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50 Names For Draco Malfoy by Sara4Harry
Chapter 1 : 50 Names For Draco Malfoy
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50 Names For Draco Malfoy

A/N – THERE IS A SEQUEL NOW! '50 Names For Hermione Granger.' If you enjoyed this, check it out :) Love Sara4Harry xox

“Potions Ron!” Hermione snapped angrily at Ron who had asked for the tenth time what subject they had next, “They give you a timetable for a reason!” She slammed the heavy books she had been reading shut. A few plates jumped at the same time as Harry and Ron.

“Okay Hermione, I’m um…going to get my books. Er…coming Harry?” Ron asked, giving Harry a sideways glance. Harry looked at Hermione and then at Ron.

“Yeah mate.” They exchanged nervous looks before scurrying out of the Great Hall. Ginny began to chuckle having witnessed the entire event.

“Good going Hermione.” Ginny smiled, patting Hermione on the back, “You showed them.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Boys…they’re all the same…pathetic and stupid.” Ginny nodded to agree.

“Be careful who you call pathetic and stupid Granger.” A smooth voice said from behind them. Hermione turned around to find herself face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy.

“I do not take to being place in the same category as Potty and Weasel kindly.” He smirked at Hermione whose patience was ready to snap. Her mood that morning had never been good and he was pushing her.

“Oh really Malfoy? What are you then, a girl?” Hermione smiled sweetly. Ginny began to laugh louder than ever.

“No I’m not a girl nor am I a boy.” He said smugly. At this point neither Hermione nor Ginny could help breaking into a fit of giggles. Ginny looked ready to drop on the floor.

“You’re…you’re sexless?” Hermione managed to say through her laughter. Ginny was now shaking uncontrollably.

Draco Malfoy was displeased. No, he was more than displeased. He was infuriated. How dare a mudblood and her weasel laugh at HIM Draco Malfoy!

“I’m a man.” He spat angrily. Ginny continued to laugh hysterically but for Hermione the joke was starting to drop. “You’re not a man Malfoy. You’re a spineless Slytherin amongst other things.” Hermione said coolly, folding her arms.

Malfoy’s eyes narrowed on the mudblood. He had to admit, not aloud of course, that she had spunk. Nobody but she would or could infuriate him to boiling point. Not even the blubbering Weasel Bee or his hero, Potty.

“Other things. I’m serious Granger, what are these other things? No doubt you’ll have a list.” He leered at her.

Hermione smirked, “No doubt I do. Of course, I do not have time to recite it to you as I have a class to attend.” She rose. Ginny still laughing was dragged away by girls from her year level. The bell had already gone and she still needed to get her books. She was going to be late.

Malfoy stood also. He was much taller than she was and made her feel rather insignificant as he looked down on her.

“So do I. Potions, same class as yours I believe. Willing to skip?” he asked her, his tone serious.

“What!” Hermione yelped, stepping back slightly. Being so close to Draco Malfoy was doing nothing for her overactive nerves,

“To recite your list.” He added, a stranger glint had appeared in his eyes. His trademarks smirk also made its presence known.

“Impatient are we?” Hermione smirked at him, shaking her head. “Poor Malfoy. You must be having a bad day too. Sinking so low as to be impatient to hear a mudblood’s insults.”

Malfoy glared at her. It was a look that raised the hairs on the back of Hermione’s neck. “That’s quite alright Granger. I understand you need time to compile this list of yours. After all, it would not be easy to create a list of insults about ME. I bet you won’t even be able to come up with ten.”

Hermione scoffed, “Ten? I could come up with fifty!”

Malfoy smiled smugly, crossing his arms over his chest also, “Fifty it is then. I’ll meet you in the room of requirement in five minutes Granger. If you are unable to come up with fifty you’ll be punished.” He began to chuckle as he walked off.

As she looked at him she could feel a sour taste fill her mouth. Oh, she would come up with fifty. She could come up with thousands if she wanted to, but fifty would do. There was no losing on this bet. It was impossible to lose. This was Draco Malfoy. Who couldn’t come up with fifty names for Draco Malfoy?

She moved out of the Great Hall in a huff. The git was infuriating to the point that she could just place her hands on his neck and murder him. But even that would be too good for him. He would need a painful death.

For the entire time it took to the Room of Requirement she amused herself by thinking up the most painful deaths Malfoy could have. But before she knew it she was facing the wooden door.

Seething she did not stop to think of what she 3was getting herself into. She wanted revenge. She wanted him to pay for the insults he had thrown at her for six years. She knew name-calling was childish. But every once in awhile one needed to be childish. This was one of those times.

Entering the room she found it completely empty. Unlike the previous year they had used it to practise Defence Against the Dark Arts, there were no cushions, no books, nothing.

“Well it’s not like I need much to insult someone.” Hermione said quietly to herself.

“You’re ten seconds late.” Malfoy sneered from the shadows. He was standing near the back of the dark room.

Hermione rolled her eyes, stepping further into the room, “Well you could have used those ten seconds to improve the place or are you not into interior decorating?”

Malfoy leant back against the wall, “I like it better like this, don’t you? No distractions.”

“Yes but there’s nothing in here to distract you from.” Hermione commented, looking him up and down haughtily.

“I have to agree with you there Granger.” He sniffed, motioning towards her with his hand.

“You’re a…” she began but stopped when she saw he had his eyes closed, “What are you doing?” she snapped angrily. She absolutely hated it when people ignored her.

“Well you’re going to be starting your list aren’t you? I was just getting comfortable seeing as we’ll be here for awhile.” He said in an emotionless tone.

“I thought you said I wouldn’t be able to come up with ten.” Hermione scoffed.

