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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 16 : Ginny's Invitation
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A/N: Sorry I have been taking forever to update. I revised one long chapter into three shorter ones. Hope you enjoy them!!

“What ya reading Gin?” Ron asked as he entered the kitchen, his stomach grumbling in agony with hunger.

“It’s a letter from Hermione,” Harry answered for his wife since she seemed to be to absorbed in the letter itself to even noticed Ron had come down for breakfast.

“What’s its say?” Ron asked hopefully.

“I don’t know, Gin has been reading it for twenty minutes now. You know Mione, short letters never were her specialty,” Harry said with a smile.

“Well she is a bit off her rocker if you ask me, running off like she has,” Ron said shoving some toast in his mouth.

“She did not just run off Ron,” Ginny said as she put the letter down and looked at him very seriously.

“Well, she hasn’t been home in weeks and all anyone at work will tell me is she has taken holiday. How much bloody holiday does she have to burn?” He asked with his mouth still full.

“Honestly Ron, no matter how many times mum told you not to talk with your mouth full you still do it,” Ginny said rolling her eyes at him and shooting Harry a playful smile.

“So what did it say?” Harry asked placing his coffee on the table and sitting down next to Ginny.

Ginny took a deep breath then looked to her brother. How the hell was she going to tell him that the love of his life had not only taken holiday but decided to take it at the Malfoy Mansion?

“Ron,” she began but paused to give him a look as to say keep your cool. “Ron, well she is at Malfoy Manner.”

“WHAT!” Ron shouted spewing bits of chewed toast all over the table. Harry had jumped back in his seat to avoid being hit with the flying toast pieces and Ginny jumped to her feet.

“Ron don’t lose your head about this, Draco is not even with her,” Ginny said trying to reason with her brother.


I CAN TELL YOU SHE DID NOT THINK OF GOING THERE ALL ON HER OWN. I KNOW THAT BLOODY BASTARD PUT THIS IDEA IN HER HEAD!” Ron shouted angrily as he paced the kitchen floor throwing his hands up in the air and shooting Ginny reproachful looks.

“Ron she just wanted to get away and he apparently offered her his mansion. He is staying in London and only comes in on the weekends if she wishes him to. And from what she wrote to me she has not yet invited him to keep her company. She really is just using the mansion to get away from all this for awhile,” Ginny tried to argue on her best friend’s behave but she could tell she was on the losing end of the battle.


Ginny looked as if she had been slapped hard in the face and just as fast as his hurtful words had emitet out of his mouth tears quickly swelled in her eyes.

“Now come on mate don’t talk to Ginny like that she did not do anything wrong,” Harry said quickly defending his wife.

“Oh please, she was always so far stuck up Mione’s bum and all just to hang on every word she had to say about you Harry,” Ron said out of anger.

“Ron,” Harry said in a warned tone.

“No Harry,” Ginny cut in. “No let him sulk. You Ronald Weasley are not the brother I remembered and mourned. You have become one arrogant pig of a man.” She argued.

Ron went to speak but she cut him off quickly.

“She mourned for you for five long years. She never so much as looked at another man. She pined away for you and your memory everyday. And yes though I understand why you had to stay in hiding I DO NOT agree with some of the circumstances,” she said angrily and now looked at both her brother and her husband accusingly.

“She lost the love of her life and the child she was carrying. Her parents are still in St. Mungos from when Voldermort’s death eaters tortured them. She fell into one of the darkest place I have ever seen her and I don’t blame her for losing the will to live. And though she may have chose some one none of us would have ever imagined to help bring her back to life I understand now just why she allowed it.” Ginny said her face hot with anger and tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Gin,” Ron tried to apologize but she again refused to let him spit the words out.

“No, save your apologies. You want to know what that letter said. It said she is tremendously hurt and confused and she is actually starting to find some peace so far away from it all. Regardless of where she is at she might be smiling and that is all that matters to me because she is my best friend. You are so blinded by your jealousy and hate for Draco that you can’t stop and step back to look at the whole picture you git,” she stated very honestly.

“She ran off with Draco what don’t I get?” Ron started to squabble again.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake. You know what she invited me to come stay for a week and I think I am going. I could use a break as well!!!” She said and then stormed off out of the kitchen. Harry quickly followed baring a confused look on his face, leaving Ron standing utterly alone in the kitchen.

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Willingly into Wickedness: Ginny's Invitation


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