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Lest we forget by 0015_jaja_1500
Chapter 1 : Depressing summer
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Chapter 1

This chapter had been re edited, thanx ofcourse to my beta reader Anaksunamun-kalia.

Depressing summer

Gorgeous Chapter pic by Moonys aimee of DA :D

"I still can’t believe how stupid I am!" she thought angrily. "Why? Why the hell did I have tell him?"

It was the first week of their summer vacation and Hermione was in misery. She had always liked harry.

She reached for her brush and combed her hair. She even changed her look just for Harry. She no longer had that bushy, untameable hair but straight, shiny dark brown hair with light brown streaks. She could never forget that night…


"Harry…. I want to tell you something.." Hermione shifted from where she was standing. She was almost shaking in nervousness and she felt as if she was going to hyperventilate in any second.

"What is it? Are you ok?" he asked, worriedly.

"Yeah…I’m fine…it’s just.. ."

She took a deep breath and said, "Harry, I love you"

"Well…’Mione I love you too… I mean you and Ron are the best of friends I have ever had, you’re al-"

"No! I don’t mean that, I meant I love you… as more than a friend….I- I’ve been in love with you for years I just couldn’t tell you because I know you had this thing with Cho"

There was a moment of silence

"Umm... Her-Hermione… the thing is…I …umm… love you only as a friend…"
Then he shook his head, "No not just a friend, like a sister and-"

Tears were streaming down her face as she took in what he was telling her. She immediately wiped them away with her sleeve.

“—and I don’t want things to change"

-End of flashback-

Neither of them told Ron about what they talked about that night. Things between her and Harry became very awkward after that night. There was no time to talk about what happened anyway since Harry was still trying to defeat Voldemort and when he finally did, she was there ofcourse and ofcourse… Cho was there.

The war was extremely bloody and Hermione almost got herself killed by Voldemort himself. She was hit by two of the unforgivable curses. Voldemort was about to hit her with the Avada kedavra curse but Harry was there, and he saved her. Hermione thought he did that because he loved her. But it turned out she was wrong, horribly wrong. Hagrid died, He was there trying to help Harry but the death eaters were too powerful and he didn’t have his wand.

After the end of school, Cho and Harry got back together, naturally.

Hermione looked around her room, those memories still fresh in her mind. She saw pictures of male stars like Johnathan Bennet and the drawn picture of her dream house, but it wasnt the same; it felt very different without crookshanks.

Pansy Parkinson had killed Crookshanks. She denied it ofcourse, but Neville saw her holding Crookshanks by the neck and carrying him by the forest. He did nothing about it though; he had been too scared but hermione never blamed him.

She lay on her bed for a while thinking when someone knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" Hermione asked.

‘It’s me… can I come in? I need to tell you something." her mom replied.

She wanted to be alone for a little while but then she remembered that her mom was going out of town for the summer so instead she allowed Mrs. Granger to enter.

"Sure" She stood up and opened the door."Hey, so... what did you want to tell me?’ she inquired. They both sat on the bed. She and her mom were not really that close anymore. She hated her mom most of the time because of what she does to Mr. Granger.

They stared at each other for awhile. Then her mother began to speak.

"Honey…umm… this is going to be hard…."

"What do you mean, Mum….Are you okay? Did something happen?" Hermione asked

She noticed her father standing on the doorway looking very uncomfortable.
Her mom reached for her hand and gave it a quick squeeze. Hermione began to worry but only for a second.

"Mom, come on just tell me" Hermione pleaded

"Hermione… your father and I are getting a…a divorce-" her mom said in a serious voice.

Hermione’s mouth dropped open. "WHAT?!" Hermione exclaimed, shocked.

"Honey, I knew this is going to be hard for your but your father and I think it’s the only option-

"No…this isn’t happening, tell me your joking… Dad? She’s joking right"’ she asked

Her dad looked away, trying to look interested at a spot on the floor.

Her mom shook her head. "I’m sorry honey; it’s the only way that we can see to keep things from getting out of control"

"No! Maybe you can still fix this, please… mom.." Her eyes starting to fill up with tears.

"I’m sorry honey…." Her mom replied

There was a moment of silence. Then Hermione broke off

"How long have you decided on this?" Hermione wanted to know.

