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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7: Just. Save. Jami.
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TND (The New DragonGirl) DREW THAT! WEll she drew something even awesomer but i had to edit it down to that.

Chapter 7: Just. Save. Jami.

“Ron! Harry! What are you doing here today? It’s your day off and... what’s wrong is everything okay?” Tonks greeted when Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and little Erin entered the Head Auror’s office.
Technically she was now Nymphadora Lupin, but everyone still called her Tonks as though that was her first name.

“No, nothing seems too good right now.” Hermione answered sadly, her eyes were wide and she shivered ever so slightly, Ron's hand came down firmly on her shoulder and clenched reassuringly and Hermoine looked up and smiled.

“I’m sorry, is there anything I can help you with?” Tonks asked, concerned, eyes on Hermione and Ginny, who had to turn around to keep from crying.

“Well, yes—" Harry started, breaking off.

“You have to find her!!! Now, he took her Mrs. Lady!” Erin screamed running up to Tonks desk and slapping her small fists on the desktop. The whole desk rattled and Hermione had to pry her small hands from the desk to keep her from destroying Tonk's possessions. Hermione was surprised, usually Erin was shy meeting new people.

“Whoa, who are you little one?” Tonks asked her eyebrows coming into a questioning ‘V’ in both shock and fear. She looked at Erin in concern and reached the button on her phone for the paramedics.

“Don’t matter who I am! Just. Save. Jami.” Erin said pleadingly.

“Erin, honey, calm down. We have to explain first…that’s a girl, come here.” Ron said coaxing Erin into his arms. He hoisted her up and Hermione began explaining the long story to the very confused Auror.

“—then we got this horrid letter and went to Harry and Ginny’s and they were tied behind some bushes, Jami was gone.”

“Wow. Oh, Harry, Ginny, I’m so sorry!” Tonks exclaimed pulling Ginny into a big hug; ever since last Christmas, when she became the mother of shaggy haired little Syrian, she could relate.

“Can you help us Mrs. Lady?” Erin asked, huge tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Of course, dear. And you can call me Tonks.” Erin gave Tonks a watery smile.

“Now let’s get to work people, we have a baby to find and a bastard to track down, hop to it!” Tonks said and quills immediately started writing down a summary of the story to send to everyone in the busy Auror office. “Harry, Ron, start rounding up a team to track down the little – young ears, never mind…-- and Hermione and Ginny, you guys need to group to the tenth floor and file for custody of Erin because of abuse and all that great crap. Hop to it…oh and I need to tell Remus to pick up Syrian..” She added as a mental note to herself sending everyone to fulfill his or her orders. Ron passed Erin to Hermione and he and Harry left.

Hermione, Erin and Ginny walked out of the Auror office and headed towards the lift. “Level 10: Courtrooms.” Said a cool voice when they finally got the right level. Hermione, Erin and Ginny exited along with a ton of flying memos. They filed into the first room on their right and walked up to a desk.

“Excuse me? Yes, er.. I want to file a order thing please?” Hermione said, feeling shaky and sick.

“Just fill out the form and return it and we will owl you and anyone it concerns to tell you when the trail will be.” Said the lady in a bored voice.

“Oook.” Hermione said and she and Ginny set to the long form.


Hermione and Ron sat on the couch on Christmas Eve staring at the newly put up tree. They had been ordered home from the Auror’s office. Hermione looked underneath the tree and saw Erin’s two messily wrapped packages next to the ones that she and Ron had done. Erin was asleep in bed with the window padlocked, Hermione had explained the concept of Santa Clause to her and she had been so delighted at the thought of getting more than a new pillowcase for Christmas that she went straight to bed.

“How do you thing Gin and Harry are holding up?” Hermione asked Ron grimly. Ron put his arm around his wife and sighed.

“They’ll get through it, we’ll find Jami. Don’t worry.” He answered with obvious doubt in his voice. Hermione snuggled closer to him.

“Let’s get to bed.” Ron said breaking the silence.

“Ugh. My feet are killing me. They are so swollen!! Must be from being on them all the time at the Office.”

“Yeah, up you get.” Ron helped his wife up and they made their way to the bedroom only to toss and turn thinking about where Jami might be.


“Harry, I want my baby back!” Ginny said as they lay in bed.

“Me too, Gin, me too. You know we are doing all we can.”

“No, we should be out there looking!” Ginny sobbed. There was a distant crash from the living room.

“What was that?” Ginny said quietly.


“Harry! This is not funny!” Ginny hissed.

“Wands at the ready?” Harry said getting out of bed and grabbing his wand. It buzzed warmly in his hand, beads of sweat leaped to the calloused skin as it did so.

“I suppose.” They kept out of their room and down the hall. Harry looked around the corner. He didn’t see anything unusual. He located the light switch and flipped it on, wand ready. Nothing. Harry knew better than to relax; he scanned the room and proceeded to the kitchen. After a thorough search of the whole downstairs, he walked back into the living room.

“I can’t find anything… must have been – what’s wrong?” Harry asked when he noticed that Ginny was frozen to her spot staring at the Christmas tree. Harry looked up and saw it too:

Bring Erin to the Corner of Nicholl Street and Rooshy Avenue at 11 pm. Don’t be late, and don’t bring company if you ever want to see the redheaded brat again.

The note read. It was spelled out messily on the floor with something red.

“What do we do?” Ginny croaked, trembling, tears falling thick and fast. She pressed herself against Harry, refusing to linger on the ugly message.

