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City Lights by emeralds in ebony
Chapter 1 : City Lights
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City Lights

I once knew a girl. In the years of my youth, she was all I could see. In my eyes, she was the goddess. But I was too young to realize what I was actually harboring for the girl wasnít just a crush; it was an infatuation. And now, as I look back, I understand the stupidity of the situation. I understand why I never asked her out on a date, and I donít need to wonder why I didnít actually take her on for anyone other than a friend. It is also quite obvious why I didnít tell her how I felt. She was Hermione Granger.

Iíd fallen in love with her, ever since our Second Year. I was just too dumb to see it. Since she was in that Hospital Wing, clad in the covers, and petrified, all Iíve ever felt the need to do was embrace her with warmth. Calm her down, cool her with my hands. Tell her everything would turn out all right. Because without her, I would never seem to be fine. And, I wanted her to see things my way.

The more you see, the less you know
The less you find out as you go
I knew much more then, than I do now

Hermione wasnít the type to be impressed. By me, that is. To define that point, Iíd actually built up the nerve to ask her to the Yule Ball. But of course, she did not agree. For one, I had come to those terms as a last resort. And for another, another bloke had asked her, before me. Viktor Krum.

That lad has so many problems, I could go on all day. Itís a good thing I didnít use my fists for my anger. Or else both Krum and I would have had a rough get together after many years. You see, it turns out, Viktor actually saw Hermione in a sisterly fashion. I guess he was albeit by a small crush. Yet, while I was consumed by the biggest treaty of my entire life. I had thought.

Neon heart, day-glow eyes
A city lit by fireflies
Theyíre advertising in the skies
For people like us

She was there. Standing right under a flashing light. In all her beautiful glory. She was waiting for me. Holding on. Was I the one shaking, or was it simply an earthquake reoccurring? No, it was me. For Hermione was perfectly still. She was absolutely gorgeous.

In her summer dress, of lavender, she looked the part of a goddess. I had been right. She was anything but ordinary. And damn me for taking so long to get a hold of my emotions. Damn me for being so thick. She had been right. Hermioneís always right. Itís only now that I take the opportunity to admit it.

And I miss you when youíre not around
Iím getting ready to leave the ground
Oh, you look so beautiful tonight
In the city of blinding lights

I wanted to shout out her name. Yell for the whole world to hear. Iím in love with Hermione Granger. The smartest witch in the world, and I love her. Yes, Iím hers. Whether she knows it or not, she has me on the hook, or the line, or whatever the ruddy hell the muggle term is. I donít think Iíve felt anything quite like this, when Iím focusing on her all on my own.

My heart flutters, skips a beat, and my stomach squirms. Other things might also happen, but thatís a whole other story. Iím just here to explain one of many. One of which Hermione is forgiving. Where fairy tales do exist. In which I am apart of one.

Donít look before you laugh
Look ugly in the photograph
Flash bulbs purple arises
The camera canít see

ďHermione,Ē I murmur, once I reach her. Standing before her, hands in my trouser pockets, I scan her over silently. A smile twirls at my lips, and I am instantly befuddled by the mere presence of this beautiful young lady. She has flowers in her hair, as far as I can tell. Her eyes are sparkling with pearls, for all I could see. And her grin was only heightened by the score of the lights looming above us.

ďIím glad you could make it,Ē she whispers, pressing her lips together, then shyly casting her eyes down. I knew she was trying to sort out my attire. It was a chilly night for the summer time, but she hadnít brought a cloak. I was wearing two layers probably. Men. What can I say? I suppose weíre much more affected by the weather.

ďMe too,Ē I replied, taking hold of her hand immediately. It was all a habit now, actually. She knew me inside out, just like I knew her. I didnít even need to drag her to the side of the bridge, in which we were standing a few feet off of. Following me with precise steering, I felt Hermione stifle a giggle as her other hand took hold of mine. Now she was gripping my hand tight with both of hers, and suddenly I didnít feel cold anymore. On the contrary, I felt light as a feather, warm as a tea cozy, flushed as a bathroom mirror.

