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Hold On To Me by Fuzzy_Slippers
Chapter 22 : It Was Either A Shark, Or A Really Fat Dolphin
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Me: Ah, the end of another Nikki story. Hold On To Me is officially done, this chapter. And that means that I’ll be rid of Polly! Hmm.....I’m not sure if I’m going to miss that turtle......or if there will be a chorus of angels singing when she leaves......
Polly the Turtle: *Walks into room* There are strange people in your living room.
Me: What?
Polly the Turtle: Strange people. In your living room. And by the way, next time you want to talk about me, try doing it in your head. I heard everything you just said, you know.
Me: *Ignores the slutty turtle and rushes into living room.*
Creepy Lawyer Dude: Hey! I brought Lassie on DVD! Everybody find a space on the couch!
Jamaican Butterfly: I need to pee, Mahn, where’s the batroom?
Crazy French Bunny: Move OVER you stupid lawyer, you’re hogging the right cushion!
Creepy Lawyer Dude: Watch it, bunny, I can sue you in a heartbeat!
Fluffy Koala: Hey, I thought I told you I would bring the movie this time! This isn’t fair, you always make us watch Lassie! I want to watch Ghost!
Creepy Lawyer Dude: Oh jeez, not Ghost again, I am through with Patrick whats-his-name, I already got enough of him in Dirty Dancing.
Fluffy Koala, Polly the Turtle, Crazy French Bunny, and Me: *GASP**Silence falls*
Me: Do not speak ill.......of Dirty Dancing......
Fluffy Koala: It is a beautiful masterpiece.....
Polly the Turtle: It taught me to stop living under my parents crazy rules........
Crazy French Bunny: The music is glorious! And I learned dance moves! Watch, *Does Can-Can.*
Jamaican Butterfly: Yeah, Mahn, where were you when de movie ended and Babay finally did da lift with Johnny?
Creepy Lawyer Dude:..................Okay, Okay, fine I will admit that Dirty Dancing is a masterpiece of a movie!
Me: HA! Vicotry! Now, Crazy French Bunny, do the Can-Can some more!
*Everybody stands up and starts dancing, except for the butterfly, who just flutters energetically, and Polly, who can’t really stand at all.*
Me: I don’t own Harry Potter! Or Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Lassie, Or Patrick whats-his-face! Now, everyone, the Cha-Cha!

A/N: This is the final chapter!! I can’t believe it, the end! The end of the best story I have ever written so far! I’ll miss it dearly, and I hope you will too, but never fear, there will be a sequel.....quatrel......whatever they call it! The fourth in the Nikki “series” if you will! And right now, I’d like to give a HUMONGOUS shout out to all of my wonderful reviewers! And to you readers too! All of you who took the time out of your day and gave my story a chance! And for those of you who reviewed, well, what can I say to you? You made it so much easier to write, made my experience in writing this story so much better! You really did spur me on, you all supported me! And for that, I thank you more then you can know. For if I was not for you all, my faithful and loving reviewers, I would not be where I am today, at the end of another Nikki story.....

And don’t worry, an Emily spin-off of sorts will be out soon! I’m probably going to finish up alone first, and get farther along in TOTH before I post though. I’d rather not have three stories to post on this time around, I got rather swamped.

Thanks again, my reviewers, I love you all!! *MWAH!*

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.


“Nikki!” My eyes snapped open as the shrill voice of Emily cut right through my nap, “Nikki!”

I immediately tried to get up off of the couch so fast I got tangled around the blanket that had been covering me and fell onto the floor. I let out a string of curses and pulled the blanket from around me and stood up just in time to see Emily shooting out of the bathroom as fast as she could go.

“Nikki, what the hell is Harry doing in your bathroom? Taking a shower! I thought it was you!”

I rubbed my eyes and laughed, “What the hell are you doing here? And how didn’t you see me lying on the couch when you passed by?”

Emily sighed. She looked really flustered, and I wondered if she had accidentally caught a glimpse of Harry full frontal or something.

