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From the Mind of Hermione Granger: Sweet Sixteen by TastyandCorn
Chapter 1 : From the Mind of Hermione Granger: Sweet Sixteen
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“Look at her hair,” I heard a pretty Ravenclaw girl, Vivian Lawrence, say as
she passed. Normally I would ignore these comments but lately they were
getting out of hand. It was really starting to annoy me. I mean I may not be the prettiest girl in the whole world but the ones that were couldn’t tell a broomstick from a man’s penis. At least, I had a brain under this bushy hair. And finally it was the last day of school and the Leaving Feast was in a few hours. It’s not like I don’t like school. I adore school. It’s just
that finally I could get away from these stupid bimbos and their perfect
hair and… well… perfect everything. Ron and Harry waved me over to the
Gryffindor table. I sat tiredly next to Harry. Ron had not changed since
they started Hogwarts except for maybe his voice. Besides that he was still tall and lanky and had the red hair that I adored just not on him. Harry was the same. Hadn’t grown an inch, I was almost taller then him. He had bulked up a little from Quidditch but not so much that it was noticeable, unlike the sex gods that were Fred and George Weasley. Their muscles rippled whenever they moved, even if they were holding a fork. Oh and the red hair. I just hoped I wasn’t drooling. But who would notice the know-it-all bushy haired Hermione Granger? Hopefully next year would be a little different. I grinned to myself as a thought struck. Or I could make it different.

Chapter 1

September 1st, the day I had been waiting for this whole summer. I walked through Platform 9 ¾. The stares I received were very pleasing. So I had changed a little over the summer. Ok, a lot over the summer. My hair had finally fallen into the curls that they were meant for. It was not bushy but fell in ringlets around my face. I had developed…err… well. And the turtleneck sweaters, Mary Janes, and flowing skirts that went passed my knees were gone. They were now replaced with a tight black leather mini skirt, stiletto heels, and black corset that pushed up my… uh hum… assets. I heard a catcall. So that’s how that felt. It felt good. I got several offers from guys to carry my trunk. I let Seamus Finnigan help since he didn’t seem to know who I was.

“How was your summer Seamus?” I asked him. He looked at me but not at my face bewildered. Probably wondering how I knew his name since he had failed to tell me it.

“Err… good,” he replied looking at my chest. His words seemed to have failed him. I covered up my chest. This was so fun but I was really getting annoyed when boys didn’t look into my eyes anymore. He looked at my face for once and realization dawned on him. “Hermione?” he asked. \\

“Seamus?” I mocked him. He grinned.

“Wow,” he went on. “You look great!”

“Thank you Seamus,” I said walking towards the train. I started for Harry,
Ron, and my usual compartment. They hadn’t arrived yet. I hadn’t seen them all summer and I missed them dearly. I also missed Fred and George. I missed their cute grins, and their practical jokes. I also missed their handsome faces. Just then, Roger Davies walked into the compartment. I used to like Roger, until I started liking Fred and George. To my luck, Fred and George walked in behind him. I had been dreaming about this day for so long. Fred and George looked at me with confusion, but Roger jumped in with a cheesy pick-up line.

“Did it hurt?” he asked.

“Did what hurt?” I asked skeptically.

“When you fell from heaven,” he said dreamily. I rolled my eyes, but seeing that Fred and George were taking an interest in this, I played along. I dropped my wand, and got out of my seat so that I could pick it up. I bent over to pick it up, and showed off as much as I could of what I had.

“Roger,” I said, imitating the ditzes that I always see on TV. Roger
looked at me skeptically. I flipped my hair back, and that did it. George
stepped in and knocked Roger aside. I swear I am so glad that he didn’t try to swoon me because frankly, I was getting sick of it.

“Hey,” he said, “I’m George.”

“And I’m Fred,” piped in Fred.

“Oh,” I said, “It’s nice of you to remind me of your names. Though I don’t
know why you would think that I have forgotten when Ron always complains about your practical jokes.”

“Oh right,” George said, “I was just playing another joke, ha ha,” he said.
They moved on, still looking a bit skeptical. They would figure it out soon
enough. I was a bit surprised by how long it took for everyone to recognize me. I know I have changed, but the facial features are still there. It is not like I had plastic surgery. Well I knew I could count on Ron and Harry to be themselves, if they ever got here.

As I was waiting, Draco Malfoy, sauntered in probably to torture Harry, Ron, or his favorite target me. I was surprised with what came next. Oh how I hated him.

“Hello,” he said in a seductive voice. “And who might you be?” he asked
taking my hand and kissing it. Quite the charmer, I hurriedly grabbed it
away from him.

“Malfoy what do you think you are doing?!” I screeched and jumped up.

“Granger?!” He sputtered looking horrified. I raised an eyebrow at him. He
sputtered again and started to wipe at his mouth. “Ew, ew, ew,” he muttered hurriedly running from the compartment. I heard laughter from outside and immediately associated it as Harry and Ron’s. They walked into the compartment, and Ron immediately eyed me. Harry stood there, mouth gaping, and stared at me.

“What is the matter, boys?” I said, “First day jitters still gettin to ya?”

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