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It's Not About The Money by ProngsPadfoot_Lover
Chapter 2 : Uniforms?
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Here’s the second chappie, Thanks for all the reviews, it really means a lot to me, especially the constructive criticism. Well here it is, enjoy!

“Wouldn’t you say that was just a little harsh Prongs?” Sirius asked.

“No,” James practically shouted back. “She tore out my heart and she decides to apologize about a year later? No, I don’t think I was one bit too harsh Padfoot.”

“Well, what exactly did happen?”

“What do you mean?” James questioned.

“What I mean is you proposed to her and she accepted, you guys are in love and one week later you guys can’t even look at each other. No one knows what really happened except for you two, and you haven’t really wanted to tell anyone,” Sirius looked at the floor, he didn’t know what happened but he was positive that this conversation wasn’t James’s favorite topic.

“It all happened so fast, we were engaged and we had made out all our plans, then one day she gets a letter and runs out of the great hall crying. I didn’t know why, I just remember running after her. I remember finding her, she was just about to tell me what happened but she had to go to Dumbledore’s office immediately.” James snorted at his stupidity “Little did I know the next time I saw her instead of receiving an answer I’d get her engagement ring back. And do you know what she said to me? “I’m sorry,” and then she walked away.”

“James, I had no idea,” Sirius looked up at his best friend. But James turned away determined not to let Sirius see his eyes water.

“Never mind that, let’s just go do something.”

“Like what?” Sirius asked.

“I don’t know. Anything to get my mind off this!”

“How about we call up the guys and invite them over for some good ol’ Nadia and Lydia starring?”

James laughed despite his crummy mood. “Sirius, why don’t you just ask one of them out?”

“In good time my friend, in good time,” Sirius said, as if he were a wise old man.

The next morning Lily’s head shot off her pillow as she rushed to the window, in hope that her letter would be here. But alas’ no owl, she turned around disappointed and then she spotted it. There on her desk was the letter. Lily opened her letter, carelessly throwing the envelope on the floor and started to read it.

Dear Ms. Evans,
I have been informed that you are interested in a job. I have arranged an interview with you for 10:30 a.m. today. Please send an owl if you are not available at the required time. We will discuss your job and board options into further detail once you arrive. The job you will be interviewing for is not an office job so arriving in office attire isn’t necessary. Just arrive as yourself, so I know what kind of person you are. I will have you try on uniforms there.

Thank You,
Mrs. Potter

Uniforms? Uniforms seem the least important on the list to Lily. Lily looked over at her alarm clock, it was 8:00 o’ clock. So if she was going to leave at 10:20 she’d have two hours and twenty minutes to get ready and get a start on packing. Lily hopped in the shower and came out twenty minutes later in a bathrobe and a curly mane of hair. Lily got out a blowdryer and a curling iron. Just as Lily was about to begin the long process of doing her hair she got an ideal. I think it’s time for a new hair do, she thought to herself. Lily walked over to her bed and lifted up the mattress to grab her wand. Lily walked over to the mirror and then thought about what to do. She started to dry her hair with her wand and comb through her hair as she came up with ideals.

She didn’t really want to cut it short, but wanted something new. Something more like the trendy Lily, the Lily from Hogwarts. Lily decided to put thin lighter red streaks through her fiery red hair. She then used her wand to trim her split ends and then decided to straighten it for today. But it still needed something, layers Lily thought. So she cut three different layers but she still needed one more thing. She reached up and cut some side-sweep bangs. Perfect, Lily thought. This would have been a disaster had Lily of even attempted the muggle way but luckily for her she had a wand, the perfect cutting utensil.

Lily checked the time, 9:00 o' clock. Petunia was probably asleep so Lily decided to go raid her closet and make-up. She snuck into her bathroom and started to search. There was a watermelon lip-gloss that was a reddish pink. Lily pocketed it and kept searching. Once she was done she had collected a shimmer eye shadow, some big sunglasses, and a purple tank top.

Lily ran to her bathroom and got to work, Out of her own closet she pulled out some old faded jeans that were ripped and tight, luckily that was the style then. Once Lily was done she looked in the mirror, and she had to admit she barely recognized herself. Lily spritzed on some perfume and ran to Petunia’s closet to grab a light half-jacket and threw it on. Lily still had half an hour before she had to leave so she started to organize things. Since her room was already clean it wasn’t that long before she was done with everything she could do without boxes.