“You were all covered by the blanket. I thought you were Gabby.....”

I rolled my eyes, “So what seems to be the problem? See Harry in all his glory did you?”

Emily blushed scarlet and said, “He thought I was you! And so he opened the curtain a little and........I didn’t mean to look I swear!”

I laughed, “That’s alright Em. I bet Harry was even more embarrassed then you.”

“Which brings me back to the question-why is Harry here, in your shower? Are you two friendly now?”

“Um,” I said, “Actually we’re more then friendly.”

Emily’s eyes widened, “You mean you two are......back together? OmiGod! This is huge! I can’t believe it! We have to tell Eva! No she’s gone......we have to tell........we........there isn’t anyone else who will care, is there?”

I shook my head, “I already told everyone who would show interest. Except for Eva and Chris. And they’re both gone.”

“Well it’s still huge!” Emily exclaimed.

I smiled, “Yes it is. Harry still in the shower?”

Emily blushed and said, “Um, I think so.”

“Well good. Time for me to walk in on him.......”


“What did you do?” Merry asked me, crossing her arms over her chest. I, like the nice, angelic, dutiful daughter I was, had gone to give my mother and father an apology for being absent for the family dinner last night. It hadn’t gone well, and Merry saw it as soon as I walked into her house.

“Well I tried to apologize!” I said, throwing up my arms, “And mom kept grilling me about where I was that was so much more important then being at home. So.......after about ten minutes of it, I told her.”

Merry’s mouth dropped open, “The truth?”

I nodded heavily and groaned, “I told her straight out that I had ran into Harry on a walk and we had went back to my place down to business.” I admitted the last bit shamefully, my cheeks turning pink and a low groan issuing from my throat. I still couldn’t believe I’d done what I had.

Merry closed her eyes and slapped herself on the forehead, “God Nikki! I’m guessing that’s not the worst of it, though, by the look on your face.”

I sighed and continued, “Well after I said that, mum took a minute to get over it, before she started going off on me on how I was so irresponsible and how family meant less to me then one late night fling with my boyfriend.”

“And what did you say........?” Merry asked in obvious fear.

“And I told her that family did mean less to me, but only becuase it was four late night flings with my boyfriend. Not just one.”

Merry gasped, “You said that?”

I nodded, “I don’t just came out! I was so mad that she was all over me for getting back together with Harry instead of coming to that lame ass dinner that I just........turned into an idiot.”

Merry shook her head and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Nikki. You’re hopeless!”

I sighed heavily and sat down on a chair, Merry standing nearby with a expression of exasperation and yet oddly enough curiosity on her face. I studied her for a second and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Merry turned to me, looking slightly embarrassed as she said quite timidly, “So..........four times huh?”

I grinned devilishly and said, “Yeah. And that’s not even our personal best. We were both just really tired that night.”

Merry giggled, “Well, you made a good choice little sis. He’s a great guy.......great looking, great personality......a lot of stamina it sounds’re lucky. I hope you know it.”

I stared her right in the eyes and said, “Oh I know it. And I’m never going to do something stupid like I did again.”

“Good. Because if you did? I would have to snatch him up for myself.”

I glared daggers at her. It was a sore subject for me because I knew that Harry had always though Merry was gorgeous. Which, you know, she was. Tall, curvy, and pretty nonetheless? Ladies of the world breathed a sigh of relief when Merry decided to settle down with of all people, Jackson. A total geek.

“Oh come on, four times? And that’s not even the best he’s done? Jackson can barely go two......that damn asthma of his......” Merry grumbled something.

I wrinkled my nose, “Okay, bad visual. Bad, bad, bad! visual!”

Merry slapped my upside the head and went into the kitchen to get some cheese and crackers.


Eva returned back just a few days before school started again, with a wonderful tan and beads strung in her hair. She seemed happier, and lighter, and less prone to throw things if a certain secret that had been otherwise kept from her for two weeks had been divulged suddenly........

