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Lest we forget by 0015_jaja_1500
Chapter 2 : Turn around and face it
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Chapter 2:Turn around and face it

This chapter has been edited thanx ofcourse to my gorguzz beta reader Anaksunamum-kalia

Chapter image made by Violet of DA

(ok I think you guys are gonna be annoyed about this chapter cause draco’s going to be nice and all but he’s just nice to her mother for some reason)


'TADA!’ Narcissa said excitedly as she opened the door from their apartment.

Draco looked around in disgust. The living room and the kitchen and the dining table were all squeezed and thrown into one single room.

"Are you serious? It’s even smaller than my room!’ Draco complained

‘Draco, come on, just live a little. I myself am excited about this whole thing.’ she said happily.

Draco knew that she was just happy because she no longer had to put up with his father now that he was dead.

"not happening..not real" he muttered to himself. "Just a nightmare, you wake up soon Draco, not happening"

He stepped in and walked around the house, ‘My pond is even bigger than the house’, And then he noticed there were only one bedroom, and a tiny little bathroom.

‘Uhh….. Mother? There’s only one bedroom….’ He apointed out., worried

‘I know… honey, you’re going to have to sleep on the couch’ his mother said with an encouraging smile.

"What the- First you fuckin’ sell our house without even telling me and THEN you tell me the merry wonder news that we're broke. Then you tell me I have to look for a job, then we move to this apartment smaller than weasel's, the horror. And now you want me to sleep on the couch? This is fuckin’ too much; if father was alive I wouldn’t have to put up with this. I think th-’

Draco stopped and noticed the hurt expression on her mother’s face.
They just stared at each other for a minute.

"Mother I-"

Her mother held out her hand and said ‘It’s okay….Look, no matter how much I try to hide it, this is going to be hard for us. It’s a very, very big change but I cannot do this alone! I just want you to finish your last year at school and hope you’ll find a good job in the wizarding world. Then if I think you can survive on your own, I’ll leave you!’ she turned and strode off to her room after that.

Draco sat on the couch and began unpacking while thinking. He didnt really want to go back to school now, it would be too humiliating. And to think he was now poorer than the Weasels.

He let out a very, very deep sigh, stood up
I can’t believe I’m doing this! he thought.
He knocked on her mother’s door.

‘Mother? I’m going out to look for a job right now... mother?’  he wasnt really going to go right at that moment but he thought he would just say so in order for his mother to come out.

He knocked again but there was no response so he just decided to go.
But just as he was turning around, his mother opened the door.
They looked at each other for a second.

‘Look…I shouldn’t have acted that way….’ Draco began. He meant to apologize only he's never said the word 'sorry' before and when he did he never truly means it. It was best that atleast he uses his most truest words without having to use the sorry word.

‘It’s okay…"


Hermione was still on the beach at 7:30 when she began to feel the cold. She didnt have the chance to get a jacket and now she was freezif her ass of. Her teeth were chattering madly and her spine felt like it was going to snap in half any moment. She had no choice but to go home, so she drove back.

When she went in the house her mom was on the phone, looking very distraught.
When she saw Hermione come in her eyes widened and she put down the reciever.

‘HERMIONE GRANGER!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!’ Yelled Mrs. Granger, full of anger and worry.

Hermione just stared at her mother and said nothing. She was so mad at her mother.Then her father came in, clearly having heard his wife screaming from the next room.

‘Hermione, you're home!! You had us worried sick!’ her dad said with concern

Hermione just stood quietly and continued to stare at them.

‘Will you stop being such a brat and say something?’ her mother commanded directly

Hermione just stared at them for another minute and said ‘I’m going to bed’ After that she turned and walked up the stairs to her room.

‘Hermione I’m not done with you yet!’ her mother bellowed.

‘Just let her go and let her think for a while Jane, we knew this was going to be really hard for her’ her dad said quietly

Hermione sat on her bed thinking. She really wished she could tell someone about her problems. She couldn’t tell Ron about Harry, she couldn’t tell Ginny too as there is a big chance she will tell Ron. In defeat, she propped herself on her pillow and yelped as a her head collided with a book on top of the pillow.

She picked up her book she just bought yesterday knowing it would take her mind off things to read. The book was called To Kill a Mocking Bird. When she was at the last part, she heard a soft tapping sound on her window. She looked at the window and saw Hedwig, Harry’s owl.

Hermione’s heart skipped a beat. She opened her window and let Hedwig in. She opened the letter with eager hands.


I’m really sorry about that night. Can we please just forget about what happened because it bugs me. Our friendship means A LOT to me. I hope you feel the same way. I miss talking to you. Imiss you Hermione.

Your friend,

She didn’t really know if she was supposed to be happy or sad. She crumpled the letter and opened the window so the owl could go but Hedwig won’t budge. She realized Hedwig was waiting for her reply.

‘Hedwig, please just…go’ Hermione pleaded. But still the owl didn’t move a bit.

She didn’t know what to say to Harry. She started to look for a piece of parchment but couldn’t find one, so she picked up the crumpled one then picked up her wand from her bedside table. She muttered a spell so the parchment would be neat and flipped it over.

She wrote two words.

I’m sorry..

Then she tied it to Hedwig’s feet and the owl flew away. She watched the owl as it became smaller and smaller from the distance. In a few hours, it would reach the hands of Harry. Hermione heaved a big sigh wishing she was flying along with Hedwig to see Harry.

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Lest we forget: Turn around and face it


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