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Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch by jasonmanj
Chapter 2 : Enemar
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Chapter 2 - Enemar

Harry blinked several times to let the situation settle in his mind. A wizard had appeared in front of his house then disappeared. The first thing that came to mind was that he had to contact somebody for help. He picked up his quill and started on a parchment when all of a sudden the parchment exploded in flames.

"I am afraid you can not contact anyone right now Mr. Potter. I see it will be difficult in gaining your trust that is why I came prepared.." a voice spoke from behind Harry. He turned around to see the same man seated on a chair right next to his bed.

This man was only five to six years older than Harry. He was about six feet tall he had a thin frame but was still muscular. But what was most remarkable about him was his eyes. His hazel brown eyes shone in a manner Harry had never seen before. However, this man did not seem very hostile neither did he wear the characteristic outfit of a Death Eater. He wore a green maroon robe.

"Well definitely a Slytherin." Harry thought.

"No, actually I never went to Hogwarts."

"How??!" Harry exclaimed, "Did I say that out aloud?"

"Negative again. You should be able to guess that I have quite a good access to your mind and thoughts. You, my young hero, are very inept in Occulomency.”

"Stay away from me." Harry snapped, "I know your tricks Voldemort, you think you can play with my mind by taking another shape and trick me again." Sneered Harry wand raised.

"My, your potion's master was correct .” The unknown wizard said in a sarcastic tone "You are quick to jump the gun. But I am not the Dark Lord. If I were you would have had felt it in that infamous scar of yours. But I must admit I have been rather rude. Let me introduce myself. I am Enemar."

"I don't know you. I have never heard of you .” Said Harry.

"Of course you have not. I am not the Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore. I am by no means famous or even infamous. You might say I am even less known that Stan Shunpike.” Said Enemar.

"Well if truth be told. I am not known at all in the wizarding world. Neither was I that famous in the Muggle world. But wherever I was, I was happy before that imbecile they call Lord tried to do something that .."

"Lord, you mean Voldemort?"Harry asked.

"Yes Voldemort. No I am not scared to say his name. Mainly because I did not grow up scared of him. I did not even know he existed till my early ages. And then I did not find anything to be scared of a man who lost to an infant."

"You obviously have not met him." Harry said.
"Mr. Potter don't you read the papers?" Asked Enemar.

"Yes I do, why?"

"Well, check those glasses of yours. How could you have missed the only bit of news that should have had interested you the most this summer."

Harry thought for a moment and then it came to him,
"You are Asian, I can make out from your skin colour, does this have something to do with the Death Eater attack at the monastery?"

"A million points to Gryffindor!” Exclaimed the man, "oh! Sorry I am not a teacher." He lightly laughed.

"But your guess is correct Mr. Potter. I am what you can call a sort of monk. My old home was the Indus Monastery, but I see you still are a bit far from the truth. There was no Death Eater attack at Indus. Only one man attacked it and almost succeeded in levelling it to ground. That man was me."

"You? That means you killed that man in the paper. You ARE a Death Eater!” Shouted Harry.

Suddenly Harry was lifted off his chair, raised about a foot in the air and dropped by what seemed an invisible hand. The man's facial had radically changed to that of fury.

"You stupid boy. How dare you associate me with those scum."

Then his facial expression changed. He looked very disturbed.

"See what you made me do. I was so hoping this would be a one to one chat."

There was a rumbling noise like that of a chariot approaching and then a whirlwind appeared inside the room. Harry covered his eyes to protect his face against the wind. When he opened his eyes he saw Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts standing in the middle of the room.

"Who are you? How did you come here and how dare you attack my student?" Dumbledore said in voice which Harry had never heard before. His seemed to tower over the other man who although seems to be a bit distressed did not however seem scared.

"Albus Dumbledore, you certainly know how to make an entrance. I am sorry to have dragged you from Indus although now that you are here I must tell you, you were wasting your time there. I do not think I have left anything there worth investigating."

Harry noticed Dumbledore's eyes becoming wide with comprehension.

"So you are the infamous Enemar".

"At your service", bowed the young man to aged wizard, "although I must warn you Reet greatly exaggerates about me."

"From what I saw at Indus, I don't think he was exaggerating." Said Dumbledore. "But whoever you are I would still appreciate if you gave answer to my earlier questions."

"Headmaster Dumbledore, firstly I must apologise for dragging you over here from Asia, judging by the magical drain of your entrance it must have required considerable effort even from you. Secondly I would also like to apologise to Mr. Potter for losing my temper. The word Death Eater brings out the one of my worst personas. Sir, I would request you to sit down, I have already told young Harry here that I do not pose him any threat or harm. What can I do? You two are armed with wands. I am without a weapon."

Harry noticed that he truly was barehanded. He wondered then how he managed to lift him of his feet without so much as moving a muscle.

"I have developed quite a good idea about your weapons Mr. Enemar." Said Dumbledore "I have spent the past eight hours listening to your exploits from Reet."

"As I have told you Reet tends to exaggerate." Said Enemar "Please give me a chance. You know we have common interests."

"I do not have any interests that are common to a murderer said Dumbledore.

Again the ground began to rumble,

"Professor Albus Dumbledore I know the result of confrontation amongst us. I am not scared to die. But I do not believe in guts before glory. If you think this war is only yours you are mistaken. When I took the decision to attack my own home this war became mine as well. Do not forget I did not want this to happen. I will not confront you here as I know fully of your might but I will ask you to keep a reign over your words." Said Enemar.

Never since his introduction to wizarding world had Harry seen anyone speak with such confidence and authority to Dumbledore.

But then the man's expressions softened and he said, "I am sorry. Perhaps this was a mistake. I will leave but listen clearly Harry. Dumbledore does not know everything, somewhere our paths will cross again I just hope it is soon enough for the good of all."

With that the man disappeared as, he was never there.

"Professor Dumbledore, s-sir, what just happened? This man Enemar spoke inside my head and then appeared in my room. Who is he and what is this Indus deal?"

"Harry, I am afraid explanations will have to wait. I am sending you to the Weasleys for the rest of the summer.” Said Dumbledore, his facial expression calm yet his eyes did not have their usual twinkle.

"I felt you being attacked here and broke through all protective wards to get here as quickly as I could, he ministry will not like this. But the protective wards will be setup soon. I have however set up similar wards at the Burrow just in case this happened. Please pack your belongings and follow me downstairs."

"But, sir" asked Harry, "if you had to break the wards to get in the how did Enemar get through without damaging them."

"To be honest Harry I don't know." Said Dumbledore. " The wards that I speak of are made up of ancient magic. Not even Lord Voldemort can take them down without considerable injuries. I do have a theory though but I will tell you once we reach the Burrow."

"Injuries!!",asked Harry alarmed, "Professor are you hurt??"

"No Harry." chuckled the Headmaster. "Since I set up the wards and feared such an extreme event might take place I had created opportunities to come through the wards unharmed, as you can see I am perfectly fine. Now please come along."

Harry having packed his belongings in the meantime went down with Dumbledore. Downstairs they were met with a loud shriek from Aunt Petunia.

"No need to be alarmed Petunia", said Dumbledore in a calm voice, "I am afraid Harry will have to leave with me, sorry he could not spend more time with you this summer."

Harry could not help but laugh at this comment. Dumbledore took out his wand and with a swish created a created a portkey out of an empty can of coke that Dudley had left on the table.

Harry took the can and felt the tug behind his navel. He landed on pretty soft ground but was met with a furious feminine scream.

He adjusted his glasses to realize that he had arrived at the Burrow and had just landed on top of Ginny Weasley.

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