With that Lily grabbed her wand and put it in her purse and then apparated to a deserted to an empty alley behind the local Starbucks. Lily ran in and bought a white chocolate mocha and a bagel and then was off again, although this time instead of apparating in front of the gate she just apparated in front of the front door.

The man from Yesterday came out to greet her.“Excuse me ma'am? You must be here to see James, shall I tell him you arrived?”

“Oh, no I’m not here to see James, don’t you remember me? I’m the girl from yesterday?”

His eyes opened wide in shock, “I’m sorry, I barely recognize you now!”

Lily laughed, “I was going for something different, anyways I’m here to see Mrs. Potter do you think you could show me where she is?”

“Certainly, right this way,” the man led her into the mansion again, but went right through the first room, and past the grand staircases in the main hall. Instead he went past them and to the right and opened a door into a large hallway. “Welcome to the living quarters for household attendants,” he said. “On the third door to your right you will find the room where all the work schedules are posted, in there Mrs. Potter will be waiting for you at a table. Oh and let me forewarn you, this will not be like any other interview you’ve experienced. Just keep your cool no matter what you’re asked. Good Luck.” With that he turned around and started to head in the direction whence they came.

What was that supposed to mean? Lily thought. Never mind that, she headed towards the third door on the right. She pulled a mirror out of her purse and slapped on another coat of lip-gloss. Here we go Lily, just go in there and act like you belong there. Lily opened the door to find a black haired women sitting at a table at the far right side of the room.

Lily immediately put a smile on her face and walked over to the table with pep in her step. Before Mrs. Potter could say anything Lily stuck out her hand and said “Hi, I’m Lily Evans.”

“Hello, Ms. Evans I’m Mrs. Potter. I’ve already looked over your resume and application so all we have to do is try on a few different uniforms and see what skills your good at.”

Lily set her purse and half eaten breakfast down on the table and took a seat "Brilliant, just tell me what you want me to do first.”

“Well first why don’t you stand up and let me get a look at you." Mrs. Potter took out a quill and started to check a few boxes as she muttered to herself. “…would look good in a maid, waitress, or household attendant uniform…maybe a massage therapist." She took some more notes and then spoke to Lily, “Ms. Evans there’s all the things you need in order to make tea over on that counter, please make me a cup of tea and bring it to me on that silver platter over there.”

Lily was about to ask why, but then remembered what the man had told her. So she kept her cool and walked over there and started to make tea, she grabbed her wand and used it to boil the water. Once she finished she brought it over to Mrs. Potter.

“Very nice Ms. Evans, now can you show me a curtsy?” Lily curtsied steadily, but not with that much grace. “We’ll work on it Ms. Evans. Now let’s go down the hall and you can do some more little bits for me.” Mrs. Potter took her notes and pen with her and left the room.

Oh no, what had she gotten herself into? Lily started to follow trying to think positive of what was to come. Lily walked into the first door on her right. It was a medium sized room with a dressing room in the corner and a model runway with lights. In front of the model runway were some chairs. Lily followed Mrs. Potter into the dressing room. Mrs. Potter just grabbed a bunch of clothes off the rack and threw them at her. Lily surveyed them. There was a black and white maid costume that you might see in a fantasy, but certainly not a uniform. There was two other dresses similar in style and size but in different colors.

“There you go Ms. Evans. Now here are some shoes, just match the colors together.”

Lily looked over at the biggest stilettos she had ever seen. She was supposed to clean around six hours a day in those? Can you say ouch? “Mrs. Potter I don’t think these dresses will fit me, unless I’m totally exposed.”

“That’s fine dear, oh that reminds me. Here are some white spankies to wear under your dress. Walk out on the runway when you’re ready.”

Lily tried on the red dress first and pulled on the red stilettos. She stood up to take a long look in the mirror. Well your legs look longer she thought to herself. Who was she kidding? She looked like she belonged in a strip club, not in a household. At least the top wasn’t that low cut. Lily took one last look and shrugged. What could she do about it?

Lily obediently walked out onto the runway and did as she was directed. After spinning and turning where Mrs. Potter told her too, she finally just sighed. “The red just doesn’t work on you dear, go try on the maid outfit please.”

