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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 13 : Letters From Home
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chapter 13

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“James what are you doing here?” asked Lily as she set her trunk down in the entry way.

Petunia snorted, sidestepped Lily and stalked up the steps to her bedroom. Undoubtedly she would be spending most of her time in there during James’s visit.

“I wanted to be with you for Christmas,” said James, standing up and walking to Lily from the sofa.

“But why? How? What about Sirius, Pettigrew and Remus?” The questions tumbled out, so that James didn’t have enough time to answer them.

“To answer your first question, because I thought that it would be a nice surprise. And after all, I want to be with you, and since you won’t stay at Hogwarts with me I figured that I might as well go to your house,” he explained.

Lily laughed. “James that is so-”

“I know I didn’t have to do it, but I wanted to. And Sirius and Remus said that they didn’t mind if I ditched Christmas since Wormtail went home unexpectedly, so it sort of takes away the point of having Christmas together.”

“So how on earth did you get permission from McGonagall?” asked Lily.

“I asked her and she said that it was okay, since I can apperate. So I packed my trunk and apperated from Hogsmead to your house and explained to your parents that I was a friend of your and wanted to see you. They invited me to stay, so I accepted.”

“James, you bastard,” teased Lily.

“Thank you,” said James winking. “So this is your place.” He looked around the room. His eyes fell on a muggle photograph. “Aw look, is that you, Lily. You must be how old, six? And aw, look with your football team.”

“I was seven!” snapped Lily taking the picture from his grasp. “And that was a long time ago.”

“But you looked so cute back then-”

“And now you are wondering what happened?” joked Lily.

“What, no? Where the hell did that come from? Lily, you are dead gorgeous,” said James.

“Oh, that was a joke that Snape and I used to say to each other when we were friends.”

“So he knew what you looked like when you were little?”

“Well he was over here once in the summer going into third year. Just for two days, said that his mum was going to be away and he didn’t want to be with his dad,” explained Lily briefly. Catching the weary look in James’s eyes, she added, “But nothing happened James so don’t go beating him up because of it. We were friends back then and that is what friends do, help each other out.”

“And did you ever go over to his place?” asked James softly.

“No, he said that I would have to be crazy to want to go there. And now I see his point,” she admitted.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I talked to him on the train, and I’m beginning to think that maybe his home life really isn’t that good. And his dad looks about thirty. Isn’t that scary?”

“What is scary is you talking to Snape,” murmured James under his breath, but Lily heard it all the same.

Lily rolled her eyes. “Sure, whatever.”

“So where will I stay?” asked James.

“Dunno, there is a guest bedroom,” said Lily, shrugging.

“He can’t stay there!” shrieked Petunia coming down the stairs.

“Why not?” asked Lily. “He is a guest, isn’t he?”

“Vernon is staying there,” said Petunia stiffly.

“Who is he?” asked James, flummoxed.

“Her boyfriend,” groaned Lily.

“Fiancee,” corrected Petunia.

“Yeah, same difference,” said Lily flipping her hair over her shoulder. “So where do you suggest James sleeps?”

“In your room,” said Petunia softly.

“Ew... gross!” exclaimed Lily.

James rolled his eyes. “Why don’t I just stay in the same room as your boyfriend?”

“Because he hates magic. T told him about you, Lily and he probably won’t even look at you.”

“Like I give a damn,” spat Lily.

“Lil, I have never heard you say something like that,” said James impressed at Lily’s ability to swear.

“Thanks,” she said softly.

Lily saw her mum enter the room. “Mum, do I have to have James stay in the same room?”

“Oh, I suppose there is a problem,” her mum sighed.

“I am not having Vernon sleep in the same room as me,” said Petunia sternly. “It’s not custom.”

“What, not like you would be sleeping anyway, and I bet he going to come down the hall to be with you any way,” exclaimed Lily.

“Shut up you little brat!”

“Well do you have an alternative?” asked her mum.

“I dunno, have them sleep in the same room,” suggested Lily, pointing at James.

“That guest room is much to small for the kip bed. Peatunia’s room is big enough. Maybe you and Petunia could share her room.”

“No!” shouted Lily and Petunia at the same time.

“Mr. Potter-”

“Call me James,” interrupted James holding out his hand to Mrs. Evans.

