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The Art of Dating~ by sugarhigh
Chapter 9 : The girl who used to dance on tables
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“Let’s go shopping”


“Yeah now” I said.

“Stores won’t open for another hour”

“Exactly. Prime time to scope out which ones we want to go to”

I argued with Lily for another few minutes. She refused to get out of bed. It’s been a few days since…and she was run down from all the traveling between the two houses.

“Aubrie, tell Lily it’s a good idea for us to go shopping” I whined as she entered my room.

“Actually that does sound like fun”

“I win! Get out of my bed and get some clothes on. Try to look decent please. I don’t want you to embarrass me”.

“Why does it matter what I wear if we’re going to buy clothes?” Lily asked dumbly. I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh.

“BECAUSE if you don’t look like you should be shopping in their store they won’t try to help you. God, do you know nothing?”

About an hour later we were dressed and ready to go. I was wearing torn low rise jeans that were extremely expensive for something that was practically ruined. I had on a muggle band t-shirt under my purple velvet blazer and big brown aviators over my eyes. I tamed my hair so it fell in tousled waves and slung a green canvas bag around my shoulder. I felt trendy enough for London shopping.

After looking at the boring, usual clothes Lily and Aubrie were about to wear, I ranted and raved until they let me dress them. A good half hour later, Lily was wearing my mini skirt with my blue long sleeve shirt over my long white shirt with a crazy pattern on it. Lily. Aubrie had on brown cords and a navy sweater, but refused my attempts at more fashionable. I accepted because she was wearing my clothes.

“Alright. Let’s go.” I headed for the door and was almost outside.

“Why don’t we just go by flu?” asked Aubrie.

I gave her a you-don’t-know-anything look. “Because silly, we’re going shopping in muggle London. That’s where all the good stuff is. Lily knows.”

“I live in the suburbs”


Aubrie didn’t look convinced. “How are we getting there?”

“A cab, of course! I called one while you were changing. It’ll be here any second”

I skipped out onto the street and lit a cigarette.

“I’m – uh… just gonna go tell James where we’re going”

Neither Aubrie nor I answered, but Aubrie did grab the cigarette out of my hand and take a puff. Both of us refused to even look at the Potter house. About four minutes later the can and Lily arrived and we hopped in. I briefly glanced up at The House and saw Him looking through the window with an expressionless face. I thought I could see his dark brown eyes from this distance. I threw my cigarette on the ground and stomped on it.


We arrived at a very trendy, expensive looking neighborhood and Jace’s eyes lit up.

“Ah. It’s been so long. Where to start? OH! OH! COME ON”

We nearly had to run to keep up with her.


We emptied out half a dozen stores and Jace was still going strong. She carried about 9 bags on her arms and swung them around happily. We entered store 7.

“Can I help you with anything?” said an extremely attractive salesperson. He was average height but had beautiful golden curls and light brown eyes. He was dressed in the store’s clothing, which was going for a sort of surfer look that suited him well. He was staring at Jace, who was feeling the fabric of a bathing suit.

“Not yet, thanks” she said simply, not giving him a second glance. The attractive salesman looked put off, and walked away.

Aubrie nudged Jace. “He’s really attractive, isn’t he?”

Jace looked over her shoulder at him, as though she didn’t remember the first time. “Yeah I guess” was all she said.

We found piles of clothes and were ready for the dressing room. Attractive salesman was standing in front of them, as though waiting for us (Jace). There was another boy with him now. He was dark skinned and had a green hat on with earflaps. He was more muscular than the curly-haired boy, but around the same height. Golden Curls was sort of pointing over to Jace, the other nodded and whispered something. I looked over at Jace who got distracted by a grey sweater with strange embroidery on it.

“Three rooms?”

“Yes please” I said. I noticed the dark skinned boy was staring at Aubrie, who, as always, was oblivious.

As we tried the clothes on the boys stayed and watched, throwing in some compliments and questions.

“Where are you girls from?”

“Around here” was all Jace said, busy looking at the shirt she had on. She made a face and pulled it over her head, throwing it to the boy, who caught it, dumbfounded. “It’s too small”

“Do…you want it in a larger size?”


Jace went back into her change room and from the corner of my eye I saw the boys exchange looks.

“So what are your names?” the other one asked, directing his question to Aubrie. She blushed and said “I’m Aubrie, that’s Lily” I gave a small wave, “and she’s Jace”

Golden Curls repeated her name under his breath.

“I’m Daniel and this is Cedar” said the boy in the green hat.

“Cedar?” repeated Jace, pulling her pants over her thighs. She didn’t repeat it in the same was Cedar did though. “What kind of name is that?” I smacked her. “Ow! What was that for?”

“Don’t worry about it, I get it all the time. My parents are kind of hippie” he said, seeming glad that she talked to him.

“Oh. Cool…don’t they have any other customers to bother?” She whispered the last part to me.

“I think he likes you” I told her, even though it was obvious. She looked over at him. Some blonde girl with big knockers was trying to get his attention but he was looking at Jace. She rolled her eyes.

