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Not A REAL Malfoy! by megs
Chapter 2 : Day Malfoy
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Chapter 2:

“Daddy! I’m home!” she screamed running into the living room, her arms held open in happiness. Her father smiled weakly from his chair and quivered as he stood up. She noticed his weakness as he stumbled over to her, dropping his copy of the quibbler to the side. She embraced him, feeling the worry course through her veins as she did so.

“How have you been darling?” he asked smiling as he made his way back to his chair.

“Fine daddy. Is there any news on the twizzling gunyips?”

“Afraid not… but the quibbler sales have gone up this week.” He said, his spirits lifting slightly. Luna smiled and sat down on the couch, she looked at him and sighed, closing her eyes and sitting against the big pillows.

“That’s good, how are you feeling Daddy?” she asked, crossing her fingers that he was all right.

“Fine, fine… I was wondering, now that you’re home. I’m supposed to be researching the latest sighting of the Lansky Chicky, and thought maybe you could look through my papers from the years back.”

“Of course, where are they?” asked Luna stretching her legs and standing back up.

“The attic my darling.” He said laying his bed back and closing his eyes. He sighed and put his legs up, obviously falling into a sleep. Luna looked at him and closed her eyes, shaking her head as she did so. He was way to over tired from working all the time. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and headed for the stairs, looking around her room she smiled widely. She missed her room, with its yellow walls and many posters of foreign creatures.

She left the doorway and headed up the attic stairs, the steps creaked and she jumped over the ones she knew were unsafe. She knew her house like she the back of her hand. Perfectly, she knew all it’s twitches and everything. Finally getting to the top she looked around and groaned, her father really expected her to go through all those boxes?


Two hours, and twelve boxes later, Luna fell back against the floor and wiped the sweat from her forehead, only to find herself smearing the dust against her instead. She sighed and picked up the next box; opening the flaps she saw a piece of paper on it.

“Property of Linda Lovegood,” Luna read aloud to herself. She pushed aside the paper and brought out the certificates, some were for achievement and then she saw it. It was Luna’s birth certificate. It wasn’t right though, “ Day Malfoy. What kind of name is Day?” she stared at the last name again. “Malfoy….MALFOY! What the hell do they mean by MALFOY?” Her eyes scanned the sheet and she landed on the parents. “Lucius….Narcissa…. but that’s… Draco’s parents.” She stared straight ahead, no longer looking at the sheet of paper. She stood up, pacing back and forth across the attic floor, she didn’t believe it, and she couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t a Malfoy.

It didn’t make sense either; she couldn’t be a Malfoy… because she lived with her parents. Her parents were Lovegoods through and through. And so was she.

Marching down the stairs, Luna entered her living room. Her father lay asleep on the couch, obviously not knowing she was staring at him intently. She was angry, confused and in disbelief, not sure if she should wake him or not she sat down. Looking at him, she decided that this couldn’t wait until later to be discussed.

She shook him, not violently but softly, as if she were hesitating to wake him. He stirred, eyelids fluttering as he moaned in confusion. Rubbing his eyes he looked at Luna and sat up, still groggy from his sleep.

“What is it?” he asked sleepily.

“What is it? That’s a good question… daddy?” she asked, pushing the birth certificate. She watched carefully for his reaction as it took him several seconds for the words on the paper to register into his mind. Suddenly pale he looked at her sadly.

“I’m sorry you found this darling.” He said softly sitting back against the chair.

“What is it Daddy? Are you… my daddy?” she asked sitting back down on the couch.

He looked at the quibbler and picked it up, staring at it sadly. “No my darling… I’m not.”

“How… why… I don’t understand… please just tell me!” exclaimed Luna holding back the tears that were threatening to break free. She pulled the pillow to her stomach, a habit she’d gained over the years.

“Your mother and I weren’t able to have children.” He said quietly. Luna shook her head, unsure if she wanted to know anymore. “So I told your mother she didn’t need children, that we’d be happy together, but she insisted. Narcissa had become pregnant very soon after having Draco and she hid it, but one day when your mother was at the store. Narcissa apparated there for a few moments and saw your mother saw her sneaking around holding her stomach. Your mother new and congratulated her… I don’t know how it happened from there. I think you were an unexpected burden to their perfect family, and having to take another child was going to be too much or something. When you were born the Malfoy’s handed you over to us, giving us your custody. We raised you from then on.”

"I'm not a Malfoy... they are... evil! They are... Slythern's... they're my enemies!" said Luna in a panic, she didn’t believe her father it was all a cruel joke. “Please say you’re lying.”

“I wish I was Luna.” He whispered.

“Actually, according to this, they named me Day… Day…. Day Malfoy.” Said Luna, tears streaming down her face. She ran up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door behind her. Looking at her desk she picked up the parchment and quill, hesitating on whether or not to write to Ron she sighed as she collapsed on her bed… how could she be a Malfoy?

Malfoys and Lovegoods… they weren’t the same at all, and she definitely wasn’t a Malfoy, but she wasn’t a Lovegood anymore either.

Okay.... not my best work, but please tell me what you guys think of this chapter? Is it alright??

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