I go to that one coffee shop-"

"Ugh I hate that shitty coffee shop." Harry had realized the coffee was bad.

"Well.... It's always empty and I go there to write my autobiography, you know that."

"Are you kidding me? You had no idea who you were for 12 years! How can you write one about yourself? Make up your first 12 years?" Ginny argued.

"No, I'm writing about how the Dursleys mistreated me."

"Well... I'm glad you care about your book more than me." She threw an envelope at him and got up. She stormed out of the restaurant. Harry opened the envelope, there was a letter and a list. "Because I don't think I want to be involved with you anymore, and you'll need someone to find comfort in."

"You're dumping me?!" Harry sulked as the waitress showed up.

"This is the second time I've been dumped in a crappy restaurant." He looked up and saw the waitress, who oddly reminded him of Cho Chang, the girl he was currently referencing with the "crappy restaurant" crack. "No I mean.. I didn't-"

"Bruce!" She yelled. A large tank of a man came to Harry and tossed him from the premises.    


    Ginny knocked on Harry's door. Harry got up and got dressed. Harry happily walked to the front door, and opened it. Things were so perfect, the structure didn't flow at all.

    "... Morning.." a sobered looking Ron greeted. The boy who wouldn't die was misled, terribly. It was a redhead, yes, but not the one he needed to see.

    "Hi... What's wrong with you?" Harry asked.

    "Well what's wrong with you?"

    "Does it look like there's something wrong with me?"

    "Yeah, a bit.." Ron shrugged. The two were still on opposite sides of the doorway.

    "Ginny... It was Ginny." Harry yawned.

    "Oh, she really broke up with you?" Ron asked, surprised. "Because Hermione just did the same thing."

    "You don't say." Harry frowned, backing up, making space. Ron lumbered in, and found his place on the couch.

    "Any reason from Ginny?"

    "I just wasn't spending enough time with her, I guess.."

    "Sorry to hear about that.."

    "I'll be fine.. What about Hermione though? That's terrible."

    "Im betting it was her dad who did it.. Really, you never met him, never really met him like I did." Ron said.

    "What do you mean?" Harry asked, turning his head.

    "He literally threatened my life, the first time I told him I was dating his daughter." Ron complained. "I had done nothing wrong, and she dumps me because I was cheating."

    "You were cheating on her?"

    "Fuck no! Her dad made something up, and lied to her." Ron said, disgusted.

    "... Shit... Well.. What do we do now?" Harry asked. They both sat in silence..

    "We should just kill ourselves.." Ron suggested.

    "You know what.. Let's go to the mall. The muggle one.." Harry said, rubbing his eye.

    "We should just kill ourselves.." Ron repeated.

    "No, no, I mean it.. Maybe you'll run into another girl."

    "Fuck other girls."

    "That's what I'm suggesting.."

    "No, I mean.... She only broke up with me today, I'm sure I can sort it out.." Ron pointed out.

    "Right right.... But until then, don't you want to do something that'll lighten the mood.

    "..... Does it have to be the mall?" Ron asked.

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