“Right, James,” continued Mrs. Evans. “You can have Lily’s room and I’ll set up Petunia's room for Lily. The girls can be so sensitive about each other sometimes.”

Lily and Petunia groaned.

“Lily, why don’t you show him up?” asked Mrs. Evans brightly.

“Sure, Mum,” muttered Lily, as she started to go up the stairs. “Come on, James.”

“All right.” He followed Lily up the stairs and down a hall to the farthest room down. Fairly small, and painted a soft shade of sage green, the room gave off a peaceful aura. “So this is your room?” he asked sitting down on the bed and staring around. The walls had several posters on them of animals and some photographs of Lily with her family and muggle friends.

“Is this you?” he asked pointing to one that showed a girl frowning at the camera. “She looks just like you.”

“My cousin, Emiela,” said Lily. “Odd child. Died when she was only thirteen, don’t know why. I keep her picture up there to remind me that life is precious and not to waste it.”

“That was deep,” said James awed.

“Sorry, you should hear the philosophy the Snape writes.”

“He writes?”

“Poetry, and all that type of work.”

“God, he is odd.”

Lily laughed. “No, just different.”


“Fine.” Lily smiled broadly. “Severus Snape is eccentric.”

“So I am going to be sleeping in your bed,” snickered James sitting down on the white bed spread.

“Don’t worry, I’ll change the sheets when I sleep in it next,” teased Lily.

“Oh shut up!” laughed James, throwing a pillow at her.

Lily caught it and threw it back. “And I bet that you want to write to your friends, bragging about how you slept in my bed. But I would ask you to add the fact that I was never there with you.”

“Well if it gets lonely in here I may slip over and be with you,” he stated flatly.

“You do that and you will never have kids, you pervert,” she laughed, sitting on the bed.

“So I guess that two to a bed won’t be applied here,” he asked.

“You do and-”

“I know, no kids.”

Both of them exploded in laughter.

“Lil.” James sat up.

“What, James?” asked Lily.

“I’m glad I came.”

“Abnormals,” called Petunia. “Time for supper.”

James, once again, tailed Lily as she lead him down the stairs to the dinning room.

James had never been to a muggle house hold and its lack of certain things made him feel out of place. There was a sort of box called a television, that pictures came out of. He was rather unaccustomed of what was going on.

“So, you are Lily’s boyfriend?” asked Mr. Evans.

“For the last time, Dad, no,” answered Lily quickly.

“Well that’s a relief! I was starting to think that my little sister was a slut,” sneered Petunia.

“You little bitch.”

“Lily, don’t swear at the dinner table,” reprimanded Mrs. Evans sternly looking down at her younger daughter.

“Honestly, at least it’s only one of them,” continued Petunia.

“Who is that?” asked Lily. “I’m not going out with anyone that I know of.”

“What about that boy on the train station?”

“Snape, well he’s just... Well, He’s Snape...”

“It is obvious that he likes you,” commented Petunia conversationally. Straightening up, she continued in a harsher tone, “You are so dense, Lily. And his brother-”


“Whatever,” continued Petunia. “Was just strange. I don’t know what’s going on, but something is.”

There was an awkward silence at the dining table for the rest of the meal.


The next day James woke up in Lily’s bed. I can’t believe that I am here in Lily’s house, in her bed. Whether or not she is here doesn’t matter, this is pretty much as good as it gets. He thought standing up and walking over to his suit case.

He quickly dressed, and walked over to the bathroom to brush his teeth. As he opened the door he heard a scream.

“Damn you, James! Don’t you ever knock?!” shouted Lily, wrapping a towel to cover her naked body.

Adverting his eyes, James stared at the sink. “Sorry, Lily, I had no um... idea that you were naked and coming out of the shower.”

“Just get out!” she snapped, pushing James out of the bathroom.

James stood out in the hall, feeling amazed. He had just seen Lily Evans naked. She had to have been the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts with her cloths on, naked, well, maybe in the whole world.

Opening the door, Lily frowned at James. “Okay, Pervert, don’t you ever do that again or you’ll never have kids. Got that? I have very sharp scissors and I know how to use them.”

“Next time i’ll knock!” shouted James as she walked down the hall to her sister’s bedroom.

“What was that all about?” asked Petunia as Lily entered the room.

“Oh, James was just being his normal self,” remarked Lily cooly, pulling a brush through her wet hair.

