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Behind Locked Doors by kaoskreator444
Chapter 1 : I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing
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My mother wept in her bedroom each night. Ever since I was five, I heard her crying whenever I crouched near her door and pressed my ear against the wall, but I pretend not to care. I learned how to be immune to emotion when I first realized nobody in the house is to be trusted. I have to stand up for myself. My mother couldn't.

She had loved my dad. Just not me. But my dad never wanted my mom She was mourning for the love she thought was there in her husband's black heart that is considering he had one at all. Her world revolved around pleasing her husband. She wanted him to love her, which was almost impossible considering she married a sick bastard with lots of cash.

And we sat at the dinner table, each night, in our best clothes, talking under our breaths about school, work, and the latest party this friend threw, as if we were the perfect little family. Maybe we were in a twisted, crooked way.

My dad wanted to get rid of my mom. I knew he did. He just couldn't bring himself to.

But I don't like to be my father's crony to destroy my mother. Granted she never did care for her only child. A hand on a feverish forehead, a game of tickling before I went to bed-these were simply deprived from me. She was too busy attending parties and going out shopping to notice me. My earliest memory was watching her slip into her best clothes and patting my head when I asked her to read me a story first before she left. She said she had something important to do, though. She couldn't be bothered by asking to read some gibberish about princes that slew dragons. I stopped watching her get ready for parties after that. It only depressed me. I felt she was leaving me.

But it was my mom that knew the best way to do away with me: send me halfway across the country to an old magical boarding school. My dad protested: of course. But I was glad for once in my entire life that my mom won this argument. I spent my birthday on a train to my new boarding school. There was no cake. No presents. But it was the best gift ever to be away from my dad. I didn't like him much.

So there I am. My bags on my feet as I stand in my comfortable loose clothes, eyeing the large expanse of land stretching behind an even larger six-storey brick building. The letters on the door said it clearly: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, accompanied by something in Latin written below.

I walk into the building where I'm supposed to be staying in. I like it already. Of course, any place away from my family is home to me.

My bags are really heavy; I'm a tiny girl so I have trouble lugging all my things behind me. I make it to the second floor though in about ten minutes, and by then I'm panting and heaving, breathless as I try, helplessly, to find the room I'm supposed to be staying in whilst people getting in my way and eyeing me weirdly.

"Hey, you're new here?" I stop staring at the bustling of upperclassmen in the hallway and turn around, slightly, the grip I have on my bags loosening. "Hi. I'm Harry." The guy smiles and has the greenest eyes I've ever seen. He seems nice. He strolls over to me and thrusts out his hand.

"Hi." I say, smiling politely. "I'm Jordan." He nods in acknowledgement as we shake cordially. "So, I'm guessing you're new here then, huh?"

I shrug. "Yeah, I guess I am,"

"What house are you in?" He asks me, peering into the piece of paper in my hands. I hand it to him, lest he moves too close and I become too nauseated by the proximity. "Oh, Slytherin." He looks at me in surprise and maybe a little judgment. I donít blame him. I researched the houses before I came and Slytherin did seem to be the weirdest. Cranked out more dark wizards than all the rest. Iím not exactly sure why I got sorted into that house but maybe it had something to do with my dadís evilness seeping through into me. "C'mon, Jordan, I'll show you to your common room."

I look around the halls. People are everywhere in the halls. Everyone seems really happy, talking and laughing as if thereís nothing wrong in the world. Some take the time to notice me, some just brush me off rudely.

"Hey, Jordan?" Harry snaps around. "You okay?"

I blink, shrugging my thoughts off. "Yeah, sorry, I just zoned out for a minute." I smile stiffly, blushing, before I follow after him.

He leads me through a maze of corridors before finally rounding into a corner and stopping in front of a dungeon door ďwell this is it. Slytherin house.Ē

I can smell cigarette smoke before I even get into the room. I cough a little before Harry rolls his eyes, although not at me. "What a jerk." He murmurs, shaking his head as the smoke lifts a little and I'm able to breathe more properly. "They know smoking isn't allowed on school grounds."

"It isn't?" I ask as I shift my bad, waiting til he walks away so I can head on into the room.

"So are gambling, pornographic material, knives, cutters and non-prescription drugs." He informs me as I look around.

"How'd you know all this?"

He looks at me sheepishly, shrugging. "My best friendís memorized the rule book." He tells me proudly.

"Oh. That's nice." I smile. He laughs. I laugh lightly but I don't say anything. He talks for me. He's rambling but I tune him out.

"Do you need help?" Harry asks me. "With your stuff, I mean? I can help you unpack if you like." Harry is really nice, you know. The type of person who you can trust to be a loyal friend to you until you die, but right now I don't feel in the mood to indulge him just yet. I don't know. I guess I'm just tired.

