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The Weapon by Bellamybabe
Chapter 5 : The Recovery (Part Two)
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Chapter Five: The Recovery- (Part Two) 

Albus entered the Burrow that morning; the sun was shining in all its summer warmth and leaves were rustling in the trees. He smiled and breathed in a great breath of cool, clear air before entering the house. Molly, who was cooking the breakfast nodded and informed Albus in a whisper that Harry was indeed calmer but a little withdrawn still. Albus nodded and entered the sitting room. Ron was playing chess with Ginny. Hermione was sitting on the couch reading a book. Beside her, curled up in a ball was Harry staring into the flames. Fred and George were whispering to each other over a piece or parchment. Percy was huffing and doing some paper work and Arthur was reading the Daily Prophet. 

“As you suspected Albus, Fudge hasn’t revealed anything.” Arthur said when the aging wizard sat down and observed the distant teenager before him. Hermione smiled warmly at the headmaster before reading more of last years transfiguration text. 

“There is a gap” Harry said allowed. His eyes were still upon the fire but his voice was clear. Everyone stopped doing whatever it was they were occupying their time with and looked at the famous young man. 

“A gap? Where is it?” Arthur asked. He smiled at the young man. He spoke kindly, knowing that maybe he was speaking nonsense like a small child did. “There is a gap in the wards; in a tunnel covered by a trap door, centre of the kitchen.” Harry said simply. Arthur looked at Albus before the two went in and removed a charm and found a trap door and opened it to reveal a tunnel. 

“We have a tunnel? Cool!” Fred or George said. 

“It’s for emergencies only. But how did he know?” 

“They found something, but aren’t sure what it is. The other end is near opening. They would get in without anyone’s knowledge.” Harry supplied, still curled up in a ball. 

“Harry, who has found the tunnel?” Albus asked kneeling before him, forcing his emerald eyes upon him. 

“Death Eaters… they haven’t opened it but certain spells reveal something is there. You have a visitor” At that moment the fire burst green before a tall haunting figure stepped out dressed in black robes; his greasy hair hanging down past his ears and his hooked nose a guideline to glare down at people, mostly students. He dusted himself before being flung against the wall. 

“Harry!” Molly called as the curled figure stood and slammed Professor Severus Snape against the wall, magically then physically. 

“He is one of them… I can smell it from him. Covered in blood, no matter how many showers he will take it is still there… evil vermin…” Harry said punching him powerfully across the face. But Severus had his wand upon him in seconds. Harry smiled maliciously before grabbing his hand and pulling the sleeve down revealing the mark. Severus snarled before punching Harry, forcing him to the ground. Harry was up in seconds, unfazed by the thumping bruise that was growing on this cheek. He held out his hand as the air shifted and grew heavy. A wind picked up and a spark of magic sent Severus flying into the kitchen. Harry moved to go for him but Albus blocked his way. 

“Harry he is a spy, for us against Voldemort…” “Move aside, mudblood!” A hissing voice snarled. “Never… I will not stand and watch you harm my child…” “After you’re gone, he will be harmed…” “Nooo!” “Severus, are you alright?” Albus asked kneeling beside the thirty-something man. He drew in a deep breath as he sat up. “I apologise, he acted before I knew what was happening. He is a quick fellow, no?” Albus said smiling as Severus sat down and accepted the potion from Molly. 

“Indeed. I am guessing you found the Potter brat!” 

“He isn’t a brat Severus. Please do not allow past experiences to cloud your judgement. Minister Fudge had him from the night Lily and James died. He has had Ex-Auror Gregory Chaplin train him as a weapon. He is powerful but he is broken. He was punished magically and muggle-like. He is fearful and protective of Chaplin. He was punished for feeling. We are trying to get him to open up.” 

"He certainly opened up alright.” Fred said. “Opened up and can of whoop-ass.” George replied before both fell into fits of laughter with everyone else before Molly began yelling and apologising to Severus. 

“I assume he is the reason I was called here.” Severus said accepting toast from Molly and a cup of coffee. 

“Very much so. He detected a gap in our wards.” “He did? Where?” “A trapdoor leading to an escape tunnel under this very kitchen. He said…” 

“Lucius believes he has found something on the far side of the country.” Severus muttered, remembering the man having a fit not being able to remove the charms. 

“How long is that tunnel?” Ginny asked. 

“Well, it reaches up to the end of the town then it transports anyone at the end to the exit. It is like a little apparition platform.” Arthur said. “I just don’t know if it works the other way.” 

“Not from my recollection.” Molly said sitting down and eating breakfast. “Where is this weapon then?” Severus said asked not finding him around the table. 

“Unconscious on the couch.” Ron said spraying food onto the table. 

“Ron!” Molly and Hermione growled. 

“Was it by a spell?” Severus asked. 

