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Not A REAL Malfoy! by megs
Chapter 1 : Home Sweet Home
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A/N: This was written on behalf of Luna's sibling challenge! Hope you all enjoy, and please R/R!

Not A Real Malfoy!

Chapter 1:

Christmas was Luna’s favourite time of the year. Who could resist the joy, not even the Slytherns! Nobody seemed sad or mean. Everyone was happy with festive feelings.

The year before Luna had stayed at Hogwarts but her father (the editor of The Quibbler) was very sick and Luna was tempted to spend as much time with him as possible.

Her original holiday plans were to spend Christmas with her boyfriend’s family. She’d been going out with Ronald Weasley for six months. At first she’d been hesitant, she though her love was a bad omen.

She had seen what they really felt for one another during the summer holidays. Professor MacGonagall had asked her to come along to the Weasley’s home.


“Hello Mr. Weasley.” Said Professor MacGonagall as the door swung open.

“Hello Minerva! What a lovely surprise.” He said stepping aside so they could walk in.

Luna looked around, eyebrows raised in surprise. The house was full of… everything. She took out a small purple flower and crushed it in her hand. She rubbed the oozing liquid over her bare skin and sighed in content.

“Ms. Lovegood, what did you just do?” asked Professor MacGonagall with her face tightened in concern.

“Sorry Professor. My father gave me a new flower. He said it keeps dust off our skin and there’s bound to be dust around here” said Luna smiling.

Professor MacGonagall sighed and shook her head. “Why don’t you go find Ron?”

Luna smiled and walked up the stairs. Her earring swung by her shoulders heavily as she stood in front of a door. IT said Ron on it, obviously it had once said Ronald but someone had tried to paint over it. They’d done a poor job too, the lightwood was still distinctly clear under the paint.

She tapped on the door and opened it just as Ron was getting off his bed. She wasn’t embarrassed but he obviously was. He was bare chested and in his boxers.

“Hello Ronald!” she exclaimed, shutting the squeaky door behind her.

“Luna!” he yelled pulling a blanket around him.


He just smiled and tried to laugh awkwardly. “I’m going to get changed. I’ll be back in a few minutes, make yourself at home.”

Luna nodded as he brushed past her and out the door.

She looked around the room, her hands twiddling with the many gold chains around her neck.

She sat down in a chair, wincing as it squeaked. She looked around, taking in everything from the orange walls to the tall mirror in the corner.

Ron opened the door and Luna jumped up from the chair. Why was she so nervous?

“Nice earrings.” Said Ron throwing a towel in the clothes hamper.

“Thank you.” She said playing with the pumpkin seeds that hung from her earrings.

She wiggled her toes nervously.


That had been six months ago. The first time she realized that she liked Ronald.

It had been at Fleurs wedding that he finally made a move. He’d been so nervous that Luna had to conceal her laughter by pretending to drink a lot.


The beautiful bride was everything they expected her to be. She had looked beautiful in her white gown.

Luna was now seated at the table. She was in the Weasley’s back yard; the green grass was long (but not too long), as it smelt of freshly picked flowers.

The wedding party hadn’t yet arrived as Luna sipped her drink casually. The punch was tangy and yet sweet, confusing her taste buds.

She stood to refill her glass. The yellow sundress was very plain. It was a halter-top and went to her knees. It showed off her shoulders and her blonde hair was piled on her head in a loose bun. Wisps of her golden hair were falling though and she ignored it. She tucked them behind her earrings. She’d worn a hand made pair of white radishes.

The wedding party came around the corner. Mrs. Weasley leading the way.

“Luna my dear!” she exclaimed running over and pulling her into the motherly hug. Luna sighed, it wasn’t often she got motherly hugs.

“Mrs. Weasley, it was a beautiful service, reminded me of the beautiful Rainbury.” Said Luna smiling.

“What dear?” asked Mrs. Weasley holding her at arms length.

“Rainbury’s! They were in the last edition of the quibbler.”

“I must have missed it!” said Mrs. Weasley. “Ginny, Hermione and the boys are over by the gifts if you’d like to see them.”

“Yes I would. Thank you Mrs. Weasley.” Said Luna escaping from her grip and going to the other’s table.

Ron was sitting down with his feet up on the white tablecloth. His suit was undone and the jacket was gone. His arms dangled by his side, with an empty cup in his hand. Luna giggled,

“You know; it’s not good to fall asleep sitting up.” She exclaimed.

The shocked expression on Ron’s face was priceless. His glass went flying and as he put his feet down he pulled the tablecloth with him. He looked at Luna and smiled weakly.


“Hello Ronald.” She replied warmly.

“So… um… ya… did you like the wedding?” he asked twiddling his thumbs.”

