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Lost Hero by F4L
Chapter 2 : Nightmares
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--Disclaimer: I own nothing, JKR beat me to it ;) --

Regulus woke suddenly hearing a loud yell from the boys room. He groaned and rolled over, ignoring it. He was having his nightmare again. Every night since the boys first lesson with the Dark Lord, Regulus had been woken by screams and yells of fear. The first few nights Regulus had gone in to him, but now it was so frequent he usually managed to sleep through them.

He tried to go back asleep, but upon hearing more yells, he decided to check on him. Regulus yawned loudly and made his way into the boys room. The boy was shivering under the covers, but Regulus could see a faint layer of sweat lining his brow. He was still asleep as he yelled again. Regulus lay a hand on the boys shoulder and shook him slightly to wake him.

'You're ok,' He reassured automatically, as the boy panted taking short quick breaths. 'Same one?' Regulus asked, standing to find him a fresh t-shirt as the one he wore was drenched in a cold sweat.

The young boy nodded slowly. 'There was more screaming ... and I could hear a woman screaming ... she, wanted to protect someone and then there was a green flash ...' Regulus nodded calmly, and handed him the new t-shirt.

It still amazed him how like James the boy was. His dark, messy hair could never be tamed. The emerald green eyes were his mothers, they had the same warmth in them despite his upbringing under the Dark Lord. Regulus had become his guardian when the Dark Lord decided he wouldn't begin training the boy until he had turned seven. They were a month into lessons and the boy was progressing well.

Regulus didn't know what was being taught and he knew enough not to ask. What the Dark Lord did would stay between him and the boy until the Dark Lord thought otherwise.

Voldemort had risen in power over the last six years, not a day went by without a death. The deaths in Dumbledore's “Order” had lessened, as they no longer knew who was a member. Regulus knew his brother had been a part of it, but he was locked up in Azkaban. It gave Regulus great satisfaction. His stronger, “smarter” brother was locked away while Regulus was free and raising his Godchild.

The Ministry was full of spies for Voldemort and no one knew who to trust. Voldemort had managed to terrify the Minister of Magic and his family into hiding by corrupting the secretary and convincing them to kill the Minister. Regulus had been against this, and now that poor innocent soul was locked in Azkaban for attempted murder.

Regulus had found himself growing more reluctant in his position each day. He raised the Potters boy as his own, knowing that he was a half blood. Why the Lord did not just kill him baffled Regulus. The mass murders had begun to sicken him, this was not how he was raised.

He brushed back the boys messy fringe fondly, and whispered good night leaving the child to his own thoughts. Regulus wondered how long it would be until the truth would be revealed to the boy. He was dreaming about the night of their murder, surely this was a sign of things to come. Regulus rested his head down on his now cool pillow, and tried to forget about it. Sighing softly, he fell back asleep unknowing that the boy would remain awake and scared until light came.


'Regulus I have a job for you.' Regulus bowed his head and stepped forward. The Dark Lord placed a locket into Regulus's hand. Regulus recognised the locket as his families own. 'Your mother was kind enough to leave this with me,' The Lord hissed. 'Inside you will find a piece of parchment and with directions. You will complete the task and return to me. You will leave tomorrow, Kael is 11 now, I believe that is old enough. He shall begin to be raised as my apprentice.' Regulus bowed his head and took a step back.

Voldemort addressed all the Death Eaters once he returned to his seat. 'You may be interested to know that Dumbledore has extended Kael an invite to Hogwarts. The envelope was addressed to Kael Black, not Harry Potter.' A look of triumph crossed the Dark Lord's face as the Death Eaters grinned sadistically behind their masks. 'We will not be accepting it. Kael will be taught what he needs to know by me. He will attend Hogwarts, but not yet,' Voldemort finished coldly.

'Malfoy, you have a son attending this year do you not?' The Dark Lord asked, scanning the room for the blonde hair of Lucius. Lucius stepped forward.

'I do my Lord, his name is Draco.'

'Crabbe, Goyle, are yours attending?' The two Death Eaters on either side of Lucius bowed their heads. 'Very well, this meeting is dismissed. You know what you have to do.'