“Oh, well Mum and Dad left at four this morning, they are going to a friend’s house down in Kent, so we’re alone. And they told me to make sure that there was no funny business. And Vernon is coming at eight tonight, so don’t do any magic.”

“Wasn’t going to,” said Lily, heading down stairs into the kitchen.

“My parents are at a friend’s house,” she explained to James who was writing a letter to Sirius and Remus at the kitchen table.

“Oh, that’s nice.” He hardly looked up, but Lily noticed that his face had turned slightly red.

“How would you like me to make some breakfast.”

“What sort?” asked James, looking up from drawing a picture of the full moon in the margin of his paper.

“How about some French toast?” suggested Lily. “I’m good at making that.”


For several minutes Lily was occupied with making the breakfast for the both of them.

“Geez, Lil, this is good stuff,” said James taking a bite of it when she was done making it.

An owl rapped on the Evans’s kitchen window. Lily ran over to it and cranked the window open.

“Look James,” she said. “It’s for you, must be some sort of Christmas card.” Handing the small brown envelope to James, she smiled sweetly.

“Tt’s from my mum,” murmured James, taking the letter from Lily and looking at the address scribbled on the envelope. “She was never good with a quill,” he added at Lily’s odd look.

“I was going to say that it looked like a five-year-old’s.”


“Maybe ten.”

James groaned and opened the letter. The piece of parchment was short, and after reading it, James banged his head on the table, groaning.

“What?” asked Lily.

“Oh, my cousin is in St. Mungos,” explained James, cooly, looking at Lily.

“I’m so sorry, James.”

“It’s okay, I hate his guts,” said James. “It is just what happened that is so off.”

“What happened?”

James sighed, and ruffled his hair. “He was attacked by the dementors.”

“You mean those guards of Azkaban. The-”

“The ones in the dark robes and they make you feel as if you will never be happy again.”

“I didn’t think that they were away from Azkaban,” whispered Lily.

“They answer to Voldemort now, the Ministry has lost control of them. Now the dementors roam free and do horrible things.”

“They didn’t-” began Lily.

“Perform the kiss,” finished James.


“They did, that’s why he is in the hospital. Nothing has worked, all he does is stare off into space. And according to my Mum it doesn’t look good for him, and she wants me to visit him before they have to kill him.”

“Why?” asked Lily shocked, looking around.

“He could become a dementor, that is usually how it happens. He won’t become a true one, but Voldemort would love to get his hands on my cousin now, and he was already on his top twenty list.” James sighed and walked over to the door way. “Good day, Petunia,” he said noticing Lily’s sister standing in the doorway, looking white faced.

“Why were you eavesdropping?” asked Lily sternly.

“I didn’t mean to,” squeaked Petunia, looking at James’ wand which was in his pocket.

“Well next time announce your presence,” shot Lily, hurrying out of the room after James.

“Do you think she understood?” asked James.

“No, she doesn’t get magic,” answered Lily once they were upstairs.

“Well any way, I am going to go to St. Mungos’ today, my mum asked that I do so. And the rest of the family will be there, so it would be a great opportunity to show off her son,” added James coldly.

“May I come with you?” asked Lily.

“Why would you want to, it is just my family and besides my dad everyone is a freak.”

“I want to be with you.”


“If you go then I go, James,” said Lily. “And Bob’s your uncle.”

Rolling his eyes, James said sarcastically. “’Cest la vie.”


“So this afternoon, we’ll go. But I’m warning you, my family may not like you as much as I wish they would, and it’s probably gonna be a cry feast.”

“Why?” asked Lily.

“Because tomorrow they are going to kill him.”

“No, I know that, why will your family hate me?”

“Urgh, Lil!”

“Tell me.” She took a hold of James’ sleeve.

“You aren’t like them.”

Frowning, Lily understood what he meant. “Well I’m still coming any way,” said Lily stubbornly.

“Fine, your life, not mine.”

Lily laughed. “Of course, James. I just want to be with you. You know that.”

“I do.” James smiled to himself.

“But if you think that you’ll get anything because of that, you’ll never-”

“Have kids, right.” James laughed.

“Are you mocking me.”

“Maybe,” said James slyly.

“James,” said Lily.


“I’m glad you’re my friend.”

A/N: I do not own Harry Potter or the picture.

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