"No, it's all right." I tell him. "I can do it on my own. But thanks anyway." He shrugs.
"Okay, whatever you say." He grins before he leaves.

I walk through the common room while everyone stares at me. Finally, I ask some pug nosed girl where my room is. She points up to the room at the top of the stairs and I head away from their prying eyes. The room is big, there's a bathroom I probably have to share with another person. My side of the room looked desolate and empty. A small desk, a lamp and an empty bed with white sheets. I plan to fill it with as much crap as my roommate's. Just so we can be even. I sigh and flop down my bed. It's lumpy and hurts my back a little.
The best part of the whole room was the little balcony. The common room was in the dungeons but the dormitories were up the stairs and since I was a seventh year that meant that my room was the highest up. So it had this little balcony off the back. I walked out onto it and stared. To the left of me there was another balcony. There was some blonde haired boy out there with his back to me smoking. Wonderful, so he was the cause of the smokey smell in the common room.

I amble back to my side and unpack my things. I fold my clothes neatly and tuck it away into my tiny closet. I have other possessions I'd brought with me too: several books I love. I also smuggled in some chocolate: some chocolate frogs just in case the food wasn't edible and made me gag, and Bertie Botts too.

I figure it must be about dinner time so I walk out into the common room, hopefully I can follow some people down to the dinner hall because I totally donít remember how to get back there. To my disappointment, the room is empty which means that everyone must have already gone down.
Just as Iím about to head back towards my room, the door hinges creak and a guy strolls inside. I whirl around abruptly, my eyes wide because I'm not expecting this: this guy has light blonde, almost white hair, and un-nerving pale eyes, mirroring my surprise. He looks a lot bigger than me. Whereas I'm almost paper-thin and pale, his arms are a bit muscled and he has a broad chest. His hand doesn't leave the doorknob, halfway-shutting it as his eyes sweep along my body.

He notices me staring but I don't look away. I'm not one to be intimidated easily. "Hi." I tell him, just to be polite. His shock shifts rapidly into amusement, as he cracks me a crooked smirk. He nods. "Yeah. Hey. What are you doing here?"

I shake my head. "Iím new here. I guess I missed dinner."

I walk over to where he stands and bring my hand out to him. "I'm Jordan McKaye. I'll be your House mate for the whole school year." He eyes my hand and takes it, his fingers warm and large, a contrast to mine. "Nice to meet you, McKaye." He grins slyly. I don't like it when people refer to you with your last name. It's so flipping annoying.

"Malfoy." He tells me as he takes his hand and throws himself down in an armchair by the fire. I resist the urge to roll my eyes lest we start on the wrong foot which we probably already have. "Yeah, you definitely missed dinner. You might be able to catch some if you go down now.Ē

I narrow my eyes at him when I think he's looking away. I grab a book from my bag and sit on a chair. I take out my reading glasses. These make me look like a complete moron by I guess I have no qualms about sporting the look anymore: I already am one.

Mr. Malfoy doesn't say anything for a little while and I'm so absorbed in the story I'm reading that I literally jump out of my skin when I feel his hot breath hovering at the back of my neck.

"Geez!" I gasp as I glare at him, and he smirks in return as I start rubbing furiously at the back of my neck where he'd breathed down on me. "What are you doing?" I ask, annoyed. He doesn't answer me, just plucks the book from my hands and studies its contents. As if his brain can handle the plot anyway.

"So you like reading huh?" He asks, why would I be reading if I didnít like it? Is he too blind to see that? "I never get the point of reading. I mean, the girl always end up with the guy, they live happily ever after. All other books are just different versions of the clichť anyway. They just have different titles."

"Not all stories have a happy ending," I say as I grab the book from him. "They all have different genres. It's not all about love all the time. Books come in a variety, Malfoy, and maybe you'd know that if you actually read something."

He doesn't say anything for awhile. He probably thinks I'm a bitch. Well, I don't care much for what he thinks about me anyway.

"I like your glasses." He tells me. "And your eyes.." He smiles hugely, before sliding off the chair and walking to the window. I swallow and train my eyes back on the book.
I look down to the book on my lap and sigh, flipping back to the page I'd stopped at, which also happened to be the exact moment that this Malfoy guy turns on the radio, that I hadnít noticed was on the other side of the room, on full blast. I cringe and glare at him, but his eyes are shut leisurely as screams wail into the room coming from the stereo. His head nods at the beat and his mouth is parted as he murmurs to what he thinks is music but is contrary to me.

I sigh and just settle back into the chair, dragging my eyes away from him and pulling out the pack of skittles, popping three red pieces into my mouth. I would just go back up to my room and enjoying some peace and quiet, but that would be letting him win.

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