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Hello by THW
Chapter 1 : Hello
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Playground school bell rings again.

Rain clouds come to play again.

Has no one told you sheís not breathing?

Hello, Iím your mind,

Giving you someone to talk to.



Damn that light! Why couldnít they at least provide a fellow with a mask of some kind, or at least give him some kind of warning that the sun is going to sear his retinas? My God, look at everything, at everyone. They all look so haggard. Nothing looks like it should. When I went into this hell-hole, everything was brighter. Well, as bright as it could be, I suppose. But it didnít look nearly so gray, so dismal. There had been some greenery around, a few trees here and there. Now the ground is covered in ash and bodies.

There was a battle here. Not for us, surely? The few of us left anyhow. Thereís the youngest Weasley and Longbottom. All thatís left of my glorious counter-offensive. There had been so many of them before. At least a hundred. A hundred and only the three of us survive long enough to be sent into Azkaban. How long ago was that, I wonder? I canít remember. I donít have my calendar. If I was back in my cell, I could tell. Iíve been marking off the days since I got in there.

Iím honestly surprised that the little Weasley held out this long. The way her face paled when we stepped inside Azkaban made me think she was going to drop dead right there. The same went for Longbottom. But here he is. Amazing. Didnít think the butterball would stand it.

Look at them all. All of them rushing to them, holding them, crying over them. Pathetic. Donít they remember who would have been in Azkaban if it wasnít for me? Good Lord! Ron Weasleyís certainly gotten old looking. Oh good grief, Weasley. Just hug her and stop petting her! Sheís alive!! Thatís more than I can say for lots of others, for my task force. Even Longbottom has someone cooing over him. I guess they donít remember. Wonderful. What does Weasley want?



"So, ah, glad you made it out."

"Yes, it certainly took you lot long enough."

"Well, we had to get up our forces and,"

"How long have I been in there Weasley?"

Oh Merlin, it must be bad. Heís wincing. What did the dunce do now?

"About three years."

"Three years!! It took you a bloody three years for you to get up a ruddy task force?! Iíve been in Azkaban for three years, Weasley!"

"I know, Malfoy! My sister was in there for three years, remember?!"

"Actually, I donít. You tend to forget things when Dementors are sucking the life out of you."

"Then why arenít you dead?"

"Because Iím innocent, Weasley! Because I went into Azkaban unjustly, because I went in there for,"

I canít even speak the name. I still canít believe that after all this time.......well, three years, that I did that for him. For that stinking.........

"Because of what you did, Malfoy, we were able to defeat Voldemort. You should be grateful for that."

"Oh, I am. Iím so relieved that I was stuck in there out of the fighting so you lot could be together and defeat Voldemort, just like you always wanted. Always wanted the glory, didnít you, Weasley? You and your glorious threesome. Whereís Granger? Is she around, or didnít she make it?"

"Oh, she made it, Malfoy."

"Well, thank heaven. I was getting worried. Now you two can get married and have billions of little red heads as smart as Granger and just as obnoxious."

Good Lord, Weasleyís such a prat. Look at him, holding himself back from smacking the living daylights out of me. I should taunt him, but I want more answers. I love doing this though. Glad to see that my personality traits havenít faded away from lack of use.

"So did it work?"

I love throwing things at people that they donít expect. It gives me such a sense of satisfaction to see their mouths flop open like a fish. Ha. Take that, Weasley.

"Yeah, it worked. Obviously."

"Touchy, touchy, Weasley. Tell Granger to get working on that temper of yours as soon as you get married, alright?"

"Iíll do that."

"So where is she?"


"Of course not, you prat. Where is she?"

Oh God.

"She, she and Harry lead the force against Voldemort. She got hit."

"What happened? Is she wounded? How bad is it?"


"Alright, Weasley, the comment about you and Granger was uncalled for. Sorry. Now how is she?"

"She didnít make it, Malfoy."

"Very funny, Weasley. I know youíre just trying to get back at me for those remarks earlier. Well, I already apologized, so I wonít do it again."

"Malfoy, why would I lie about her?"

"I donít know! Playing a cruel joke, I suppose!"

"I wouldnít do that, Malfoy! Not about her!"

So sheís gone then. Gone forever. And I was stupid enough to believe that Iíd be able to speak with her again. What a prat. What an idiot. What a stupid, blathering fool I turned out to be.


"Donít, Weasley. Where are we apparating to?"

"St. Mungoís. Weíre gonna get you, Ginny and Neville checked out, just to make sure youíre okay."


"Iím sorry, Malfoy."

"Donít be. She wasnít."

Well, itís back to speaking with my mind again. Weíre on good terms he and I. He was my only company in Azkaban, probably one of the things that kept me from losing my fragile grip on sanity. He was just a substitute till I saw her again. Now...............