“No. Actually I was telling him you where a spy for Voldemort, then he collapsed. I was going to tell him a little more, nothing personal but he collapsed after I said Voldemort.” 

“Some weapon!” Severus muttered. “He did it once before when he first woke up here. He curled into a ball when I brought something up about his parents dying. I believe that Chaplin did something to his memories; to prevent any of them playing and him feeling.” Albus said. 

“And there lies my assignment for the day, right? Go in find the damaged then report back, right?” Severus said, asking but really telling. Albus just nodded. 

“Oh, he is, I believe a Legilmens and an Occlumens.” Albus said softly. Severus tolled his eyes and moved forward into the sitting room. Harry was lying on his back, and arm over the side, his knuckles brushing against the carpet. He had a blanket covering him silently and was thin. Severus raised an eyebrow at that. He turned around. 

“I do trust you have a file on his health, right?” Severus said. He grabbed it from Albus’ hands before re-entering the sitting room. He opened it and read the information no his medicine potions. He shook his head. 

“Is there a problem Severus?” Albus asked as he entered followed by Molly and Arthur. 

“The potions administered are to be taken once and a while; something like twice a week. He administered them twice a day. No wonder he had the reaction he had.” Severus said turning the page and almost paling at the note at ‘possible psychic’. 

“He predicted Fawkes arriving and you. So I am assuming that it could be correct. I think its little things that come to him; I doubt he knows everything before it happens.” Albus said. Severus just shrugged before closing it and conjuring a page and writing a couple of notes and placing it just in the opening before pointing his wand at the young frail child. 

“Legimens” Severus was sucked into a dark world immediately. He heard faint whispers around him and cries of either pain or fear. He looked around and saw flashes that he would compare to a lightening storm preparing to strike. He moved around the wards. He snaked his way in and out of cracks before coming into a blinding light. He felt all sorts of emotions and warmth flickering about. He moved and felt himself being dragged into a memory. 

“Potter, you are not concentrating.” Chaplin, or who Severus presumed was Chaplin, yelled at a small child of possibly ten. He was gripping a wand and shivering as the man yelled and sent a stinging hex. The young Potter cried only to receive a back hand and a lecture on how Emotions kill. Even Severus thought that was cruel. He would never harm a child in his life and he despised who ever did. A child, even a child of Potter, was innocent. Severus moved through them. They were all the same before he found some startling sense of Harry being locked in an empty room in the dark and whimpering silently as Chaplin went off to speak with Fudge. 

Chaplin locked him in there because he was a dangerous emotional state. He locked him up so he wouldn’t escape or destroy anything important. He watched the young child grow into a teenager and getting less and less emotional. He watched as a healer appeared once a week to poison the child to see how he would react to interrogation and torture. Harry seemed to handle it well but inside he felt everything blacken and darken. Severus suddenly feared that Harry was then as emotionless as Voldemort himself. He realised where he was, the dead centre of Harry. The many potions and punishments build a solid wall around his emotions and thoughts and memories where Severus resided now. 

Everyone watched the emotions flicked on the Potions masters face. He was rooted still. His eyes trained on the boy unblinking. His body was ridged and his breath slow and concentrated. He was as still as a statue. But emotions from hatred to fear flickered through his eyes continuously. Albus was growing more and more concerned for the young child. 

Suddenly Severus gasped and nearly fell forward. Albus grabbed him quickly and guided him to a chair. He retrieved a calming potion and a headache cure as Snape proceeded to rub his temples. He drank them and looked solemnly at Albus. 

“What did you find?” Albus asked, dreading the answer. 

“He has as many emotions as the dark lord.” Severus asked. Albus sighed and Molly gasped. “From years of torture, for lack of a better word, he has a visibly strong barrier around his emotions. It is dark and cold, but once you get past the wards you entered something akin to warmth and well an emotional child filled with memories.” 

“Was they a woman who visited a lot?” Albus asked suddenly remembering Harry’s mutterings. 

“Yes, a healer. She would come once a week and injected many poisons into him. It was to test his interrogation and torture skills. He was barely nine when he started. As the weeks went on the poisons became more and more dangerous and hard to control.” 

“The poor child” Molly said sitting down and resting Harry’s head on her lap and running her hands through his head. 

“He needs attention of a loving sort but less people.” Severus said. “Molly can provide it but I fear he needs it solely for himself. Molly has seven children and a friend to pay attention too also.” 

“Are you offering?” Albus said with a twinkle in his eyes. Severus just glared. “I will find something I hope.” Albus said as Molly pulled a warm blanket over him as he whimpered and curled up, his head still on her lap. “Maybe Sirius and Remus are what he needs, someone who knew his parents and can lighten up any mood.” Molly said gently stroking Harry’s cheek. Albus fell into thought. “You can’t leave them out of the decision making… Sirius would go mental.” Fred said as he entered with the others. 


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The Weapon: The Recovery (Part Two)


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