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525,600 Minutes: In Truths That She Learned, or in Times That He Cried by The Wizard and I
Chapter 23 : Chapter Twenty-Three
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Disclaimer: I was just about to say something, what was it?…oh yes…I don’t own Harry Potter….

Author’s Note: Ok, so totally off subject, but has anyone ever played Minesweeper on your computer? It’s awesome…I am totally hooked on it…tis a great game. OK! Shall we continue the story?…


525,600 Minutes: In Truths That She Learned, or in Times That He Cried-
-Chapter Twenty-Three

Hermione slowly pulled the invisibility cloak away to reveal a stunned Harry, who slightly resembled a codfish with his jaw nearly hitting the floor, and a red faced Ron, who was steadily growing redder by the second.

Hermione barely had time to breathe as there was a flurry of movement around her. All three boys, moving faster than the speed of light, had simultaneously pointed their wands at each other. Harry and Ron’s pointing directly at Malfoy, and Draco’s finding a happy median between his two enemies.

Hermione could tell that If she didn’t do something soon numerous amounts of jinxes would be flying in the hall, and the entire castle would be woken.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Boys and their ego’s, honestly. She thought as she, too, pulled out her wand. “Put your wands down or so help me I’ll curse all three of you into first year.” Hermione moved her wand between her best friends and her boyfriend, as if counting them, pointing at each one twice.

Knowing not to underestimate Hermione when she used that tone of voice, the three boys reluctantly lowered their wands.

“Harry, Ron,” Hermione stumbled out. She could not believe this was happening. This was definitely not the way she planned on telling her two friends about her relationship with one Draco Malfoy. “I can-” Hermione didn’t get to finish her sentence as an enraged Ron interrupted her.

“Hermione! What in bloody hell’s name do you think you’re doing?! Snogging, this, this,” he was so mad he could hardly speak. “this Slytherin scum!”

“Oh real classy Weasley, what are we, first years?” Malfoy asked, drawling and rolling his eyes at Ron’s childish insult.

“I was talking to Hermione, Malfoy. Shut your mouth or I’ll-”

“Or you’ll what? Curse me into oblivion? I’d like to see you try.”

“If you insist, then-”

“ENOUGH!” Hermione’s voice echoed throughout the empty corridor. “Oh, put your wand down Ron.” she said, noticing Ron was about to raise his wand.

“H-Hermione?” Harry spoke for the first time since being revealed, his voice was small and uncharacteristic. “What’s going on?” he almost sounded afraid.

“Well, I was going to explain just that, until I was interrupted.” she shot Ron a quick glare, but he didn’t notice. His eyes were in a dueling match with Malfoy’s, both trying to make the other give.

Hermione paused and took, undoubtedly, the deepest calming breath ever. She really didn’t want to explain. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of her relationship, but this was Harry and Ron. Malfoy’s most hated foes and her best friends. How could she possibly tell Harry and Ron that she had feelings for their enemy, and who was once her enemy too. What was she so say? The reason you saw me kissing Malfoy is because he is my boyfriend and has been for the past three weeks, oh and by the way, we’ve been friends for quite some time too. But I’ve been keeping everything a secret…Well, it was now or never, cause she doubted she would be able to get out it.

“Guys,” she looked from Harry to Ron, who’s attention she had finally managed to grab, then stepped beside Malfoy and took his hand in hers. “Guys, Malfoy’s my boyfriend.”

It took a couple of seconds for each of the boys to comprehend exactly what Hermione had said. Hermione could tell when realization dawned upon them for Harry’s face dropped, and lost a bit of color, while Ron…well,

“WHAT!” errupted like a volcano. His face grew an unhealthy shade of red and his hair seemed to stand on end.


“Hermione, did you just say that Malfoy was your boyfriend?”

“Yes, Weasley, you do know what that is
don’t you? Granger and I,” he held up his hand that held Hermione’s a waved the two in the air. “Are boyfriend and girlfriend, you know, dating, going out. Or is that information not able to penetrate that thick skull of yours.”

Ron glared dagger’s at Malfoy before turning to Hermione. “Hermione, you can’t be serious. Dating, him. And, he just called you Granger!!! Why would a boyfriend call his girlfriend by her surname.” he pointed towards Malfoy.

“Ron, I am serious. And I call him Malfoy, is that a problem?”

“But Hermione, he’s Malfoy! The guy who’s tormented you for the past seven years!!! The-the guy who’s called you a you -know-what!”

“Ron, people can change.”

“HA! Change! Him! Hermione, don’t you see who he is?! He’s an arrogant, egotistical, rude, Slytherin, who only wants-”

“I believe that’s my boyfriend you’re insulting.”

Ron seemed to have not heard Hermione’s interruption, “Hermione, I don’t think you’re thinking rationally. Hell, Hermione, you guys aren’t even friends! Then you snog in the hallway and suddenly you’re boyfriend and girl friend!”

