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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: All Time Low
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TND (The New DragonGirl) DREW THAT! WEll she drew something even awesomer but i had to edit it down to that.

Chapter 6: All Time Low

“Draco? Draco as in your…your..” Hermione could not make herself say it, he didn’t deserve to be her father. Ron did. Period. The end.

“Uh-huh,” Erin nodded and Hermione held the little girl tighter. She looked up at Ron who was stroking Erin’s curly blond hair.

“Are you sure?” Ron asked in a soft voice.

“Uh-huh, he…he…looked at me and..and I saw his…his face,” Erin said trying not to cry but not succeeding, she broke into tears again.

‘What should we do?’ Hermione mouthed to Ron over Erin’s head. Ron shrugged and shook his head.

“Let’s just finish packing…quickly.” Hermione said and carried Erin back to Ron’s and her room.


At fifteen till three, everyone at the Weasley house was packed. Hermione had finished packing for Erin, who had to be within five feet of Hermione or Ron at all times.

“Er… Erin?” Ron said uncertainly to the little girl at his side.


“Well… I sort of have to… fulfill my calling.” Ron said shifting uncomfortably.

“Huh?” Erin asked raising an eyebrow, looking so cute that Ron had to smile.

“I have to go to the bathroom.,” Ron told her.

“Oh, okay. Where’s Mommy?”

“Er… I think she is in our room finishing off the last suitcase.”

“Okay, but will you watch me until I get into the room?” She asked worriedly.

“Sure…ready…go!” Ron said smiling and Erin took off down the hall and into the bedroom.

“Mommy?” she called when she was in the room.

“Oh, that’s me. Yes, Erin?” Hermione called from the master bathroom packing the toiletries.

“Daddy had to fulfill his calling so I came in here.”

“He had to what?” Hermione asked confused. Erin looked around and then whispered, “Go to the bafroom.” Hermione was about to burst into laughter when she heard a knock on the window that stopped her short. She peaked her head out of the bathroom and looked at her bedroom window. There sat a fierce-looking eagle-owl knocking on the window, as if he were trying to break it open.

“Ron!” Hermione called suddenly making Erin jump. Ron walked into the bedroom buckling his belt.

“What is--- Bloody hell!” Ron said when he saw the window. Hermione would have yelled at him if she hadn’t been so scared. Ron walked over to the window and, with shaking fingers, opened it. The owl marched in, flew around the room, dropped the letter on the bed and flew back out of the window. Hermione cautiously walked to the bed and picked up the letter.

“Wait, let me.” Ron said. He took the letter from Hermione and opened it. His face went pale and he looked grimly over the top of the note at Hermione.

“He’s got Jami.” A scream sounded from the bathroom and Erin ran into the room tears falling behind her. She grabbed Ron’s pant leg and shook it. “NO!! Bring her back!!! Now!! Daddy!! Go get her, now!! I’ll go to him!! Not Jami! No, no not Jami!” she yelled. Hermione pried the resisting girl from Ron.

“Let me go!!! Let me go!! I have to get Jami!! Let me go!!” She yelled trying to break free of Hermione’s tight hold.

“Erin, listen.” Hermione said tears running silently down her face.

“NO! Get Jami!” Erin yelled back at her.

“Erin, we can’t. We have to go see Harry and Ginny.” Ron said without any emotion, he was in shock. Erin calmed down and let Hermione pass her to Ron.

“You’re right, come on.” Hermione said. Ron nodded, dropped the note and was gone with a crack. Hermione picked up the note and read:

I’ve got the red headed half-blood, surrender now or she dies.

Hermione threw the note down and apparated to Harry and Ginny’s house.


“Harry hurry up we will be late! I still don’t get why we have to take the blasted muggle thing.” Ginny yelled from the driveway as she finished buckling Jami into her car seat.

“Ginny, I can’t figure out this stupid doorknob!” Harry complained about the security measures they had taken when Jami was born. Ginny sighed and after checking that Jami was buckled in, hurried over to help Harry with the door.

“Look, it’s easy you just---"

Stupify!” came two voices from behind Harry and Ginny who froze on the spot.

“That was easier than I expected, now grab the demonic child and lets go.” A pale man with white blonde hair ordered a chubby man. The chubby man hustled over to the car and made to unbuckle Jami.

“NO!” Jami protested and bit the man’s fingers as hard as she could.

“Bloody child! Stupify!” Goyle said and finished unbuckling and grabbed Jami.

“Come on, let’s go.” Malfoy told Goyle when he finished tying, gagging and throwing Ginny and Harry behind their bushes and snapped their wands. The two men and Jami were gone with a faint crack.


“Harry?! Gin?!” Hermione called when she apparated in front of their house. Ron and Erin were calling the same thing as Ron tried to get into the house.

“Found them!” Erin cried. Hermione and Ron ran over to the bushes to find Harry and Ginny cuddled close together, tied up, their faces tear-stained. Ron set to untying his sister and Hermione, Harry.

“Is she gone? They took her didn’t they!” Ginny sobbed onto Ron when she was free.

“Shhh..” Ron said stroking his sister’s hair. Hermione finally freed Harry and Ginny ran to him. They stood there, behind their bushes crying over their missing daughter. Hermione watched her heart breaking for her friends.

“Stop! Stop crying!” Erin yelled suddenly tears falling down her own cheeks, “It’s all my fault. Tell him that I’ll go back if they give Jami back!” Harry and Ginny turned and looked at the little girl. Ginny walked over and picked Erin up.

“It’s not your fault, honey.” She choked looking Erin in the eyes.

“Yes it is!”

“Erin, no, it’s not. It’s Malfoy’s. What we have to do is go straight to the Ministry.” Ron said.

“Ron’s right.” Harry said weakly.

“What are you waiting for then, let’s go!” Erin ordered.

A/N: I updated! GO ME!! Okay, okay I know I am a bit evil but….please still review!

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Erin: Chapter 6: All Time Low


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