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Hogwarts Sanitarium by HollyH
Chapter 16 : Traumatic Trials
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Is Harry really insane? It wouldn’t be fun if I told you, now would it?! ;)
Why did Harry's Dream-World parents die out of love for him? VERY good question. I think Harry just wanted to be loved so much after her realized Rita gave him up because she didn’t want him that he picked two people to love him, even if they weren’t exactly real. Does that make sense?
Why is Hermione so smart in Harry’s fantasy world? Because she doesn’t think he’s crazy. To his subconscious, it made her admirable. She just turned out to be smart because of that.
In the real world he had never met Lucien. How would he know what Lucien or Lucius for that matter was like? Who says he’s never met him before? He has, Lucius just never acknowledges it.
How'd Harry come up with "Wizards chess" then? Did he like it in real life? I suppose you could say that, yes. :D
Is Lily supposed to represent anyone in Harry's magic world besides his mother? She represents his ideal mother, someone who loves him enough to die for him, rather than give him up like he was nothing.
Does this take place after the sixth or fifth book? After the fifth! ^_^
Are alternate realities at play here? Mayyyybe, maybe not! ~_^
Will Harry go into another relapse that explains the sixth book with *Character Name* dying? Sorry, I censored it so I don’t spoil the book for the few who haven’t read it yet. No, this story isn’t HBP compatible. :P
Fudge just said Hogwarts and Harry didn't even take any notice of it. Why is that? Fudge has taken on one of Harry's cases before, so he knows the situation.
Will Harry and Draco end up together? Hehe, sorry but I laughed at this question. No no, this it’s a slash fic. I don’t write slash fics, but I’m in no way against them. Sorry, but this is a no. :P
Is Harry’s father signifying the photographer who always follows Rita around? Nope, He’s James. Just James.
Author’s Question: Is Holly you’re real name? Yes, yes it is!

I KNOW YOU PROBABLY HAVE A LOT MORE QUESTIONS… (sorry, I wanted to catch your attention) but there are just so many reviews I cant go through them all and get this chapter up tonight if I do both. So if this chapter doesn’t answer it, please resend you’re questions if you really want to know!

Nine hundred and sixty-five reviews! You guys seriously have no idea how much this means to me. I am so honored that you are all enjoying this. Seven hundred and ninety-four new reviews from the last chapter. It’s been like two months since I last updated (and I am SOO sorry for the wait) but that amount of reviews it just overwhelming! You guys are the best! If you read my responses to your reviews (Yes, I reply to all of them) you’ll notice that I say ‘thank you’ a lot, and I seem very unoriginal with some of my reviews, but I really mean it when I say thank you. So, thank you guys! I hope you enjoy this chapter!

What’s gone on before…
“So,” Lily turned to Harry. “We have a week. We should get started.”
“How about we try a nice relaxing week of doing absolutely nothing?” Harry suggested hopefully.
“Nice try,” Lily looked at him wearily.


A week went by quicker than Dr. Porter had hoped. Harry kind of let things pass by, not really paying attention. He was now in the cafeteria for breakfast before the trial began. Hermione wasn’t helping his mood at all. He got all of his breakfast alright; Hermione let him today, but just as long as she got to feed him. It was embarrassing, but thankfully everyone else was crazy and didn’t notice. She had given him a little gift, too. Ketchup. Thoughtful, he supposed, but he wished that it was in packets.

Lily had been scolding him and fretting. She really wanted everything perfect for the trial but her attitude wasn’t helping his own. They’d gone through seven outfits that his aunt had brought over but she wasn’t happy with any of them.

It had been a while since he’d been outside, he couldn’t remember how long ago the picnic was. With Lily at his side (and no guards, amazingly) they waited for the sanitarium vehicle to come. When he saw the big old automobile, he groaned. So much for not being noticed!

It was a huge, box-like white van with unnecessarily big letters that had, ‘Hogwarts Sanitarium,’ and a sign on the back of the two doors that read, ‘Stay back 20 feet, patient being transported.’ He’ll just blend in.

“Where’s aunt Petunia?” Harry asked, glumly at the prospect of having to even go through with this, let alone risking being sent to Rita’s.

“She’ll be meeting us there,” Lily checked her watch for the third time in the past minute as she helped Harry up into the arduous white, padded seats and sat down across from him.

“Now, I don’t want you to be nervous, Harry,” she checked her watch again and crossed her legs, then uncrossed them and seemed to be biting the inside of her cheek.

“Of course not,” Harry rested his forehead against the window, looking out through the driver’s windshield because there wasn’t any in his compartment, anywhere to avoid his doctor’s nervous habits. “You’re not nervous, are you?” He was being sarcastic, but she didn’t notice.

“Me? No…” but she checked the clock again. Harry snorted loudly, but didn’t look away from the passing trees.


“You’re a nervous wreck!” he cackled, and glanced in her direction for a response, but seeing he wasn’t going to get one, turned back. A few minutes went by slowly, before any of them said anything.

“Am I really?” Lily asked him, calmly.

“Yup,” he said.