“Ronald Weasley, how dare you suggest something like that!” Honestly, would her own best friend truly think she was that type of person. “For your information Malfoy and I have been friends for quite some time now.”

“But Hermione, in the halls and in classes, you two act like you always have.” Harry said.

“We did that on purpose, Potter.” Malfoy spat.

“Ugh! Hermione! You can’t! It’s Malfoy!” Ron breathed. “No, you can’t and I won’t allow it.”

“Excuse me?!” Hermione was begging to feel her blood boil. She had never, in her seven years of knowing him, seen Ron act this childish. And there were many moments to compare it to.

“I won’t stand for it, Hermione! You can’t be his girl friend, I won’t let you!”

“Well, if you’re suggesting,” her talking was becoming more rapid with each word, and she could feel Malfoy flinch as her grip tightened on his hand. “That I choose between the you and Harry and Malfoy. Then you’re crazy.”

“No, that wasn’t what I was saying, but it’s a lovely thought! So who will it be Hermione? Me and Harry, or Malfoy?”

A death like silence filled the hall, and everyone stared at Ron like he had grown five heads.

Hermione’s face fell and she felt to color draining from her face. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. One of her best friends was asking her to choose between himself and her boyfriend. If anything, he was supposed to understand. He was supposed to be supportive, back her up. He was supposed to be there for her…be her friend.

“Ron.” she started slowly. “You can‘t be serious.” she could feel tears forming in her eyes.

“I am. Choose.”

“Ron, don’t be daft.” Harry said, looking at his friend in shock.

“I’d never thought you to be this thick, Weasley.” Malfoy muttered.

“Ron, you can’t really expect me to-”

“The fact that that’s your answer and you even have to think about it is reason enough for me.” Hermione felt a tear run down her cheek, and Malfoy’s hand release from her and go around her waist. Without saying anything else, Ron turned on his heel and made way for the tapestry, but was stopped in mid step. Harry had flung out his arm in front of Ron, so it was now blocking his way, and clutching his robes.

“Stop acting on impulse, and don’t be thick.” Harry said, as he spun Ron around so he was facing Hermione and Malfoy again. His hand firmly held onto Ron’s robes. “Why.” he asked Hermione.

“Why what?” she said, trying to suppress her tears.

Harry released his grip on Ron, but not before giving him a look that said ‘you stay’, and walked towards Hermione.

“Hermione, why didn’t you tell us?”

Hermione stood dumbfounded. It was true that she hadn’t expected Ron to ask her to choose between her friends and Malfoy. But this, a calm, rational way of approaching this new information was not something Hermione was expecting.

She gave a warm smile. “That’s why.” she pointed to the aggravated Ron, he was clearly not liking the situation. Harry gave a small laugh, Hermione smiled, and Malfoy snorted.

“Hermione, I don’t understand why you started dating Malfoy, and I don‘t exactly like the idea.” he shot Draco a look of loathing. “But, we’re your friends, Hermione, you could have told us.”

Hermione’s smile grew. “Thank you Harry.” she gave him a hug “but you understand why I didn’t.”

“But, why Hermione? Why him? He is, as Ron as informed us, Malfoy. He’s well, you know.”

“Harry, people change.”

“You’re saying he’s changed? For the better? Hermione?”

“I resent that, Potter.”

“Was I talking to you?” Hermione could tell that Harry was doing the best he could to stay calm and handle this situation rationally.

“Yes, Harry, he has.”

“Hermione, as much as I want to believe you I can’t. Perhaps if you -er- explained it to me.”

Hermione looked at Malfoy, and Malfoy looked back. Hermione was begging him to reveal what he had told her. Malfoy sighed, “If you expect me to tell them-”

“Please.” Malfoy noted the begging in her eyes.

“Alright.” he said, stealing a kiss from Hermione. Anything to make Ron more mad.



“So, you’re saying that you’re father-”


“So you.”

“Ran, yes.”

“And now you-”


“And then you two became friends.”


“And have feelings for each other.”


“And now you’re dating.”

“YES! For the last bloody time yes!” Malfoy exclaimed.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the three Gryffindors and the lone Slytherin. Harry and Ron stood, taking all the information in while Hermione slightly bounced, awaiting their reaction. Malfoy, on the other hand, seemed annoyed. The fact that he had just told the events of his past summer to Harry and Ron was undeniably irritating and embarrassing.

“Hermione.” Ron was the first to speak. He looked as though he had just been made the biggest fool, and Hermione knew that he knew it. “I-I’m,” his voice was small a meek. “Sorry.”

“Oh, Ron.” she said as she pulled him into a tight hug.

As Hermione hugged Ron, Harry turned towards Malfoy. He cleared his throat and stuck out his hand, willing Malfoy to shake it. “Malfoy.”

Malfoy looked from Harry’s outstretched hand, to Hermione’s beaming face. He took a deep breath and firmly grasped Harry’s hand. “Potter.”


Author’s Note: Well, what do you think? Just a little faldirall and fiddle dee dee.

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