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Il Serpente Della Regina by Wierd_Sisters
Chapter 1 : Prologue{Who Am I}
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Time is an illusion. An illusion set by people so they may work here and there and go places in their day to day activities. Time is nothing more than a mere standing point created by the human beings that litter the earth.

I am one of those. One grain of sand in a sandbox. One sole star in the galaxy. One small human in the billions of people that browse about the planet.

I am but one person. But who I am doesnít matter. Itís not like Iím wasting my time, or youíre wasting your time. Because as Iíve said before, time is an illusion.

One speck of dust on a window sill. One strand of hair on a womanís head. One drop of blood in a car accident.

Itís strange, sometimes, how you can relate to so many things. Iíve listed a few above, actually. But there are many, many more.

Who am I? You might be asking this question. Without a name for someone theyíre nothing, right? Wrong. Me, for example. I have no name. My soul purpose is not based off of one small word concocted by parents. No, because you see, I have no parents. I have no siblings. Iím clueless to how I was ever placed on this earth. I have no name, no friends, no soul.

Who am I? The question still remains. Questions. They are a way of knowledge for our kind. A way to grasp a learning prospect to broaden your minds about. But some questions should remain unanswered. Such as this one. Who am I?

It is not a question to be answered in one simple word. I ask you, who are you? Itís quite easy for you to do. As most people answer the question not so thoroughly.

You reply with your name, I assume. But that is not the real answer. The real answer is not a mere name given to you by your ancestors. It is a question that simply canít be answered, and more over all, shouldnít be. For what lies beyond the question is unknownóeven for a harmless five year old girl. It is the question beyond all questions. The question that should never be answered.

You know how I said before, I have no name? No parents. That I was clueless to how I was ever put on this earth?

It was a lie. A mere fib echoing throughout my vocal chords. I have a name, though I donít go by it often. I have parentsóhorrible ones to say. I know how I was put on this earth. I just wish to think all of those things werenít real. My name, my parents, and how I was placed on this earth. And as we all know, the human mind is a strange place. But my mind, you see, is not only strange, itís a dangerous place.

My mind is not only controlled my other things outside our own knowledge, but it is a place that canít be reckoned with. If I were to suddenly place you in my head, into my soul, into my unit. You would be dead in an instant. Because you see, in my mind, things run too quickly for anything to be of life among there.

Think of it as Pluto. Unknown to all. Dark, cold, and life-less. That is my mind. Based off of the smallest planet in our solar system. Iíve been in my mind a few times. But the only way I live is because in my mind, Iím not alive anyway. My soul itself it dead. My heart and mind are week. I am no longer a mortal human being. But I am not immortal. I am a human in the same way. As Iíve said, my mind is a strange and dangerous place. A place no one should be allowed inside of.

The topic then sets onto your mind. I have issued your warning. What shall you do now? Shall you walk away, pretend you had never seen this warning I have just given you? Or will you stay? Take your chances with my mind with great ease, ready for a good story?

I issue you another warning. This is not a good story. My mind will be the death of us all one day.

But what do you want anyway? If you choose to continue reading this, what is it that you wish for? What is to be gained by reading my story of anguish and darkness? Nothing, I tell you.

You have no idea who I am, and you donít want to, believe me. I am of the unknown. No one knows me Ė not even myself. Yes, I know, that doesnít make sense. No one ever said life made sense, you know. No one ever said life would be happy and wonderful, because frankly, it isnít.

You donít know me. No one does. This world we live in is only a figment of our imaginations. We are the creators of this lone soul place we continue to stride through in our day to day lives. How are we to know what lies out there in the world? The world we alone have crafted to match our very best needs. But sometimesÖ.things donít go exactly as planned.

Everything is a mystery Ė we can never be too sure of anything. Anything at all. Not everything can be answered; not everything has an answer. And the others, they shouldnít be answered at all. Leaving things to the unknown is not the wisest choice, but it is a smart one.

We canít know everything because we werenít meant to. Human beings believe anything and everything can be answered and that with a little hard labor, can be discovered. They make everything seem so easy in life at times, and sometimes quite the opposite.

I suppose my story perhaps might be boring you by now, you think me to be some person wrapped up in their self-pity about how their life is insane, and that itís just a regular old tale about a girl who hates living all together and has some mystic power thatís as well insane. Iíve seen those tales everywhere; they are, because, for some odd reason, they are very popular.

I doubt my story will be popular at all. It will most likely fall to the end of your mind while you sit and drool slowly escapes your lips from boredom. Either way, this story isnít meant for you. So I donít really care if you like it or not, itís truth.

Let me take you back to time where you might understand this better. A time when things were different. A time when I was still sane. A time when I wasnít afraid to look to my mind for advice; a time starting October the fourth, 1943Ö

A/N: And? Eh? Took my long enough to finish the prologue. Heh. I just hope it was worth the wait, and Iím actually working on Peanut. ^.^ So donít fret, and hopefully you wont give up one me... Iím trying. ^^; And I know the prologue isnt the best of the best, but the story gets better I assure you. ^_^

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Il Serpente Della Regina: Prologue{Who Am I}


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