And that was all that was said for the rest of the trip.


No, no, no! Don’t make me go!’ was what Harry was thinking rapidly when the van pulled up to a pillared courtroom. His heart was racing. He thought he was prepared for this!

“We’re here,” Harry rasped out, his voice cracking from nervousness.

“Huh?” Lily looked up. Clearly, she was daydreaming the whole time.

“We’re – ” but the doors swinging open answered her for him. He noticed that there were indeed guards, despite there not being any when he got on the van. One reached and grabbed his arm, but Harry knocked it away. Did they actually think he couldn’t even get out of the van by himself?

“This way, Harry,” one of the much kinder guards, Kingsley Shacklebolt, said. (He was the one who had been keeping an eye on him and Hermione during lunch and social time so he doesn’t get hurt.)

Harry felt extremely dizzy as he jumped down. He didn’t feel like he was going to fall or anything, the guards made sure to “hold him up.” They kept Harry in place so he couldn’t run away and they were lead into a back room in the courthouse. Harry stayed in the room alone (the guards were guarding the doors and Lily was talking to his lawyer for assurance) and left to his thoughts. He knew they had been running behind getting here, so it shouldn’t be long until he’s taken to the actual court room. Before he knew it, Lily came in looking quite unnerved.

“Remember what I told you, alright Harry?” she was plucking nervously at loose strings on the cuffs of her sleeves.

“Yes,” his heart was sinking by the second as he realized he only had a few minutes until they were in session.


“Please rise for the honorable Judge, Percy Weatherby,” a man dressed in impressive clothing announced, standing in front of a big desk. The crowd whispered and murmured a bit as they all rose, and Harry was helped up by Kingsley. Petunia stood on his right, looking determined, but she tried her best not to let Harry see her weakness. The door slammed impressively open and the judge pranced in with an emotionless look on his face. He sat down, and with that, do did everyone else in the room.

“We are here on the Third of November, for a custody hearing for minor Harry James Potter, patient at Hogwarts Sanitarium, being treated for… let me see…” He looked down at his paper to read. “Severe Undifferentiated Schizophrenia. This case is going to be between this boy’s mother and his aunt. Would the one who currently holds guardianship for this young boy please come up?”

Petunia promptly stood up and shot Rita a disappointed look and sat in the book next to Judge Percy’s.

“Mr. Fudge,” he nodded and Cornelius rose and stood in front of Petunia as she sat.

“How long has your nephew been under your care?” Fudge asked.

“Nearly fifteen years,” Petunia held her head up high.

“How old is he now?”

“Sixteen, he was a little over a year old when my sister left him at my house.”

“In you’re opinion, do you think he’s happy with you?” Fudge asked.

“It’s hard to answer…” Petunia fidgeted.

“How so?”

“He doesn’t live with me anymore and doesn’t completely remember the years before his illness.”

“I see now. Do you think Rita Potter has ever mistreated Harry in any way when he was a baby?”

“No, I never saw any marks or bruises… He was a little on the small side, but I wouldn’t think he was neglected. He probably had a nanny for that year.”

“How many times a year on average do you visit Harry?”

“Oh, I usually go about four times a week, but the doctors wish for me to give him some space for a while so that they can treat him without interference.”

“Is Rita paying for his hospitalization?”

“No,” Petunia said, but she didn’t seem bothered. The people sitting behind them began to whisper.

“No? Has she ever sent money to help you raise her son?”

“Never. All Harry’s ever got from her is what she left him with at my house.”

“When about James, his father? Has he helped with the finances?”

“He didn’t know about Harry since about a week ago. Rita never told him!”

“When did Harry begin showing symptoms of schizophrenia?”


“Do you want to adopt him?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Have you ever tried adopting him in the past?”

“Yes, but she never signed any of the papers.”

“Did you and your sister get along when you were children?”

“Not really. We were your typical siblings, what with sibling rivalry and all. We never got in too many fights though.”

No further questions at the moment, your honor.”

Harry couldn’t believe how long this was taking. It felt like hours, but Harry knew it was just nerves. He wished that this was all over with and he would be able to go back to his nice, safe, overly white room at the hospital.

The jury began to whisper to one another, but the judge hit his gavel on the bench.

“I’m calling a 15 minute recess!” Judge Weatherby exclaimed. Everyone rose from their seats and exited through the back, but Harry was lead by the guards through a separate door. Apparently they didn’t want him mixing with society. So, they dragged him to the small room from before and Petunia joined him and Lily.

“Did I do okay?” Petunia fidgeted.

“Yes, very good!” Lily exclaimed, but she was looking forlorn.

“What is it?” Harry asked.

“Harry, you’re up next,” Lily looked at him straight in the eyes.

“W-What?” Harry blurted out.

“Cornelius is going to call you up next. Harry, do you remember the techniques I showed you?”

But Harry wasn’t paying attention. He knew he wasn’t ready. In just a second, all the techniques she had shown him throughout the week were gone.

“I can’t do it!” Harry rasped. “I can’t! I can’t!”

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Hogwarts Sanitarium: Traumatic Trials


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