Malfoy opened his eyes, “That was before you promised fifty.”

“I didn’t promise anything!” Hermione cried.

“So you’re not going to five fifty?” he smirked, knowing he was getting her riled.

She whipped out her wand and so did he. “Don’t push me Malfoy.” She hissed.

“You’re wasting my time Mudblood. Get on with it.” He snapped, putting his wand back into his cloak pocket. “Fine!” she snapped back, keeping her wand out. She did not trust him one bit.

“You Draco Malfoy are a pompous, insolent, pig-headed, conceited, pathetic, stubborn, egocentric, lazy, foul, loathsome…” she paused to catch her breath.

“Only ten. Fourty to go Granger.” Malfoy laughed. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

“I’m not finished yet. You’re evil, cowardly, daft, domineering, insufferable, insensitive, arrogant, selfish, self-indulging, murdering..” she continued but stopped when she saw Malfoy in a fit of laughter.

“You’re good Granger, very good. Thirty more.” He smirked. Her insults were not having the desired effect on him so she decided she would use a more direct approach.

She moved closer to him so that they were only a few feet apart. He watched her curiously but made no comment, insult or remark on her move.

“Power-hungry” her eyes flashed angrily, his smirk had faded, his large ice blue eyes were fixed on her chocolate brown one’s.

“Vain, spiteful, confused, bitter, devious, idiotic, unethical, despondent, mad, voluptuous, greedy, vile, irritating, obnoxious, rude, uncivil…” she paused. Unbeknownst to both of them, they had been moving closer to each other. Their faces were only inches apart.

“Inhumane…barbaric.” She whispered, her voice faltering. All logic, common sense and rational thought were wiped from her mind. Everything was fogging up. She still needed another ten!

“Snide” She managed to utter before their lips met, softly at first but it did not take long for it to become fierce. His hands were already firmly around her wait, pulling her even closer. She pulled back gasping for air.

“Inconsiderate, tactless!” she continued but could say no more when he pulled her back in. Her lips once again found his but this time the battle of the tongues began. She placed her hands on the back of his neck to pull his face closer. Each time their lips separated a soft moan escaped both of them. She cared not that she was kissing her enemy only that she was enjoying it.

“Treacherous, unruly, undisciplined…” she tried to get out more but he would not allow her. He was demanding and could easily control her. She was defenceless against him.

The adrenaline rushing through their bodies was overwhelming. Absolute madness. This kissing was simply a fight for power. Neither of them were ready to give up. Both as stubborn as each other.

“Prejudice, pretensions, contemptuous, ferocious…” she had said forty-nine. One more, one more, ONE MORE! There were no more in her mind. At least not insults…the only words she could come up with were the complete opposite of insults. They were compliments and ego-boosts, which was something he did NOT need any more of.

He pushed her up against the wall and began to trail his kisses from her lips to her neck. This left her free to speak. But nothing would come out except, “No.” She barely knew why she was saying the damn word. Perhaps it was because she knew in the back of her mind that would they were doing was wrong. But that was not in her mind at that moment. He was making her feel like she had never felt before. There was not even a word good enough for it! ‘Why do the gossips have to be right damn it?’ Hermione thought desperately.

Suddenly she understood why she kept saying No, “We can’t do this!” she realised aloud. His kisses immediately stopped, he looked up at her, “Why?” he breathed, regaining air. He leant his forehead upon hers, looking deep into her eyes.

“Harry, Ron, Slytherin, Gryffindor and so many other things. Just stop! It’s wrong, so wrong!” Hermione sobbed, jumping a foot away from him.

He frowned, “It’s not wrong!”

“Yes it is! It’s your fault! You made me come here! You stupid BASTARD!” There she had yelled out her number fifty. He was a bastard.

“So you’re sure you don’t want this?” he asked her, pressing his lips to hers and pushing his body up against her also. She wanted nothing more to give in to what her body wanted. The way he made her feel…she could die of pleasure.

“This is stupid Malfoy. We’re only attracted physically. But mentally, we’re completely wrong for each other. Let go Malfoy. I gave you your fifty, get off!” she cried. She needed to run before she changed her mind.

“Come on Granger!” Malfoy pleaded persistently.

She slowly stepped backwards, tears in her eyes, “No. You’ll thank me for this Malfoy, when you’ve come back to your right state of mind.” Without any further comment she ran from the room, tears rolling down her face.

Draco left alone, thumped the wall with a fist. It made no effect on the wall but created a throbbing pain in his hand.

So he had kissed the damn mudblood. So what? He had kissed mudbloods, purebloods, half bloods and any other combinations. But they had only kissed! She was acting as though…She was pathetic!

In a fit of rage, he stormed out of the room and walked off. That Granger was different from the other girls he had kissed. One, she hated him, Two, she was not affected by his looks, Three, She was not scared to tell him off and Four, She was his worst enemies Best friend. As much as he hated it he found her attractive. Not in the physical sense but by the way she fought him…it was enough to make a mockery of his own sense of insults. But none of these things mattered. She was as stubborn as a mule and nothing he did could change her resolve.

A/N - For those of you who already read this story, I edited (or rather deleted) the alternate end I had before. I hated it and thought well it ended well enough here. Who doesnt like a bit of mystery eh? What happens next? The sequel has been posted right now. Should be up soon. The new story I've been promising is in the works Ive just got exams next week so it might take a few more weeks. Thanks for your patience!

P.S - I also want to give a huge thanks again to Midnight Cityscape (a.k.a. LiveForHer on the HPFF.Com archive for putting in so much time and effort to making the banner for this story. Isn't it brilliant?

Luv You All!

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