“We have thirty minutes. We need to go to Ron’s.” Harry answered. The apparition of deceit once again hopefully lifted its ugly head.

ding, dong, ding, dong, ding, dong! the bell cried frantically. Hermione sat up and shook Ron awake.

“Who is it?” Ron asked.

“I dunno, let’s go, get your wand.” Hermione answered. ding, dong, ding, dong, ding, dong! Hermione and Ron climbed down the stairs quickly.

“Hurry up, guys!” cried a voice from the other side of the back door.

“Harry?” Ron asked.

“Dumbledore’s man through and through, now open up!” Harry said muttering the password impatiently. Ron swung the door open and saw his frantic relatives.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked.

“He’s got Jami.” Ginny said.

“You’re just now realizing that?” Ron said yawning and earning himself an elbow in the side from Hermione he stood up a little more straight and glanced sleepily around.

“NO, tonight at eleven we have to meet him Corner of Nicholl Street and Rooshy Avenue at 11 pm… or we’ll never see Jami again.” Ginny sobbed.

“And…and.. he told us to bring Erin.”

“You talked to him?” Hermione asked.

“No, he left a message on our floor in.....” She choked up, tears (which were now a familiar look with Ginny) again fell down her cheeks.

“This is no time for sarcasm, Ginny!” Hermione scolded, it was Ron's turn to elbow her. She grunted and clutched her stomach.

“I’m not being sarcastic!”

“Oh, sorry.”

“What do we do? I want my baby back!” Ginny said.

“Well… let’s take him what he wants.” Hermione said.


“You decided to come… good boy.” Said a cold voice as a pale man stepped out of the shadows.

“Where’s Jami?” Harry demanded coldly, paying no attention to the chilly wind as it ripped through his robes.

“Goyle!” Malfoy snapped his fingers and a fat man stepped out of the shadows carrying a little, sleeping red haired girl.

“Jami!” Ginny choked standing next to Harry and falling forward. Harry caught her gently and pushed her back. She was sobbing in a mix of fear and happiness but her wand was unusually steady.

“Where’s Erin.” Malfoy asked in a commanding voice.

“Here.” Erin said bravely stepping out from behind the couple.

“Why do you want her so bad?” Ginny questioned bravely.

“She’s my daughter, unfortunately, and I don’t want her causing any trouble.” Malfoy said examining his fingernails in the dim light of the full moon.

“Give Jami back.” Erin ordered.

“Don’t speak to me, you filthy squib.” Malfoy said looking upon his daughter with disgust.

“I’ll talk if I want.” Erin yelled back at her father.

“You are NOT to talk to me like that! Crucio!” Erin fell on the ground, twitching.

“STOP!” Ginny demanded running at Malfoy her wand pointed out him.

Colloportus.” Malfoy said lazily pointing his wand at Ginny.

Protego!” The spell rebounded and hit Goyle square in the chest. At that moment, several Aurors leaped out of the shadows and from behind bushes. “Stupefy! they yelled, pointing their wands at Malfoy. There was a flash of red light and Malfoy fell backwards, a look of terror on his face. Ginny and Harry ran to their daughter and pried her from Goyle’s chubby fingers.

“Jami!” Ginny cried holding her little daughter, who was limp in her arms. Hermione and Ron ran out to Erin, who was running towards Jami.

“Are you okay?” Hermione gasped.

“Yeah… he used to do that a lot.” Erin replied, “Is Jami okay?”

“I think so, we need to get bath of you to St. Mungo’s,” Harry said shakily, “Can you guys handle this?” He asked the other Aurors. The nodded and gave Harry the ‘all good’ sign.

“To St. Mungo’s then?” Ron said. Harry and Ginny nodded in agreement. Ron grabbed Erin by the hand and apparated. Harry, carrying Jami, and Ginny followed. Before Hermione went, she walked over to Malfoy and spit on him, then apparated to St. Mungo’s.

“Harry, Ginny, and Jami got taken right away.” Ron informed her.

“Great, I’ll sign Jami in.” Hermione answered. She walked over to the desk, “Er.. is Healer Thomas in?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Answered the bored witch.

“Well, can you tell her that Erin…. Weasley is hear to see her?”

“I guess.”


Hermione went back over and sat down beside Ron. Erin climbed into her lap and curled up. Hermione kissed the top of her head. “It’s okay to go to sleep, Erin.” She told her. Hermione was really tired too, but who wouldn’t be after a night like that.

“Hermione, wake up… they called us.” Ron shook his wife awake.

“Oh... okay.” Ron took the sleeping Erin from Hermione and they followed a white-robed witch down the hall.

“Healer Thomas will be in here shortly.” She said and closed the door.

“Where are we?” Erin asked waking up.

“St. Mungo’s, remember?” Hermione said.

“Oh. Is Jami okay?”

“We don’t know yet.” Knock, Knock.

“Hey, what brings you back?” Parvati asked as she entered.

“Long night… Erin got hit b the Crucatus Curse... can you check her over?” Hermione said.

“Oh dear. Hermione, are you okay? You don’t look well.”

“I’m fine, just tired.” Parvati walked over and stuck something in Hermione’s mouth.

“One hundred and five.” It said.

“Hermione, you’re not fine. I’m getting you a room now.”

A/N: Merry Chistmas early!! Sorry its been a while, exams suck!! PLease review.. oh and my friend, The New DragonGirl, has this story, Because of You and i really want her to write more so if you have time just copy this and paste it in the review box. Me and her have this thing where i review and stuff! hehe. Copy and Paste this: No one-shot, write MORE!! NOW!! please and thank you!!

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