Iíve seen you walk unafraid
Iíve seen you in the clothes you made
Can you see the beauty inside of me?
What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

Taking a rest at the edge, on the bearings of the bridge, I leaned forward, Hermioneís hands still around mine. Keeping them connected, I placed them on the high structure, right before I cocked my head to the side and stole a glimpse at her. Wonderful girl. Really. I donít know how I could have never seen it before. Iíd been blind. Famished by stubborn sparks, I hadnít understood exactly why I bickered with Hermione all those times before. But now I do. Yet, I do not regret them.

For, if they never had occurred, we would not be like this. Had it not been for my accusation of her and Krumís interference, she never would have called me a liar. And I would have never blurted out my own feelings. And she wouldnít have given me the chance. But I had. And she had. What more could a guy ask for? Nothing.

Wonít leave me as I am
But time wonít take the boy out of this man

Only she can. Make me smile, force me to yearn for her touch, allow me to smile against all my fears. She was the one I could go to with any problematic situation. And she would be my final destination when I needed a reassuring kiss. Anything I needed, she was there. Likewise, the feeling was mutual. I was one lucky lad. Time could only tell just how Cupid had taken a chance with me. And how grateful I would be.

It was ridiculous. To stand side by side, with her, right under the moon, and the fierce globes of light dimmed by their covers. Below us, our eyes wandered over the rushing waves of the channel. My own didnít even blink until a light splash was inflicted, and it caused me to falter back momentarily.

Then my eyes fell over her again. She was looking at me, curiosity entrancing her eyes. She tilted her head to the side, then smiled slowly. Amusement washed over her face, and I arched my brows, intrigued. Just what was so darn humorous for the likes of her?

ďSomething funny, Miss Granger?Ē I inquired, narrowing my eyes in a teasing manner. She could only shake her head and try to conceal a grin. But it was still evident, still there. She knew me too well.

ďNot really,Ē she answered, shrugging her shoulders callously before turning away. She leaned against one of the lightís poles, and I could see her focusing on the water. Now, it wasnít a time to get jealous of the channel, was it? Obviously not. But that didnít help me from not chortling inwardly.

I almost, almost did not catch sight of the shiver racking her back. She swallowed thickly, as the proximity was so still and silent, I could see and hear everything around me. However, naturally, all I could see and hear was by the likes of Hermione Granger.

Oh, you look so beautiful tonight
Oh, you look so beautiful tonight
Oh, you look so beautiful tonight
In the city of blinding lights

ďHere,Ē I mumbled, shrugging my own cloak off in a hurry. She had only been dressed in a gown, which did not look too warm. It might have been cozy, but my robe could put a stronger stop to the breeze hitting against her bare skin. ďTake this.Ē

She looked positively startled as I did not only offer her my cloak, but ended up pulling it over her shoulders. At first, she shook her head, declining the privilege. She insisted on the fact that it would be too cold for me to handle. Hell, Iíd rather freeze my arse of than watch her do that. Indeed, I think the gentleman touch was reassuring. If only Hermione wasnít a bit of a stubborn gal.

ďI mean it, Hermione,Ē I said, my voice firm. But Iím sure of the sincerity in my eyes. Since the very emotion was burning out of her own hazel orbs. She simply blinked in recognition, letting me slip the finishing touches over with my cloak. Finally sure of the situated robe, I nodded my head to myself.

As I let go of Hermioneís shoulders, a small smile tucked my lips together. I had only then taken full notice of her lips, right when her face was a few, mere inches away from my own. Looking down at her coyly, I made a move to lean closer. But not after seeing her blush.

Rupturing her lips slowly, I enjoyed her pleasurable hands grasping my shoulders for that moment. In those lazy seconds, my hands idly probed at the hairs of her neck, right behind her, close to her back. Soon, we were both losing our sense of breathing. And I eventually had to step back, holding onto my own relief and pride for the moment.

She looked heavenly. Eyes glazed with mirth, yet again, she averted her gaze down to meet the floor. The light brought out the fine color of her hair, and the faint color in her cheeks. Her lips were slightly pouted, because of our previous activities. But she looked best like that. And she appeared to be even better than before, all on account of her attire. She was still holding onto my cloak. And if that wasnít enough of a promise, I didnít know what was.

The more you know, the less you feel
Some pray, for others steal
Blessings are not just for the ones who kneel

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