"A few months ago… "

"And you didn’t tell me sooner?? How could you?!" Hermione shot back

"We knew this was unfair to you… but we were afraid of how you’ll react, we—" her dad stated, glumly

“Let me talk to my daughter first Mark” her mom cut in. “leave us for a sec, will you?”

Her dad left and that made Hermione even angrier.

“Why?! why do you keep doing that to dad”

Her mom ignored her then she began “Hermione, there’s another thing”

‘What is it?’ she questioned sadly, silently crying

‘Well…. you're going to have to come with me to Australia.”

“What!!???” Hermione yelled. “NO WAY!! I’m not coming with you!”

This time she could no longer take it. She ran out of the room, her dad calling out from  behind her as he reached the first floor. She reached for the door and wrenched it open.

She jumped in her car and drove away at top speed. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she drove. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand only to be replaced with fresh new tears.

Finally she reached her destination;The board walk. She always went there whenever she wanted to think. The place looked peaceful as ever. She breathed in the fresh air and found the perfect spot to sit in. She looked around and saw that there were only a few people around, mostly couples, some with their families.

She watched as a family were having picnic, the father was trying to catch his daughter who  was running, laughing as she went. The child's mother was watching this, laughing heartily to herself. She watched this all with jealousy in her eyes as a single tear fell from it.


Draco just came in the house from school and noticed the house was quiet and empty. He called for house elves but none came. Draco’s father was just killed a few months ago by the Aurors. He wasn’t at all too sad about what happened. He hated his father; he made his life a living hell. The war ofcourse was finished just as he finished his sixth year in Hogwarts, and Voldemort was defeated by none other than the great Harry Potter. Stupid effin scarhead, Potter.

Many suspected that he was already a Death Eater but when they checked, he did not have the mark on his forearm saving him from being thrown into Azkaban. His initiation was supposed to be this summer. He was really glad it was not going to happen anymore.

He liked the dark arts, but he resented his father so much that whatever his father wanted for him, he hated it too. And his dad was really keen in making him a Death eater.

"Mother???... Where are you?" Draco called out

His mom suddenly appeared from the ballroom, poking her head out.

‘DRACO! You’re home! Thank goodness!’ Narcissa Malfoy cried happily.

Draco’s mother however was different. She never liked to be a part of the dark side with his father but he always threatened her that he’d kill Draco so she had no choice but to follow. He reckoned that she had thrown a huge party when she found out her husband had died.

"Uh, Mother? What happened here? Where are our things? Where are the house elves?" Draco asked in his direct way

Narcissa looked as if her son just asked him if santa clause was real. She shifted uncomfortably from where she was standing.

"Honey…. the ummm... Ministry raided our house a few days ago…. and they found all of your father’s dark belongings….We needed to pay the fine so I sold all of our things including the house elves. I never thought I would ever going to say this, but umm… we're broke" Narcissa pointed out.

"What about Father's other estate? His vault?"

"Gone, draco just like you father."

"WHAT? Then how come you didn’t write to me?! Where are we going to live now?" Draco demanded in an undertone.

“Well, I couldn’t afford any house here in the wizarding world so we're living in the muggle world,” Narcissa said glumly.

Draco’s mouth dropped open

"NO WAY! I am not going to the muggle world! Never!" Draco wailed. "I would rather live in the Girl's bathroom with moaning myrtle than go live in the muggle world.

"Ok then... Fine, you can leave on the streets, see if i care!" Narcissa shot back

Draco looked at the blank expression on his mother’s face and immediately changed his mind. He knew he wouldnt be able to change his mother's mind now. His mother seemed to have read his mind, and her expression now seemed satisfied

"Draco just look at the silver lining, this is going to be an experience for us since we’ve never been to the muggle world before." his mother said, attempting to smile but failing miserably.

"That’s just it! We know nothing about muggles!" Draco added, refusing to be cheered

"I’m sure we’ll get used to it…it'll be SUCH a great experience, and by the way we're going to need a job… in the muggle world’ his mother admitted

"You are fucking kidding me! I can’t believe this!" Draco moaned. "This is not happening"

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Lest we forget: Depressing summer


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