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The Time it All Began by Remus
Chapter 10 : The Cherry Blossom Twig
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The Cherry Blossom Twig.

November arrived and so did the cold, bitter weather with its freezing rain that later became countless feet of snow. Harry, thus far, was irritated at the fact that the snow was the only thing preventing him from continuing his archery and sword fighting lessons with Adrianus who had finally warmed up to him, after days of receiving his cold shoulder. Yawning, for the weather made him wish he were sitting on a comfortable chair in front of the fire with Ron and Hermione, Harry detached himself from the window and proceeded to summon the necessary chairs for the staff meeting about to take place in his office.

His office, much to his big surprise the day he had arrived, happened to be none other than Dumbledore's own office and he wondered if the Old Headmaster knew that it once belonged to one of the Hogwarts founders. But Gryffindor's office, unlike Dumbledore's, held no portraits of past Headmasters and Headmistresses for there were none at the time, no funny little noises and definitely no weird silver instruments giving the office a cold feeling to any visitors.

Just before he conjured the last chair needed for the meeting, Harry heard the door knock and immediately flicked his wand at the door allowing Morgain, whom Harry wasn't very surprised on seeing her arrive just in time - for she cherished punctuality - to enter the room. Morgain, who was teaching Divination, came into the room with her usual serious expression and greeted Harry with a simple nod. Throughout his lessons with Morgain, Harry had learned that perhaps Divination was not a simple subject, like Hermione had said it was years before, and that only those with the true gift could teach others the powers of the Sight.

With the last chair in place, Harry approached the fireplace and watched the dancing fire, completely forgetting about Morgain, who was peacefully sitting in a velvet chair studying him with her dark eyes. "You missed them, don't you, your friends?" she asked him in a sotto voice; Harry merely shrugged. "I know what its like to be a pawn of destiny..." Harry turned around and locked eyes with Morgain.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, lets just say that there was a big injustice done to my little brother and I," she paused for a minute and Harry noticed that her eyes were misty with tears, but before Harry could ask her what was wrong with her, Morgain continued talking. "There could be a way for you to see what's happening in your time... but it takes a lot of training and deep concentration. You'd have to dedicate a lot of your time to this task, besides the ones already laid out for you."

"I'll do anything just--"

"Good evening Lady Morgain... Godric." The all too familiar icy voice of Slytherin was heard from the office's entrance and from that moment on neither Harry and Morgain dared to talk about Harry's lessons - in particular Morgain didn't, because she could see through Slytherin's charade.


The meeting began immediately with Lady Hufflepuff's complaint on the attack on of a first year Hufflepuff by a first year Slytherin girl. One of the differences between Harry's Hogwarts and the Founder's school was that the boys and girls were separated and then divided depending on their year meaning that all four Houses had to sleep together under the same roof causing fights to break out during the middle of the night. Harry was definitely thankful that throughout his time, the staff had changed the rules - the last thing he wanted to do was share his dormitory with none other than Draco Malfoy.

"Helga, I'm sorry to say this, but perhaps Vildico did really taunt Alura like she said... and she only jinxed her in response to Vilidico's taunts."

"Oh, I highly doubt that!" snapped Lady Hufflepuff indignantly. "Look Salazar, I appreciate our long time friendship but you have got to stop this silly Pure-Blood mania of yours because one way or another you're teaching our students to hate those that are Muggle-Born or Half-Bloods. We're here to teach the children to be more civilized and open to new ideas."

"I can't tell them what to think," sneered Slytherin at Hufflepuff, who narrowed her eyes at him. "And what does my belief in Pure-Blood superiority, got to do with your jinxed girl?"

"Ariette, my 'jinxed girl' as you call her, told me that Nigellus called her a Mudblood and that's an insult that you came--."

"Helga, I might've created the term Mudblood but-"

"I have a suggestion," interrupted Harry who as getting weary of the argument. "Why don't we just divide the students according to their Houses and then separate them according to their year? This way, we'll avoid fights between Houses, midnight fights, jinxes and curses, and out time being wasted over trivial matters during our staff meetings. The students of each House will have dormitories and a common room where the students can peacefully talk among their Housemates." At the end of his 'speech', Harry noticed that all eyes were on him and he, himself, was rather surprised by his sudden outburst.