The Lestranges laughed dryly at this before apparating away with a crack. Regulus knew they had been issued a task that he would not have been able to perform. Families would be lost tonight.


Kael was already in bed when Regulus returned home. He let out a deep sigh and relaxed for a moment before opening the locket. A piece of carefully folded parchment fell onto his lap. Hesitantly he unfolded it, and read the neat writing.

The locket you hold is a Horcrux. My path to immortality is nearly complete and it is up to you to ensure it's success. This is one of many that I have created, Black I have entrusted to you this task. You have done well with Kael and I know you will not let me down.

You will drop this locket into a stone bowl outside where the directions lead you. That is all that is required of you. Should you disobey me you will pay the price, don't underestimate my power Regulus. Succeed here and you will be richly rewarded.

Regulus swallowed thickly. A horcrux? How had he done it? The simple thought of what was entailed scared Regulus. He re-read the letter. “One of many”, how many he wondered.

The directions were on the other side of the sheet, he read through them carefully. Regulus sat back on the couch and lay the parchment aside. The Dark Lord was on his way to immortality, Regulus didn't know whether he could be a part of this.

The sound of yells from upstairs woke Regulus from his thoughts. He shook his head slowly and went over to the mantelpiece where a similar locket sat in a glass case. He reached into the case and lifted out the locket, his brows knitted together as he compared the two. More yells followed, making Regulus shudder slightly.

Regulus was leaving tomorrow morning, he had been told to leave before Kael woke. Reluctantly he stuffed the two lockets into his pocket. There was a decision he must make, a long trip lay ahead. Perhaps he would decide on the way.

Slowly he ascended the stairs and went to comfort Kael, this could be the last time he would see him. Regulus handed him a fresh t-shirt as always, but this time gave him a tight hug. 'I'll be gone in the morning, you are to pack and wait for the Dark Lord. You must obey him Kael,' He said weakly squeezing his shoulder.

Kael looked up at Regulus, his eyes were scared. 'Don't be scared, he won't hurt you.'

'He doesn't know about the dreams,' Kael replied fearfully. 'I never told him.'

Regulus looked down at Kael with disbelief. 'Why not?' Kael didn't answer, but his grip tightened a little on Regulus' robes. Regulus sighed quietly. 'You'll be ok. Trust me.' Regulus stood and patted his shoulder reassuringly before leaving the room. He cast a small glance at Kael before he shut the door , his face fell seeing Kael's lost expression.


'Come now Kael, wand up. Are you ready?' Voldemort asked, holding up his own wand. Kael nodded unsurely, this was his second lesson since his father had left. Regulus had been gone for a week now, Kael had heard nothing from him and he was beginning to worry.

Kael straightened slightly and prepared for the worst as the Dark Lord grinned. 'Crucio!' He stated cruelly, pointing his wand at Kael. Kael felt the familiar, painful sensation rip through his body. He tried not to scream, he had been told in the first lesson that screaming showed weakness. Kael felt a sharp stabbing pain in his lower back and couldn't help but cry out. Instantly the pain went away and Kael was dragged to his feet by the Dark Lord.

'Never make a noise, never!' He instructed coldly. 'It tells the enemy that you are weak! That you cannot fight the pain. Come now Kael, you have to be able to fight, to throw this off.' Kael nodded weakly, and gingerly climbed to his feet.

He once again raised his wand and found himself in immense pain on the stone ground. Kael didn't make a sound, black spots began to dance in front of his eyes as the pain became too much. The room around him grew darker and darker...

'Kael you don't give in to the pain, you fight it. Where's your strength boy!?' Hissed Voldemort when Kael had regained consciousness. Kael nodded wearily, and stood again. Regulus hadn't warned him about this. Kael wasn't prepared. But for the third time he raised his wand and braced himself for the sharp pain.

He shut his eyes tightly but when he felt nothing, opened one slightly. The sight shocked him and he instinctively took a step back. The Dark Lord was on his knees, clutching his throat. 'Get help,' He cried hoarsely as he fell to the floor. Kael winced as Voldemort burst into howls of pain.