I suppose there are worse things I could be doing.


If I smile and donít believe,

Soon I know Iíll wake from this dream.

Donít try to fix me,

Iím not broken.


Iím the lie living for you,

So you can hide.

Donít cry.


How long do they have to poke and prod me like this? It feels like itís been an hour since they started. Iím fine! Iíve just been in Azkaban for three years! Iím just dandy. After all, everythingís fine. Iím fine, sheís fine. She didnít die. Sheís probably just in a coma. Weasley probably just exaggerated like he usually does.

Maybe Iíll ask for a sedative. That way Iíll probably wake up. Yes, thatíll do it. Iíll wake up back at home. Iíll order the houselves to get me a butterbeer and some chocolate frogs and Iíll practice skewering the witch and wizard cards with curses. Thatís what Iíll do. Itíll all be a dream. Voldemort will still be at large, but not around. He wonít have taken over the Ministry, the wizarding world. Azkaban wouldnít be under his thumb. I wouldnít have gone there......

"Well, youíre underfed and your muscles are out of use, but that can be cured easily. Get out in the sun and eat. Youíre a bit pale as well,"

"Iíve always been pale, you git."

"Of course. Sorry. Youíre done now. You can go."


Merlin! Is that my face? I, I look like a skeleton! Why did that prat doctor have to move out of the way of that mirror. Iím so pale, paler than I ever was. And my bones are sticking out. When did this happen? I never noticed this. The mirror must be enchanted. Thatís it. The doctor just wants to get more cash after his patients see themselves worsened because of a really lame mirror. Well, he wonít be getting any money from me. But then again, if that were the case, then why can I feel my bones when I feel my wrist? Why.......

Thereís no point in focusing on outward appearances. Thereís always time for that later.


"Weasley, what do you want?"

"I just wanted to tell you that you have a visitor."

"Weasley, thatís not funny. You know my Motherís dead and hopefully you lot killed my Father. I donít have any other relatives."

"I didnít say it was a relative."

"Whatever. Where is this person?"

"Heís waiting for you outside the hospital."

"Shy is he? Well, alright then."

What a git. Waiting outside for me. What? Is he afraid to be seen with me? Well he should be. Iím not the most pleasant person to be around. I pride myself on..............

Why is he here? Why? Thereís his stupid wild hair and that stupid scar and his stupid face just sitting there waiting for me. Bloody hell! Why is he here?

"I thought we agreed never to see each other again, Potter."

"Hullo to you too, Malfoy."

"Look, Potter, this isnít time for Ďhullosí. Why are you here?"

"Came to talk to you."

"Obviously. Youíre awfully dense for being the savior of the world, Potter."

"Iím not the savi-,"

"Oh, shut up with your whining! What do you want?"

"I wanted to thank you. Voldemort never saw it coming."

"It wasnít my decision."

"Ultimately it was. You didnít have to do it."

"It was the perfect plan. My plan. You didnít have anything to do with it."

"Of course."

"Are you mocking me, Potter?"

"No. Itís true. It was all your idea, as much as you refuse to admit it."

"Now, donít letís get hasty. It was the only thing I could come up with at the time."

"I know, and it was brilliant."

"Donít expect me to thank you for that, Potter."

"I donít."


"Whyíd you do it then?"

"Because. I didnít choose to. It was a matter of having to. I had to do it. Didnít want to, but had to. Potter, I didnít choose to come over to your side. If I didnít, I would have gotten killed for sure. I owe nothing to you guys."

"Right, you owe Dumbledore for showing you the difference between right and wrong."

"Shut up when Iím trying to talk, Potter! I didnít choose this fate. We were at the end of our ropes three years ago. I knew Voldemort was going to make a move on you. Everyone depends on you, not me, so all the more reason to get you out of there. It was only logical: Take polyjuice potion and spread a rumor that the wonderful, famous Harry Potter was leading a force against Azkaban fortress. Only it wasnít the famous Harry Potter. It was the traitor Draco Malfoy, the only survivor of that battle besides Ginny Weasley and Longbottom."

"At least you survived."

"Yes, in Azkaban, while you were in hiding, waiting to surprise Voldemort at the last minute."

"You know, till the end, he believed that I had been in Azkaban. He never saw it coming."

"Iím sure he didnít. Dictators tend to be obnoxiously pigheaded about such things as their downfall."

"We owe our survival to you."

"Please, Potter. Donít say things that you donít mean."

"I do mean it. I wouldnít be, well, alive if you hadnít come up with that plan."

"Damn straight."



"Where are you going now?"

"Who knows? Where is she buried?"

