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A Midnight's Kiss by megs
Chapter 1 : The New Year
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A Midnight’s Kiss

“To Lisa!” exclaimed Kayla raising her glass. The table wiggled dangerously and she smiled at everyone. “One of the best beaters I have ever met!”

Jeff, the other beater pulled her into a quick kiss and downed his drink.

“To Jeff, our beater who thinks he is a stud!” yelled Kayla over the crowd. They cheered and Ron’s apartment shook. Jeff stood up and glared at Kayla.

“You know you can’t resist me!” he yelled. Harry laughed and his drink came out his nose. Ginny rolled her eyes as she scooted away from his arms.

“To our chasers Sandra and Nick!” yelled Kayla smiling. “Sandra? Nick?” she asked searching for them in the crowd.

Sandra’s hand flew into the air. She was on the couch with Nick. Obviously too occupied with one another to talk to Kayla. She rolled her eyes and continued.

“To Oliver, who is our amazing keeper.”

“Thanks Kayla! You’re not too bad yourself.” Yelled Oliver from the punchbowl.

Kayla smiled and jumped off the table, she smirked as she yelled. “To us!” The crowd cheered for the famous quidditch team as she spun on the spot. As the volume quieted she held out her hands and smiled evilly.

“And last but not least, to Harry Potter. The amazing seeker that we couldn’t do without. Thanks for coming to the game everyone, and have a happy new years!”

Harry smiled as Kayla winked playfully. He scooted closer to Ginny and wrapped his arms around her. “What a great day! We win the quidditch match and Ron throws a New Years party!”

Ginny smiled and planted a kiss on him. She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder as Fred walked over.

After Harry had defeated Voldemort everyone was better off. Of course many deaths had occurred but it was over four years ago and now the wizarding world had finally moved on.

Fred and George’s joke shop had become amazingly popular. In fact the Weasley’s had all been better off… except Molly and Fleur. Bill had died in the final battle. Molly had been devastated and Fleur had moved away, she disappeared and only stayed in contact with Molly. Charlie stayed in Romania, Percy stayed at the ministry and the only Weasley girl, Ginny had taken the Transfiguration job at Hogwarts after MacGonagall had fallen in the battle.

Ron (who now worked with the daily prophet) sifted through the crowd. His eyes were set on the bushy haired girl sipping on her drink.

Hermione smiled and waved. She set aside her drink and held her arms open wide for him to hug. She was doing very well; she’d become a healer and worked at St. Mungo’s, it suited her perfectly. She winked as Ron finally pushed Dean out of the way so he could talk to her.

“Hermione!” he yelled before pulling her into a bear hug. She laughed and downed the rest of her drink.

“Ron, how are you?” she asked holding his arm.

“Great, I haven’t seen you in ages!” he exclaimed laughing.

“Last week, that was ages was it?” asked Hermione raising her eyebrows. He shrugged his shoulders, as the music got a little louder. “It was nice of you to have the party here.” She yelled.

“Well, its new years Hermione!” he said smiling. “What else could I do?”

“I’m not sure, I like your apartment from what I can see of it though.” She said. After her last year of school, Hermione had left and trained at an advanced magical school. Her and Ron had been in a relationship and his anger when he found out she was leaving was incredible. They’d ended it, and only in the last year had their friendship started to work again.

Kayla and Ron were dating, which was probably why Ron had had the party but either way there was still chemistry between Ron and Hermione that you could feel. The mutual attraction to one another and the way they spoke (or bickered) was obvious.

Hermione was dating as well, she was with Viktor again and surprisingly he wasn’t here. Hermione had called him but he was too busy apparently. Or he just didn’t want to speak with Harry at their winning team party. Understandable because Viktor had lost to them… Hermione wouldn’t have wanted to show up either!

“How’s Viktor these days?” asked Ron awkwardly. He still didn’t like him a lot.

“He’s at home right now, but he’s good. I didn’t get to talk to Kayla yet. How is she?” asked Hermione smiling at the bouncing brunette across the room.

“She’s alright, I dunno if it’s going to work out though.” Said Ron staring into the cup of punch. Hermione nodded sympathetically and stared at the shaggy red hair.

“Let’s go dance.” Said Hermione pulling on his hand playfully.

“Oh alright.” Said Ron rolling his eyes and letting Hermione lead him out.


“Ten… nine… eight… seven… six.” The crowd, chanted, couples stood side by side as the clock’s seconds flew away and the New Year came to a start. Ron was standing between Hermione and Kayla as they chanted. “Five… Four… Three… Two… One!”

Ron yelled in happiness and grabbed her around the waist playfully pulling her into a soft kiss. He ran his fingers through her long hair, wait? Long hair, Kayla had short hair.

Pulling away Ron was astounded to see that the girl he’d just kissed was Hermione, she looked flabbergasted and was staring at him in surprise. “Ron?” she asked looking at him.


“Turn around.” She said simply. Ron turned and saw the fuming form of Kayla staring at him.

“RON! I don’t think I can take you anymore.” She said stomping through the crowd. Ron turned with a mischievous grin and looked at Hermione, swooping down he kissed her again.

“You know Hermione…”


“Viktor can always wait for the next time you move,” said Ron capturing her lips against his again. Hermione smiled and nodded as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder. A New Year, a new start…and a new love.


So what did you guys think of that? I wasn't sure if it was very good or not. Megs (Please leave a review)

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A Midnight's Kiss: The New Year


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