“Nikki! Hey, oh my Lord, I had the best time. You wouldn’t even imagine, me and Chris spent almost all day out on the beaches, and I got these little braid thingies done, and then at night time we would spend hours just....well you know......and then oh, we saw this guy, he did this amazing thing where he made a shark do back flips out of this tank. I don’t know if it was a real shark or just a fat dolphin or something but it was cool nonetheless.”

She went on babbling for what seemed like twenty minutes before she realized Harry was sitting next to me on the couch, with his arm draped around my shoulders, my hand upon his knee. He had been, too, looking politely interested in all Eva had to say, but really waiting to see how long it took her to notice something wasn’t quite the same as it had been when she left.

She stopped dead in her description of the guy who had given her a heart stopping massage which made Chris very jealous, and stared at me and Harry. Harry was looking innocent as could be, but I couldn’t help the grin that was creeping onto my face.

“You uh,” Eva started, pointing to Harry’s arm around me, “Seem to have placed your arm in a weird position there Harry. It’s on Nikki, did you notice that?”

Harry looked at his hand, then back at Eva, mischief glinting in his eyes, “Huh....will you look at that.......”

Eva looked at my hand on his knee and said, “And your hand is..............are you two..........?”

We both nodded at the same time, and Eva’s mouth fell open, her eyes bugging, “Are you kidding?”

We both shook are heads at the same time, and Eva gasped in outrage, “Why didn’t you tell me! You could have called! You could have sent me a letter, I gave you my address didn’t I? My number? Something this big and you never even tell me!”

She took a breath, and I seized my opportunity, “You were on your honeymoon Eva! I didn’t want to disturb you! That was your time, not mine, it wasn’t right for me to steal your thunder by telling you that I got back together with Harry....”

Eva opened and closed her mouth once or twice before sighing and saying, “Oh fine! Fine, but I’m still mad at you for not telling me. But thanks for not “stealing my thunder.” I appreciate it. And I’m so happy, by the way. I just knew you two would work it out sooner or later. This is a bit sooner then I thought but hey, it’s better this way.”

I smiled. And then Harry gave me a little nudge, and I looked over at him. He gave me a meaningful look.

“What?” I asked, hoping beyond hope he did not want me to tell her right at this moment....

“You should tell her now, Nikki,” he said, and I sighed, so much for that. I guess it was better right now.....when she was so happy....but then again, why now? Why not on our deathbeds? That was also a very good place to share secrets! I was planning to tell her that once when she and Chris were on one of their “off” relationship times, me and Chris had made out on our deathbeds. Why not one more thing? What would be the harm?

But Eva had already overheard, and she was curious, “Tell me what? What’s going on?”

I took a deep breath, looked at Harry, then said, “Okay, you might want to sit down for this.....”

Eva obliged, but she looked incredibly suspicious, and slightly nervous, “Okay.......I have something really important to tell you, but you have to promise me you won’t freak out. Do you promise?”

Eva rolled her eyes, “Yes, yes, fine, I promise not to freak out. Now tell me already!”

She was on the edge of her seat, her hands twisted in her lap, a look of anxiousness on her face. She was not sure anymore if I was about to reveal to her something good, or something really bad.

“Okay,” I said, taking a breath, “See the thing is.......the thing is.............okay, this is the thing........”

Eva gave an exasperated sigh, “What is it? What is the thing?!”

“The thing is,” Harry intervened, his voice totally deep and calm and steadying, “I’m a wizard.”


“Well,” I sighed, throwing myself face first onto my bed and mumbling, “That went well.”

Harry, who was right behind me in throwing himself onto my bed-but in a cheery way, because he obviously did think that went well-said, “Yeah, it did.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh please, she hates me for not telling her! She hates me!”

“Oh, she’ll get over it. At least she didn’t start throwing things or start yelling or pass out or threaten to tell the papers or bribe us for cash or come at me with a crucifix or....”

