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Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch by jasonmanj
Chapter 3 : Explanations and Confusion
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Chapter 3 - Explanations and Confusion

"HARRY!" Ginny shrieked.

"Where did you come from?" She said as she rolled off the couch turning a vivid shade of red, almost as deep as her hair.

"Wow, that colour makes her look so cute." Thought Harry as he looked at her, mesmerised. But his gaze was broken by another scream.

This one came from Mrs. Weasley. "Harry! You are supposed to be at your house it is not safe to leave the Dursleys. How did you get here? Are you all right?"

Suddenly with a loud 'POP' Dumbledore appeared in the middle of the room. "Molly, the wards at Privet Drive had to be broken. So Harry had to be brought here. It was I who port keyed him here."

"The ward had to be broken, but you said it was ancient magic, was there an attack?” Asked the motherly Mrs Weasley in a hysterical tone.

"Calm down Molly, please. I am afraid the situation is quite complicated and I think I would much rather answer everyone’s questions at the same time. Please wait, I will return in about 10 minutes and then provide everyone with as much explanation I can give. Harry, I know you too have a lot of questions, but I believe it is best we discuss what happened after I return." Said Dumbledore.

Dumbledore true to his promise returned in exactly ten minutes but he did not return alone. He came back with almost the entire Order of the Phoenix.

" I am sorry to have to gather you all here at such short notice. But I am afraid the situation calls for it.", Announced Dumbledore.

"What happened? We monitored a large magical surge at Potter's Residence. We went to investigate and found that he had disappeared by using a port key. Minister Fudge was not happy." Said Kinsley Shacklebolt.

"Well, I must take responsibility for what happened. All of you know from the report I sent, what happened at Indus?", asked Dumbledore.

"Well today Enemar got past all my defences and not only managed to enter Harry's house today but also attacked him with a form of wandless magic I have never seen before. I had put some special monitors this summer at Privet Drive, I felt Harry being attacked, fearing that his life was in Danger I transported to his bedroom and in the process had to bring down the ward temporarily. That is why I created a port key and brought Harry here"

"It was you!" Exclaimed Arthur Weasley. "But that means you apparated from Asia to Surrey and through an ancient magic barrier. No wonder the monitor showed that enormous surge. Even our 'beloved' minister had been worried."

"You say Enemar attacked Harry, does this mean he is working for Voldemort?" asked Remus Lupin.

"I don't know but from what he said he just wanted to talk to Harry. He was bizarrely courteous. He also said we have common interests." Said the Headmaster.

"Professor Dumbledore", said Harry in an impatient tone, "who is Enemar?"

" I guess [Again Dumbledore wouldn’t day I guess, it is very American. He would say I suppose or I believe] now is the time to fill you in on what we know. Enemar is a person who is a total enigma to us. So is this place called Indus.

I knew of a monastery on western border of the south Asian country India.

It is not known to be a place of any interest to anyone in the wizarding world. But a week ago Voldemort appeared near Indus. His movements were traced by the members of the Order. He had some interest in the monastery. What was it, I do not know. He sent some Death Eaters to the monastery but that day a separate attack took place there."

"This person Enemar, is a very powerful man. He uses an unknown type of magic. He was a resident of the Indus monastery. However, the day the envoy of Death Eaters tried to enter the monastery, Enemar attacked the head of the Indus, Aradha and killed him. He used the killing curse on him, that we could detect but the strange thing is he did not possess a wand. I got account of this attack from one of Enemar's old friends called Reet."

"However there were several things still very unclear. I wanted to know what Voldemort was doing there. We know he had tried to gain entrance to Indus without trying to use any force. Also Reet refused to tell me what the monastery was for, though he clarified my doubt that this Enemar was never a member of any wizarding community. Reet himself was a mysterious character as if he wanted to guard some facts but he openly expressed his anger at Enemar for killing Aradha who was sort of their Master. Reet, however , does not seem to possess any powers that Enemar did although I have a feeling that that might not have been the case with Aradha."

"So basically we know nothing about who Enemar is or what he is capable of doing? " Asked Ginny Weasley.

“Ginny!” shrieked Mrs.Weasley.

"That is not accurate Miss Weasley. We know that some of his abilities are to interfere with peoples mind. He can read thoughts. He is also capable of performing the most powerful curse known to a wizard. And lastly he killed someone in cold blood." Replied Dumbledore.

"We also know that he is capable of combating ancient magic in manners even Voldemort is unable to do. I do not know if he is an ally of Voldemort but the present scenario does seem to indicate that."

Suddenly his facial expression changed and Harry realized the reason too. Again the rumbling sound could be heard as if something massive was approaching.

"We are not safe here", said Dumbledore in an alarmed tone. "We must get to the headquarters immediately."

In a flash the fire in the living room was set up. The Aurors were the first to leave then followed by the Weasley family. Dumbledore asked Harry to go in next, worriedly looking over his shoulders as the rumbling sound increased.

Harry entered the fire and shouted. "Number 12 Grimmauld Place".

When the spinning stopped he found himself in a strange and totally unknown place but face to face with a not so unknown figure. Sitting in front of him in a chair smiling contently was the man who called himself Enemar.

"Mr Potter, how nice of you to drop by," the hazel eyed man said, "you must hate the floo network. Isn't it very unreliable? "

"Where am I? Where is everybody else? If you did anything to them I will.." shouted Harry reaching for his wand only to realize his pocket was empty.

"Relax, Mr Potter, you are an underage wizard. We do not want you using this to get ourselves into anymore trouble do we?" said Enemar as he raised a wand that Harry could clearly identify as his own.

"You will hear me out Mr Potter. It is in both our interests if we cooperate."

"Never!" Spat Harry. "I will never work with you or any one who allies with the Dark side. You are a cold blooded killer."

"I realised what explanation Professor Dumbledore might have given you, but like I told you Dumbledore does not know everything." said Enemar in a calm voice. "When it comes to me he actually knows nothing. I know you will not believe my word over his. I do not blame you for that but I must do what is necessary."

Enemar raised Harry's wand, pointed it to Harry's chest and yelled in a booming voice


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