“There’s this party tonight” said Daniel, who seemed less struck by the girls. “It’d be awesome if you girls would come”

“We’re busy” replied Jace without even giving it a second thought.

“No we’re not!” Aubrie said to her.

“Yes we are!” Jace said in a menacing whisper.

“Group meeting. Sorry one second.” I said, gathering the two of them into a change room. “What’s going on Jace, you love parties.”

“I want to go home at look at all my new clothes.”

“Come on! You said this break was gonna be all about partying! We haven’t partied once!” said Aubrie, surprising us with her will to do this.

“Fine” Jace said slowly. “But I have to call my mom to come pick up our bags first”

Aubrie let out an excited squeal and hugged her.


We were on our way to whatever party it was that we were going to in Cedar’s car. It was pretty old and rusted, but in a cool way. He pulled up to an average sized house in a plain neighborhood and Jace let out an audible sigh.

“Here we are” said Daniel, who opened the door for us and took Aubrie’s hand. She smiled a sexy smile at him I didn’t know she was capable of. I nudged Jace but she just closed her eyes in what seemed to be resentment. Cedar held out his hand for Jace to take but she just walked by. I gave him a pity smile and went on in to the house party.


God this is so dumb! Why are we at some dumb party and some dumb house with these dumb guys? It’s so DUMB!

As we walked in I noticed all these lame teenagers who were pretending to be drunk just to have an excuse to grope each other, and I noticed the weird, unwelcoming looks we were getting. Someone offered me a beer but I shook my head. I went straight to the backyard, sat on the bench and lit a cigarette. I was expecting to be left alone but Maple, or Birch or whatever his name was followed me.

“Don’t like parties?” he said, sounding sad. I looked up to the sky, annoyed.

“No, I -”

Then it hit me. It hit me right in the face.

“I used to like parties. I really did. I used to get so wasted and dance on tables. Now look at me” I said, like I was some old woman looking back on her beautiful youth. “I used to fuck around and…” I fingered his golden curly hair, “and fuck around with guys like you. But now…You know what? I still do like parties! I do! Let’s fucking get blitzed!”

He looked utterly confused but followed me back into the house. I scanned the room; Lily was getting hit on by some ugly drunk kids and Aubrie was talking with that other dude.

“DOES ANYONE WANT TO GIVE ME A DRINK?” I yelled over the music. About four guys instantly appeared by my side. See, I still have it. I still am a party girl. Really.


Half way through the night I finally stopped trying to convince myself. I was not a party girl anymore. Atleast I only am when I’m around… But you know who is a party girl? Aubrie. Yes. Aubrie. She was the one dancing on tables and doing shots and smoking weed from a massive bong. I watched from a corner, sulking, with stupid Tree trying to talk to me.

“Are you having a good time?”


“Yeah, I’m not much of a partier anymore. They kind of get boring after a while, don’t you think?”

I knew he was still a partier but was just lying so I would like him more or something.

I wanted to go home, I wanted to lie in bed with Sirius and have his heavy arm over my body.

Wait. Am I… growing up?


I looked around for an excuse to leave. Lily was still getting hit on by guys and even in her drunk state she wasn’t interested. Aubrie was on the table, dancing really closely with that guy. But it looked as though he was holding her up. She bent over and –

“Oh crap!” I yelled, jumping up and running to Aubrie. Lily noticed as well and we got her out the front door just as soon as she threw up all over their doorstep.

“Ugh, that’s so gross” muttered Lily, who looked like she was going to puke from the smell.

“Oh, Aubsters” I said, stroking her hair. “Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon… it feels so nice once it’s all out”

She puked again, this time coming very close to my shoes. “I……go…home”

“I’ll call a cab”

Lily grabbed a plastic bag just in case and stepped into the cab a few minutes later. I told the driver where I lived and 30 minutes, one full barf bag and many pounds later, we arrived at my house.

Lily and I were still pretty drunk but more in a laughy, ‘this sucks’ way. We dragged Aubrie out of the cab and pulled her into my house. I looked over at the Potter’s, but he wasn’t looking out the window.

We let Aubrie sleep on the floor and placed a fresh plastic bag under her head incase she threw up again. Lily and I laughed at the sight but she looked about ready to crash.

“You can sleep in my bed, I don’t mind” I said. She nodded a sleepy thanks and fell asleep as soon as her head hit my pillow. I wandered over to my window that faced James’ room. It was nearly 3 o clock in the morning and I could just make out Remus’ face poking out of the sleeping bag on the ground. I couldn’t hear Sirius’ snores so I assumed he must be in the guest bed. I carefully climbed into the room and silently sneaked by them. I opened the door to the guest bedroom and help my breath. Sirius was lying on his side, asleep. He had the blankets bundled up and he held them, as if it was a person. I bit my lip and pealed off my jeans and jacket. I slowly moved the blankets and slid under his arm, trying not to wake up. He blinked his eyes a bit, and took in a big breath.

“Jace?” he called out quietly and sleepily. I put my hand on his stomach. He squeezed me into his body and I pressed my face against his chest. “You’re here?”

“Yeah…I’m here”

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The Art of Dating~: The girl who used to dance on tables


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