Lily turned around gritting her teeth and practically cantered back to the dressing room. She slipped off the dress and kicked away the shoes to make room for outfit number two. She slowly pulled on the maid outfit. She pulled the shoes on and took a look in the mirror. This dress was even worse then the last one. It was tight on her torso and low cut. The skirt was short and puffy, which means whenever she bends over everyone can see her you-know-what. Lily tried to pull the skirt down or the top up, but then it just made it worse somewhere else. Well here I go, Lily took a deep breath and walked out to the runway.

“Well this one is definitely for you. Wait come here.” Mrs. Potter gave Lily a little apron, a small hat, and a feather duster. “There, now you’re perfect. You can move in tonight, you’re room eighty-six, and I expect to see you at work tomorrow. Congratulations Ms. Evans”

“Yes, thank you Mrs. Potter,” Lily went back to the dressing room to change. Well there was one thing Lily knew for sure; tomorrow was going to be hell. Lily changed back and dissaparated to her house, well her old house now, and finished packing and started to apparate and dissaparate back and forth moving her stuff.

Lily put all her boxes by the main hall in the Potter manor, at least until she found her room. She left her big boxes where she had put them, and carried what she could to her room, which was supposedly all the way down the hall. Lily found her room and tried to juggle her boxes and suitcase in one hand while she reached into her pocket for the key. Surprisingly she somehow managed it and pushed the door open. The room was a bathroom and a large bedroom. It was in okay condition, but it could definitely use a fixer-upper. Lily set the boxes down and went back to get the rest.

Lily didn’t take anytime to look around, she had things to do and living in a heap of rubbish wouldn’t do. Once Lily had everything as organized as possible, which really wasn’t possible since she had to set some things on the ground until she got shelves or cabinets, she took a big breath to see what could be done.

Lily took out a sketchpad and started to make blueprints. Before long the dinner bell rang. Lily thought about not going, but it was her first day so it seemed rude not to. She made her way down the hall and into the dining table for people who boarded here. Lily went and took a seat where she wouldn’t be noticed that easily. Lily was just sitting taking in her atmosphere when two girls walked up to her. They were both thin, and honestly slutty. One had black hair and the other had blonde, and they were both looking at Lily with curiosity and vengeance at the same time.

“So you’re the girl in the picture frame by his bed?” The one with black hair asked, with menace in her voice.

“Yes, but that was awhile ago, now-“

“I didn’t ask you,” she snapped. “I just want to let you know that I’ve slept in that bed.”

“I bet you have, and dusted it too,” Lily sad with a innocent smile on her face.

She looked as if she were going to slap her. “Well just remember, I’m going to find out what happened between you two. I’ll know every detail, and you’ll just wish you were the one back in his arms.”

Lily stood up and decided to skip dinner after all. She just walked away she had to do something. On her way out she saw a door that said GYM, that’s what she’d do. She could just go blow off some anger at the gym. She ran to her room grabbed a water bottle, threw on a sports bra, running pants, a matching track jacket, and some deodorant and was out the door.

Four boys in their gym sweats were looking around anxiously to find Nadia and Lydia but they were nowhere in sight. “They’ll be here James, don’t-” Sirius looked over to see some girl in a baby tee and short shorts snogging James. “Never mind then. Whoa who’s that?”

Sirius looked over to see a girl with blonde streaks in her red straight hair. It looked as red as Lily’s hair but it was too stylized to be hers. He could only see the back of her head, although he had to admit there was nothing wrong with the back. “Huh?” James asked. Sirius turned around to see that the girl was gone.

“Oh, that girl over there.”


“The one with the boxing gloves, over there kicking and hitting the punching bag. Do you see her?”

“Oh yeah,” James answered. “She’s got a nice…trunk.”

All of the marauders agreed except for Remus. "We could marvel at her strength instead of-” Just then the girl did a high kick at the punching bag. “Whoa, she does have a nice trunk!”

This time all the marauders agreed. “I think I’m going to say hi, Potter style.” James started to strut over towards her. Then he simply reached down and pinched her “trunk”

The girl turned around with an oh-no-you-did-not kind of look. “James Potter!”

Wait a minute he knew that face he gulped “L-L-Evans?”

Well here it is, review, review review. Because I have MORE to add!

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