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Cursed by theclick5
Chapter 1 : The Begining
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Hey people this one is a story between me and my cousin Becky. It might take longer for the chapters to come though, she lives 14 hours away so we can only email each other. Also this is going to be soap-opera -ish so R&R.)

An eerie silence filled the air as Lucius Malfoy worked on paper work. He was half way through writing something, when he felt a familiar burning sensation on his left forearm. He immediately dropped his quill and got up to leave. With a slight smirk he apparated away.

He landed in an empty spot in a huge circle, between the idiots Crabbe , and Goyle.

“Good now that we are all here, I can announce the reason I have called you here.” Lord Voldemort spoke. “Our loyal potions master, Snape, has made us new potions and spells to try out. We are going to muggle Surrey, England to test them.”

All the Death Eaters sniggered at the thought of muggles in pain.

“Lets go” Voldemort ordered. And at that second there was about 50 loud pops.

In Surrey, it was a quite and peaceful night. This however did not last long, another 50 pops were heard. The death eaters burst into doors and soon Surrey was no longer a beautiful, quiet town, but just a piece of land covered in bodies and burning houses. With triumph they went back to Voldemorts hideout.

“ Good work. You're dismissed now.” The former Tom Riddle said.

Draco Malfoy was putting his school things in his trunk, as today was august 31st . Tomorrow he would g back to that god forsaken school. At least he was head boy this year, he worked really hard to get that position, its not like his parents cared though. He heard is father leave earlier and had just now come back. ’Probably out on another rave’ Draco thought to himself. He looked over at his clock 1:00 am. So Draco went to his bed and lied down. He fell asleep almost immediately.

Hermione Granger lay awake in her bed, she was much to exited to sleep. She was head girl, of course she knew she was going to be, but still HER, HERMIONE GRANGER was going to be head girl. ’ I wonder who will be head boy’ she thought. Finally sleep over took her. But as soon as it happened she heard her alarm go off. She set it for 6:00 am , snooze button 6:09, snooze 6:18, this continued untill 8:00 when she had to get up because Mrs. Weasley was calling her down for breakfast. They ate quickly and left, again they had to take ministry cars for Harry’s ‘safety’. They arrived there at 10:00. Even though there was an hour left the station was packed full.

“Bye Mrs. Weasley , Fred, George, Mr. Weasley. (Fred and Georges joke shop had been going great so they didn’t have to go back to school  )

“ I have to go to the heads compartment for the ride, but I’ll see you guys on my rounds ok guys?” Hermione spoke as they got on the train.

“ See you later ’Mione.” they both said giving her a hug.

Hermione started in the opposite direction as her two best friends. ‘I cant wait to see who head boy is’ she thought. Much to her disappointment when she opened the compartment door she heard “Granger, I had the feeling that you’d be here.” Draco Malfoy stated.

“Well I never thought that I would see you here Malfoy.” she replied back coldly.

“ I’m here are I not?”

“ Guess so.”

( so wat do ya think? please please please review!!!!!!!)

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Cursed: The Begining


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