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My Black by LTDan
Chapter 1 : My Black
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A/N: This is my first Harry Potter poem...take it easy on me...hehe...I DO realize the fact that this is WAY alternate universe, and I normally don't do AU, but...I don't care...

Disclaimer: All I own is the poem and the plot. Alas, I do not own Sirius Black. And I don't own Harry Potter, quite proudly, for his is friggin annoying!

Oh yeah! If you want to think of it as a song, I recommend the tune to The Dance by Garth Brooks...

*~LT. Dan~*

I felt that feeling before. It feels like she's all you've wanted...and more.

It feels like you're walking on air when you kiss her lips or stroke her hair.

Her face; so tender, so sweet, is like an angel from Heaven you are fated to meet.

And then the feeling begins to fade. Her love is no longer something in which you wade.

It is gone, and shall not come back. You are left alone, no feelings of your own, left alone in the the black...

"Did you write that, Harry?" Sirius asked softly.

"Yeah," Harry said, gazing absently out the window of Sirius's front room.

"Is it about...about Ginny?" Sirius said, knowing all too well of Harry's feelings for the Weasley girl.

Harry nodded, and wrapped his arms about his knees. It was over, and nothing Sirius said or done would make him feel any better about it, or forget her or what they had. As Sirius slipped his arm around Harry's neck, Harry felt ashamed. But there was nothing he could do but dare himself not to cry. He was in his own black emptiness, and it would take a lot of courage and love to get through it.

A/N: I know it was short, but it was all for the poem. The story was merely a background for the actual poem. :) R/R and tell me how my first stab at poetry was!

*~LT. Dan~*

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