Kael approached the Dark Lord carefully, but leaped back when he tried to grab him. Kael rolled up his sleeve and stared at the faint lines on his forearm. He raised his wand and pointed it at the Dark Lord. 'Petrificus totalus!' He cried, hoping it would work. Kael had never performed it on a person before. Voldemort stopped thrashing around on the floor and Kael approached him slowly. He reached down and pulled up the Dark Lord's sleeve, tapping it with his wand.

He saw the mark darken and almost instantly they were surrounded by Death Eaters. Kael felt someone grab him from behind and suddenly found himself being held up against the wall by his throat. He recognised the eyes behind the mask and shuddered involuntarily. It was Rodolphus. One of the Death Eaters undid the Body Bind and all of them jumped back in surprise when he screamed out in pain, still clutching his throat.

One Death Eater stepped forward and muttered some spell and the Dark Lord stopped. He leaped to his feet angrily and approached Kael. 'WHAT DID BLACK SAY TO YOU WHEN HE LEFT!?' He yelled, pointing his wand at Kael's throat.

'Nothing! He said he'd be gone when I woke, that was all!' Kael replied, gasping for air as Rodolphus's grip had tightened. Voldemort's eyes narrowed and Kael's eyes met his. Kael cried out as memories flooded his mind. He clutched his head, trying to stop them from appearing.

The image of his dream appeared suddenly and then he saw his father, Regulus, come in to comfort him . Kael fell roughly to the ground as Rodolphus released him. He felt the Dark Lord watching him closely. He had seen the dream.

'Kill Black,' Ordered Voldemort. 'He has betrayed us all, he must not survive the night.' A few Death Eaters nodded and apparated away. Kael felt sick, and slowly got to his feet.

'You can't kill him! He's my father!' He begged, falling to his knees, to beg or from lack of strength he didn't know. Voldemort glared down at him coldly. 'Please, you can't ... please don't!' Kael gagged as one of the Death Eaters grabbed the back of his robes and dragged him out of the room, but not before Kael saw Voldemort's expression darken.


'You do not beg the Dark Lord,' The Death Eater spat, throwing the boy into his room. 'Your father is scum, he deserves nothing less than death.' Kael recognised the greasy hair protruding from beneath the mask.

'Don't talk about my father like that Snape.' Severus raised an eyebrow.

'I'll talk about your father as I wish Black,' He spat. Kael glared at him but said nothing. Snape curled his upper lip slightly, he was so much like James it was disgusting. He's as outspoken and cocky as his father, thought Severus as he left the room, locking the door behind him.


Kael sat in his room for what felt like hours, he stared into the darkness trying to figure out what he'd do next. He understood that his father had betrayed the Dark Lord, but how? Did he truly deserve the punishment of death? His thoughts swarmed his mind until he fell into a deep sleep.

A young man was yelling in a different room. 'Take him Lily, take Harry!' A cruel, high laugh followed this as a green flash of light illuminated Kael's room. The door was flung open and the same cruel voice could be heard. 'You needn't die mudblood, just give me the boy!'

'No, not Harry'! Cried a young lady, Kael could see her back. He was lying in a crib of some sort. Another green flash followed and Kael heard the light thump of the woman's body hitting the carpeted floor.

'WAKE UP BOY!' Yelled the cruel voice from his dream. Kael woke and saw Voldemort standing above him, glaring down at him angrily. 'What's wrong with you?' He demanded. Kael took a deep breath and shook his head.

'Nothing, I'm fine...' He replied, wiping the sweat from his brow. Kael climbed out of bed and found another clean t-shirt. 'Did my father deserve to die?' He asked when he had returned to bed, he tried to keep his voice calm.

Voldemort looked down at the young boy and nodded slowly. 'Sleep, you will have another lesson tomorrow.'

A/N: I dunno what ye'll think of 'Kael' but I like it =P It's a Celtic name and it means 'Warrior' . I'm very sorry for taking so long with this! I hope you like it.

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