“Yes, yes.” I said grumpily into my pillow, “I get it, it could have been worse. But did you see the look on her face? She looked so betrayed that I hadn’t told her earlier. And thinking back, I should have! I mean, it’s been like nine years! Nine years I’ve known you were a wizard, and for nine years I kept it from my best friend! How horrible am I? I mean, honestly, am I not the single most disgusting person you have ever met?”

Harry chuckled, “Oh, believe me, you’re not.”

I let out a pitiful whimper, and I felt Harry soothingly rubbing my back, “Hey, listen, this was the perfect time to tell her, okay? She wouldn’t have wanted to know when the war was going on, Nikki, it would have scared her to bits.......she was blissfully unaware of everything that was happening and that was best for her. She’s a Muggle, she didn’t need to know until now. And now only because I’m probably going to get caught disapparating one of these days anyways.....and then think of the conversation that would follow that incident.....”

“But,” I said, rolling onto my back and staring up at him, “I’m a Muggle. Does that mean I shouldn’t have known about all of this too? That I shouldn’t have known about you?”

Harry realized what he had said and sighed, “I’m sorry. I forget that you’re a Muggle sometimes. It’s handle all of this so well, you know? Better then most of the witches I know........hey, there’s no doubt in my mind-I do not regret, not for one minute, that you deserved to know when I found out. You were my only friend, practically. You deserved to know. I mean, not that you believed me until I came back from my first you and convinced you but......still...........if any one Muggle had the right to know everything about the war in the wizarding world, it was you.”

I smiled, touched at all he was saying. He really was just the greatest guy in the world......wizarding and Muggle.........

Harry grinned back at me, standing up and stretching, “I just wish I didn’t have to do so much magic to convince her it was for real. I mean, I had to apparate twenty-nine times before she finally started to realize there wasn’t two of me moving at lightening fast super-hero speed.”

“Yeah,” I pointed out, “See that indicates to me that she would have believed you if you had just told her you were a super-hero instead of a wizard.”

“Well it was worth it. But I’m not happy about having to still tell Chris and Emily.”

“Yeah, thinking back we should have just put them in one room and told them together, huh?”

“Probably,” Harry agreed. There was silence between us as we both thought of Eva’s reaction. I still felt horrible about the look she had given me once she finally started to believe that Harry really was a wizard. She looked so crushed. So betrayed.....God, I hated this......and now Emily and Chris too.......I just needed to stop thinking about it, that’s all.......I just needed to just, lie back and relax.

I saw Harry looking around the room for a minute before saying, “Huh. Will you look at that........”

I sat up and looked around curiously. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. A few bookshelves, poufs, clothes and backpacks and book strewn everywhere, a writing desk set against one wall by the closet, Eva’s bed covered in cd’s and magazines, “What?”

Harry shoved his hands in his pocket and grinned mischievously at me, “We’re all alone.”

“Oh,” I caught on and said playfully, “Whatever shall we do? Oh I know, we could play a game of cards!”

I backed up against my headboard as Harry crawled onto my bed, that familiar look of desire in his eyes. Yes, that’s right. Desire. For me. One that I had wished to see again for the last month. The one I saw last night. And the one I saw now.

“Or how about charades? Pictionary?” I teased, pulling down my shirt every time Harry would inch it up, “I know, how about tic-tac-toe!”

“You are an evil, evil woman.” Harry muttered against my neck as he trailed a line of kisses down it, and I couldn’t help thinking it with a big smile.....

That’s right. I was his evil woman.

And it felt really good to be his again.

A/N: The End!!!!! OMG the end of yet ANOTHER Harry/Nikki. And don’t worry, Emily’s story will be next for sure!!! But I’m thinking first I’d like to get Alone least pretty much, so I’ll have one less story to think about you know? Anyways, there WILL be an Emily story, and there WILL be another Nikki story after that, if you all want it! So tell me about it in your review that you leave me! Come on people, leave me one!

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