"I have to say this Slytherin, but I agree." The school nurse, Madame Troisi, said, looking a bit terrified of what could be Slytherin's reaction to her agreement. "I'm tired of dealing with cursed, injured and jinxed students every bloody morning. I'm lucky if I happen to break my fast, after I'm done with all the students I get."

"Same here." Master Levitan said, raising his goblet into the air and then taking the wine to his lips with a greedy look.

"Seems like an agreed idea to me," Hufflepuff said, nodding her head and looking rather determined to make this happen.

"It happens to be a very good idea, Godric, but," most of the staff groaned openly, like children being handed homework after a lesson, at Slytherin's stubbornness, while some just rolled their eyes at the founder. Slytherin, on the other hand, ignored the groans and continued addressing Harry. "Where could the students go?"

There was a minute of silence where everyone could see the staff thinking hard. Harry tried his best from jumping in and telling each founder where their Houses would reside, but he had already meddled in the past too much by suggesting the idea of having four different common rooms.

"I could transform one of the towers for my students," Ravenclaw said very slowly, as if the idea wasn't good enough.

Mentally, Harry celebrated. "Same here," he immediately said. No way was he going to be the one responsible for the loss of his common room.

"Very well. I'll take my students down to the dungeons," sighed Slytherin as he propped himself back onto his chair, defeated.

"Helga?" Harry asked at the woman whose face was screwed up as she thought.

"All right, all Hufflepuff students will be close to the kitchens." Harry smirked...perhaps being a teacher wasn't so bad after all.


"I want you to concentrate this time, please." Morgain said in her usual sotto voice as she leaned over his shoulder. "Be one in body, soul and mind." Harry took a deep breath and stared down at the dead tree twig lying on the table in front of him. "Remember how a leaf feels under your touch, how smooth the texture is and how sweet the aroma of the cherry blossom is." He was in his fifth lesson with Morgain and, just like the first lesson with her, he was trying his best to bring the twig back to life.

"How in the bloody hell am I supposed to bring this lifeless stick to life, when you're telling me I can't use a wand?" Harry had said as he held the small, dry twig with his rough hands on his first day of training with Morgain.

That day Morgain, who was trying her best to not loose her patience with her ignorant student, answered him rather sweetly compared to her mood. " You know perfectly well that the wand you hold in your hand, does not belong to you."

"Does it bloody matter?"

"In more ways you can think of. The wand and the wizard are one, Harry." The Priestess said as she took the wand and twig from Harry. Morgain then placed the twig on top of a small circular table and, while keeping the wand with her, prompted Harry to sit down on a small chair--in the process; he looked at the wand with a desperate look. "Trust me..." she said reading Harry's look and smiling. "You're not going to need your wand to make this lifeless twig blossom once more, now come on, we're wasting time.

Since that day, Harry had learned that Morgain was not a person anyone could argue with, nor a one he could question her motives behind the making-the-tree-twig-come-back-to-life-without-a-wand she had asked him to do five lessons before. But, out of fear and respect for Morgain, he concentrated quietly with his eyes closed and saw the most vivid imagery of a cherry blossom tree. In his mind he reached for a leaf from the closest tree branch and brushed his fingers lightly on a cold, smooth leaf that was the healthiest green. He then brought his hands closer to the twig, holding the leaves and he felt the rough texture of the twig and in the end he took a deep breath, taking in the sweet smell of the cherry blossom as if it were the last time he would smell such things, and for the first time in his life he felt an overpowering feeling growing in his chest.

Morgain, who also seemed to notice this energy stirring inside him, squeezed him gently on the shoulder "All right, Harry, follow my instructions to the letter." Harry merely nodded allowing the energy flow inside him "I want you to stretch your hands over the dead twig. Don't allow your mind to run freely. Concentrate." It was then Harry felt the strange surge of energy leave his body onto his project and when every bit of energy was gone from his body, he heard Morgain laugh with happiness. "You did it Harry, you did it!"

