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She Hates Me by wolf2010
Chapter 1 : She Hates Me
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Hey, everyone! This is my first fanfic! It should be really good!
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter *sob*...and the song She Hates Me is by Puddle of Mudd!


Seventeen year old James Potter stepped out onto the Quidditch feild with his excellent team. They met cheers, screams, and from the Slytherns, sneers and boos.

James looked up into the stands and saw a certain red-head that made his heart flip; Lily Evans.


Met a girl, thought she was grand
Fell in love, found out first hand
Went well for a week or two
Then it all came unglued


Lily Evans was the most perfect girl in James' mind. They had gone out once in third year but Lily quickly dumped James (along with some yelling) because he was absolutly rude to all of the Slytherns.

But James still loved Lily with all of his heart. He tried as hard as her could to let her go, but every time he saw her, he fell in love with her again.

Lily met James' eyes for a moment. James gaver her his most charming smile (more like a smirk to Lily). Lily rolled her eyes and turned back to her friends.

Sirius, who had been watching the Lily/James conflict, cought up with James. "Don't worry, mate! Don't let her get to you; we're about to cream Hufflepuff!"

James spirits lifted a little as they reached the center of the feild. The Hufflepuffs were still making their way to Madam Hooch so James took that time to glance up at Lily.

James' eyes narrowed and he felt anger smoldering inside of his chest when he saw Lily laughing and chatting with some pretty-boy. His anger reached boiling point as he saw that the prat could make Lily blush.


In a trap, that I can't grip
Never thought I'd be the one who'd slip
Then I started to realize
I was living one big lie


"James...shake hands!" someone hissed in his ear, snapping him to attention. James noticed that the Hufflepuff team had arrived and their caption had his hand out expectantly. Still furious, James quickly grabbed the caption's hand and speezed it, maybe a little too tight; he saw the caption wince and he quickly took his hand back.

"On the count of three, then," said Madam Hooch, "1.... 2.... 3!" And they were off.

The game went as expected; James scored most of Gryffindor's 360 points and Sirius already sent a Hufflepuff chaser and beater to the Hospital Wing. The game was 360-20 Gryffindor.

It was about half way through the game when James happened to fly over Lily. He looked down at her and gave her a wink and a charming smile.

Lily looked angry and gave James a "rude hand-gesture". That was it. James snapped. He had had enough crap from Lily and he didn't need any from her now.

James sat frozen on his broomstick, furious. He suddenly yelled, "Shit!"


She fucking hates me
She fucking hates me
La la la love
I tried to hard
And she tore my feelings like I had none
And ripped them away


James had to get out of there. He was so angry that he didn't know what to do. He took off for the ground, surprising everybody.

James recalled the last time he was this mad. It was after Lily dumped him in their third year. She had no guilt in doing it either.


She was queen for about an hour
After that shit got sour
She took all I ever had
No sign of guilt
No feeling of bad, no


James landed in the middle of the field and threw his broomstick down, hard, on the ground. The whole Quidditch field was silent, all watching James.

Suddenly James yelled into the silence, "She fucking hates me!" He grabbed his hair and kicked the ground. He was so angry that he didn't even feel nervous when Professor McGonagall came running over to him.

"Potter!" she screamed, "Get back on your broom!" James whipped around to face her and the whole school held it's breath as James marched over to her and grabbed the front of her robes.

"She fucking hates me," he growled.

"Yes, Potter," barked McGonagall, pushing him off of her. "But if you want to win this match-"

"Do you expect me to play now?" James yelped, "She hates me! I love her but she hates me! Do you have any idea how it feels?!"


I'm a trapped trip, I can't grip
Never thought I'd be the one who'd slip
Then I started to realize
I was living one big lie


The team called a time-out and landed around James and McGonagall. "James!" groaned McLaggen, "Get over it! We just need to win this and then you can go have a pity party!"

James' head snapped to McLaggen. "Look, McLaggen. I am in no mood to hear from you. You think it is a 'pity party', do you? Well, this is what I think of you!"

James suddenly tackled the large figure of McLaggen to the ground. He was pounding every inch of the fat whale that he could. Distantly, James heard shouts of, "Go James!", "Potter, you'll get into trouble!", "Get off of him, James!", and "Beat the crap out of him, Potter!"

But one shout came above the rest. It was from Lily. "Fine, Fine, Potter! I'll go out with you! Just stop killing him and get back up there and win-this-match!"

James' eyes snapped up to meet Lily's. She was pleading with him with her eyes. James couldn't help himself, Lily looked so cute when she was worried. He pushed himself off of the bleeding, great, lump that was McLaggen and walked swiftly to Lily.

He stood in front of her for a moment, merely gazing into her eyes. Then he bent over and kissed her. The crowd of students were cheering, wolf-whistling, cat-calling, or sobbing (in the Potter Fan Club's case).

James pulled away and, once again, looked into Lily's eyes. She smirked a little as she said, "I don't hate you..." James' heart lifted until she said, "I just think you're an embarrassment to human kind and that you are extremly big-heading and rude." But upon seeing the hurt look on James' face, she added, "But in a cute way."


Well, what did you think? Please, please, please REVIEW! ***on knees begging for reviews!***

~*The Wolf*~

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She Hates Me: She Hates Me


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