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Problems with Love by HermioneG
Chapter 6 : A Girl's Night (Part Two)
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A/N: Now you're probably mad for the long wait, and even madder when you see how short this chapter is, but believe me, I'm sorry.

“Today we’ll discuss how to get Ron and Hermione together,” Clara said, in a business-sort of way.

“Why have you become so keen on getting the two of them together, then?” Ginny asked. “A couple of weeks ago, you did actually have,” Ginny made sure Draco heard her, “a crush on the boy we’re trying to play match-maker with.”

“What?” Draco turned around quickly, looking at Clara sharply. “You had a crush on Weasel-king?”

Clara blushed. “That’s not any of your business.”

Draco glared. “It is!”

“Oh, well, maybe it is, but-”

“Perhaps you’re still in love with that stupid idiot, and just using me?”

“No!” Clara was angry now. “Why should I do that? You-”

“Have you, or have you not, been in love with Weasley?”

“I haven’t been in love, it’s just-”

“So you admit it? You’ve fancied-”

“Let me speak! It was just a silly little crush, I-”

“Perhaps this is just a silly little crush as well? Perhaps you-”

“This is different!”

Ginny watched this satisfied. She had never been happy for Clara and Malfoy, and now she saw them in a quarrel, and there was not any of this sickening ‘I love you, I have to kiss you, I’m supposed to hate you, but I love you’-rubbish to spot. She closed her eyes, with a smug smile. She shut out the sound of the two others, which, as she was about to discover, was not a smart move.

“Ginny!” Clara said angrily.

Ginny jumped. “Yeah?”

“It was you who made us start fight! You had to mention my pathetic crush on Ron!”

“What d’you mean?” Ginny said innocently.

“You know too well what I mean-”

Draco interrupted. “What if I go, and just leave the two of you alone? I think it’ll be the best for all of us,” he sneered, eyeing Ginny.

Ginny was about to cheer out loud, but Clara hurried over to Draco and held him down. “No way! You’re staying right here! And you,” She turned to Ginny, “you’d better accept who my boyfriend is, and that he’s about to change!”

“Okay,” Ginny said grumpily. “So Ron and Hermione?”


“Ron and Hermione, the ones we’re gonna discuss.”

“Oh. Right.”

“Any ideas?”


“Any ideas for getting them together!”

“I have one,” Draco said. Ginny looked surprised at this. “We can kill them both, and they’ll end up together in heaven, or hell or whatever you want…” He grinned evilly.

“Definitely not,” Ginny said cooly.

Clara tried the best to ignore Draco’s idea, but she found it such a mean plan that it was hard. It was just a joke. A bad one, though. “What about trying to make them jealous? You know, Hermione with Peter, and Ron with- some other girl.”

Ginny looked horrified. “Never! We’ve had enough of that! And Hermione is still studying together with Peter, every other day. And Ron is so jealous that it drips of him. That jealous-thing just works too well.”

Draco knew that he would be here for a while anyway, and he knew that Clara tried to make him on good terms with her friends, so he decided to really try this. There was nothing to lose, and maybe it would please Clara. “What if we just told Weasley how stupid he is and that he should confess his love?”

Ginny shook her head. “Done.”

“What?” Clara said curiously. “You didn’t tell me!”

“Forgot. And he admitted the thing we already knew; he’s in love with Hermione, but he’s too scared of telling her. He thinks she’ll compare him to Peter whatever he does.”

Clara bit her lip. “We could lock them inside a cupboard or something, and they would be really close and everything.”

“Kidding? They’ll be too angry to think of anything romantic.”

Draco thought hardly. Then an idea came to his mind. “When’s the Mudblood’s-”

“Don’t call her that!”

“-Granger’s birthday? Anywhere in the near future?”

“It’s tomorrow as a matter of fact.” Ginny sent him a strange look. “Why?”

“Tomorrow? We’re in luck- you’re in luck, I mean. We could arrange a romantic dinner with the two of them, a kind of surprise party, but only the two of them. You understand?”

Ginny stared, and so did Clara.

“Okay, I understand. You don’t have to use it- I just thought-”

“It’s brilliant, Malfoy!” Ginny almost wanted to kiss him. “I can’t believe that you came up with-” She didn’t have words.

“There’s more to him than what meets the eye,” Clara grinned.

Yes, for example the evil in him, Ginny thought, but she just said, “Obviously.”

“Why’s that obvious?” Draco asked suspiciously.

“Haven’t you got a mirror?” Ginny smirked. Then her face turned more serious. “We tell Ron about this tomorrow. We’ll have to make an in-detail plan.” She picked up some pink parchment. “Alright, let’s start with-”

“Wait a minute!” Draco interrupted, his expression a little anxious.


“Just promise me one thing.”

“And what’s that?”

“Don’t mention that I was with you two this night,” he said. Then he remembered something else too. “On second thought, promise me two things. Whatever the hell you do, don’t tell Weasley that I came up with this idea!”

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Problems with Love: A Girl's Night (Part Two)


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