Potter blanched. I honestly think that at one point in time, he had a thing for her. But that could just be my jealous side speaking up. He could have easily. She was a Gryffindor and he had easier access to her than I.

"We made a burial plot in Godricís Hollow. All of us whoíve died in the war are buried there."




"She fought bravely, you know. She told me to tell you that, well, that it was brave, what you did. She knew you didnít have to. She wanted me to thank you for that."

I didnít answer him. I disapparated and as I did I tried to conjure up her voice in my head, tried to make her say those words to me, tried to make her speak from her place among the dead.

Draco, I know you didnít have to do that for Harry. I know how you feel about him, how you, well, rather loathe him. You didnít have to do that and it was brave of you to do it anyway. Thank you. Whether you realize it or not, most likely it will be not, you saved us all. You saved Harry so he could live. Thatís an incredible sacrifice for one that you dislike so much. Thank you, Draco. Thank you for sacrificing yourself so we can live.


Suddenly I know Iím not sleeping.


Iím still here,

All thatís left of yesterday.


So this is it. Itís rather gloomy. Lots of overhanging trees and such. Stupid things, theyíre almost hiding the burial grounds from view. Figures that Potter would have the burial plot be in Godricís Hollow. They say thatís where his parents died. I wouldnít know. I never cared to listen to Potter whine about his parentsí deaths. My parents died long ago and I never whined about it. Bodily they werenít dead, but in soul they were dead to me.

Well, Iíll say one thing for Potter, he certainly picked big walls to enclose the cemetary. Just like a cemetary wall. Itís covered with scary looking moss. Again, probably Potterís contribution. Whatís this? A brass plate on the pillar.

Dedicated to all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their friends and family and those unknown to them: the future.

Nice, I suppose. As much as I donít want to go in there, I will anyway. I have to. Sheís waiting.

Merlin, so many gravestones! So many people I actually knew!

Hannah Abbot, Lavender Brown, Argus Filch, Minerva McGonagall, Parvati Patil, Padma Patil, Dean Thomas, Blaise Zabini, even Cedric Diggory. Potter must have had his body moved here. Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, even Slytherins. So, Iím not the only one who changed colors. Happened after I was gone, most likely. Couldnít face up to me, I suppose.

There it is.

Hullo, love. Glad I found you. Didnít think I would with all these bloody trees and leaves. Stupid really, to put so much greenery around here. Some people might actually want to read the tombstones. Probably Potterís idea. Alright, Iíll stop ripping at Potter, but youíve got to admit, love, he can be a bit of a git sometimes. Sorry I didnít make it back in time to talk to you again. I know I promised. Iím sorry I left in a huff. I didnít mean to argue.

I just didnít want you to make me out to be some sort of hero when I wasnít. I didnít care about Potter. I did it so that the magical world wouldnít fade out. I could care less about Potter. You know I never have. But see, the magical world is all I have. I could never resort to living like a Muggle. Can you imagine me as a Muggle? Donít laugh. I canít. Thereís a lot of people here, love. So many. You wonít be lonely, thatís for sure. Even that old bat McGonagall croaked.

Not much point to my visit. I just wanted to tell you that I made it. I survived Azkaban. Now everyone can chalk me up there with Sirius Black. I survived it, of course, Ginny Weasley and Longbottom did too, but thatís something completely different. I made it. Me, the one everyone thought wouldnít make it. So I suppose I just came to brag. That certainly is lame, but it is me after all.

Iíll probably come see you some other time. Right now, everythingís all mixed up in my head. Iíve just got to let things settle down, I suppose. Give it time, thatís what you always said. Give it time and things will get better. They always do. Thatís right. I remember. Arenít you proud? Iím sure you are.

But anyhow, love, Iím still here. Iím one of the few thatís left. Of course the wonderful threesome made it out alive. Iím sure youíre glad that they did, though I must say I canít feel the same joy. Of course, if any of them had died it would only have given Potter something else to whine about. But truly, love, itís odd. Iím all thatís left of the world before, of the Slytherins anyhow. Iíve still got my old prejudices, my old pride, my old thoughts. I havenít changed.

Iím all thatís left of those days. Potter will change. Weasley will change. Granger will change. But not me. Never me. Iíll never change.




All song credits go to Evanescence, "Hello". I decided to address the issue of the "She" that Draco refers to and speaks to at the end of this story. Basically "she" is whoever. You honestly donít think Draco would tell us, even in his mind? She was a Gryffindor, thatís all heíll reveal. Itís basically up to you, the reader. You fill in the blanks.

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed this story. It was very depressing and sad, yes, but a nice little ficlet to write over an afternoon. I hope I captured a suitable Draco for you all and that I captured all the other characters as accurately as could be portrayed in a ten page story.

Thanks for reading!!


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