“It was magnificent.” She replied dreamily as Harry, Hermione and Ginny sat down.

“Hey Luna.: said Ginny as she sat down. Harry winked and smiled and Hermione just nodded while she straightened the tablecloth Ron had knocked off.

“Hello Ginny.”

“Are you having a god summer?” asked Hermione sitting down beside Harry.

“Oh yes, it has been wonderful!” exclaimed Luna as her earrings bounced happily.

“That’s nice.” Said Harry. He turned to Ron and snapped his fingers. Ron had been in a daze, obviously staring over Luna’s shoulder. “Snap out of it man.”

“Would anyone like drinks?” asked Hermione standing up. Luna nodded, raising her now empty glass.

“My dears! Here’s some treats, I’m sure the other boys will be along soon.” Said Mrs. Weasley waddling over to them. She sat down a tray of sweets lovingly before turning away and muttering about respect for you others.

Hermione returned, handing Luna a full glass of punch. She said thank you and took a sip.

“Why look Fred, it’s our younger brother Ronnickens and… who’s the blonde?” exclaimed George raising his eyebrows expectedly.

“Why I’m Luna Lovegood!” she exclaimed standing up so she could hake his hand. Obviously it had been awhile since Fred and George had seen her, they were very surprised by how she looked.

“Hey Luna, ya wanna go for a walk?” asked Ron, tugging on her arm gently.

She nodded and they walked away, leaving the twins speechless for the first time.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining from behind the clouds and as Ron led Luna away from the party she had the greatest urge to break free from him and roll in the soft green grass.

“Luna, I’ve wanted to ask you a very important question for awhile now.” He said staring at his hands.

She sat watching him, unsure of what to do or say. For the first time in her life she was silent.

“Yes Ronald.” She asked, it was the only thing she could muster up. She pulled a chair up and sat down. She crossed her ankles and leaned forward expectantly. Her fingers played softly with the white wood and she smiled charmingly. “Yes?”

“Would you… would you –“

“Would I what?” asked Luna raising one of her eyebrows. “Did you know that when people are nervous, if they sniff-“

“Luna! There’s one of the things I love about you.” He exclaimed stepping forward with his arms held open.

“That I know what you should sniff?” she asked, obviously puzzled.

“No! Oh Luna… you’re so unique!”

“That’s not always a good thing you know!” she exclaimed crossing her arms over he chest.

“No!” exclaimed Ron hanging his head and shaking it. “You’re… different!”

“I’m… DIFFERENT!” she yelled her eyes opening wide. “I’ve been called a lot of things Ronald Weasley. Wacky, queer, loony, loopy, crazy-“

“Luna! Stop!” exclaimed Ron holding his hands out in front of him. She pursed her lips, flipped her hair behind her shoulder and sat back against the chair. “I mean that you’re different in a good way.”

“Oh get on with it!” said Luna rolling her eyes but smiling.

“Luna… I want you to be… my girlfriend.” Said Ron smiling.


After about five minutes of stunned silence Luna had finally said yes. At first Ron hadn’t believed it but he soon realized (whenever she kissed him on the cheek) that she was serious.

Now, as Ron slept beside her she had a great desire to rush home and see her father. He had written to her, saying he was sick.

Luna was staring out the window, the night was very peaceful with the starts shining and a slight breeze in the trees, as the train sped by.

Luna looked across from her sleepily. Harry and Hermione had dozed off and Ron was slowly falling onto Luna’s lap. Across from her was Ginny as well, she smiled in her sleep and as Luna’s eyes closed she knew she was with the best people in the world.


“Goodbye Ron, I’ll miss you so much.” Exclaimed Luna stepping gout of the car. Ron nodded and pulled her trunk out of the back.

“I’ll write Luna.” He said dropping it on her steps. He embraced her in a hug and squeezed her tightly.

“Get a room!” yelled Harry from inside the car.

Ron blushed and pulled away from her. “I’ll miss you Luna, are you coming at the end of break?”

“Yes… I’m bringing some golden lip balms.”

“What for?” he asked smiling.

“Well I heard that around your home you could catch golden starlings if wearing the lip balm.”

“Interesting… well if anyone can catch… it. It’s you.”

“Goodbye Ronald.” Said Luna leaning up and kissing him softly.

Somebody was making gagging noises and you could distinctly hear Mrs. Weasley sigh and exclaimed how cute they were.

“Goodbye Luna.” Said Ron stepping into the car. Mr. Weasley started riving and Ron rolled down the window, he hung his upper half out. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled at her. “I… Love… You!”

Waving and laughing Luna yelled back. “I love you too Ronald!”

As the car disappeared over the hill Luna turned to look at the small house. Inside was her waiting father. Luna picked up her trunk and smiled.

Home sweet home.

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