Harry opened his eyes and was shocked to see that his dried up twig was now full of green leaves and cherry blossoms. "I did it?" he asked himself rather than Morgain, still not believing his eyes. "You didn't change my twig with a live one, did you?" he asked the Priestess with narrowed eyes, thinking that his ego was going to be crushed.

"No, Harry." Morgain said examining each leaf closely and smiling. "You created this with your own powers and what an extraordinary job you did, let me tell you that. Now we'll be able to concentrate on the ancient teachings and bring you closer to the Mysteries in both mind and soul."

"Morgain... if I may ask will this help me go back home and, well, fight my own demon."

"Well, let me ask you this... does your demon use a wand?"

"Yes, but-What? Bring dead twigs back to life against Him?" Harry asked, as he imagined himself battling Voldemort by throwing cherry blossom twigs at him.

"Wha-no, Harry." Morgain said laughing and placing the twig back down to the table

"Trust me, you'll not fight your demons with twigs." At this, Harry shuddered at the thought that the woman was reading his mind once again. "Your advantage against your demon is that you're able to do wandless magic. All you need to do now is control your magic, but that's the easy part. The hard part is summoning it."


A shadowy figure strolled about the castle just a little past midnight towards the kitchens, just bellow the Great Hall. The entrance to the kitchens was very different in the founder's era in contrary of Harry's present day entrance with a painting of a bowl of fruit. In the Founder's era, a majestic door, with wide doors, stood in place of the painting. but only those that knew the password were able to go through the door. Making sure that no one had followed him, the person retrieved his wand from his robes and tapped it once on the door handle, and it opened immediately at his command.

"Master is here, just like he said he would be," a lone, tiny elf with a high pitch voice said. "And I has done what Master Slytherin told Miffy to do." The tiny elf descended form the top of one of the long preparation tables; her long, dirty rags were tied like around her body like a toga, trailed behind her as she walked. "Master Slytherin ordered Miffy to find a chicken egg and Miffy got it for Master as soon as the other elves left for bed." Mify muttered as she disappeared behind a cupboard and reappeared holding a small chicken egg in her hands.

"Very nice, Miffy... very nice." Slytherin said with a smirk on his face as he took the egg from the House Elf with great care. "You've done well for your Master."

"Mify is happy that Master is pleased with Miffy's work!" The House Elf squeaked happily as she bowed deeply.

"Of course Master is pleased," Slytherin said offhandedly as he started to make his way across the large room towards the exit. "But remember, you must not tell anyone about this, understand? If I happen to know that you told anyone about what I asked you to do, I'll punish you with clothes."

"Oh no," Miffy trembled at the idea of being given clothes. "Mify will keep Master's secret. Miffy be loyal to Master." Slytherin grinned and exited the kitchen, but as soon as the House Elf turned around to make her way towards her bed, Slytherin came back into the kitchen bearing an evil look in his eyes.


"Master's back?" squeaked the House Elf who was definitely surprised to see that her Master was back. "How can Miffy be of assistance to Master?" Slytherin, who was grinning like a mad man, did not answer the Elf's question but raised his wand at the confused Elf, and before she could decipher what her master was doing she was flat on the floor.



Well, I've updated! WOW! Long time don't you think? I'm so sorry to those that have waited...but college can sure be a pain plus I've had personal problems...but here's an update. Nothing will make me happy to get a review from you! Happy Holidays in case I don't make an update for Christmas or New Year's. Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with my slow (very slow!) updates! Oh and before I forget...I dunno if the glitch is still going on (think that's what drove me away from this place to being with...) you know...the one that after your story leaves the 'recently added page' it doesn't go to the top of the cagegory like it should one? Well if it still going on (not to sure since I haven't been around here for ages) all I can say is to add this to your faves and check in once in a while...Thank you! Ok now I'll leave! Haha!

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