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My Childhood Love by baby_gurl17
Chapter 2 : Something Missing
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"Hermione we're going to be late! Come on now dear!"
"Coming Mother”
She finished getting ready by placing the gold locket around her neck. She was wearing her robes, her hair down and frizzy, she put on natural-looking makeup and some lip gloss. She ran down the stairs and into the car. She was so excited a new school! And to think, Draco and I are going to the same school…AS A COUPLE!!!! She had a huge smile on her face that reached each ear.
“What are you so happy about?” Her mother asked, never seeing her daughter look so happy in all her life.
“Oh …nothing. Just a new school and all”
They drove to the train station and Hermione went to platform 9 3/4 . She couldn’t find Draco anywhere. She looked down at her watch: 8:39. Where was he? They were supposed to meet at 8:30 so they could sit together in the train! She missed her Drackie Poo.

“Mother! Where is my luggage?”
“In the car dear”
“And my wand?”
“In your pocket dear”
“Your wearing them dear! Now come on now we’re going to miss the train! It’s 8:40!”
He dashed to the car. When Draco finally reached the platform, he couldn’t find Hermione anywhere. As he was stepping into the train, he felt something flop on his back.
“Hey! What the heck is-“
“Draco!” It was Hermione! She gave him a big hug from behind. Draco turned around and took her hand. “Nice to see you again Miss Granger” He kissed her hand lightly.
She giggled “Oh please Draco we’re not in front of our parents or anything.”
“Hey! Your right!” And with that, he lifted his hand to her cheek and kissed her lightly and tenderly on the lips.
Just then, a big hairy man yelled out “Everyone on the Train, let’s get to Hogwarts today!”
Suddenly a huge mob of people came rushing towards the door, where Hermione and Draco we talking and holding hands. The big group split them apart.
They reached for each other’s hand, but their grip wasn’t strong enough. They got separated and entered different parts of the train.
Hermione didn’t know what to do. She looked everywhere for Draco, as she was walking down the hall, a frog hopped between her feet and she screeched. A chubby boy came by.
“Hello my name is Neville. Have you seen my Frog?”
She knew that she might as well help. She started looking in the compartments, and then stopped to talk to two boys. One she could tell was the famous Harry Potter and the other a red-headed boy with a bit of dirt on his nose.
“Excuse me, have you seen a frog? A boy named Neville lost it.”
She looked at Harry.
“My word! Your Harry Potter! I’m Hermione Ganger…and you are?” She looked at the red-headed boy in disgust as he stuffed his face with food.
“ Rwoskj-he swallowed hard- Ron Weasley”
“Charmed” Eww how disgusting...
“May I join you?”
“Of course” Harry replied with a smile.

Draco couldn’t find her anywhere! He sat in a compartment that was empty hoping she would find him. Just then two fat boys walked in with clueless expressions on their face.
“What are you staring at trogs!”
They sat down. Draco stared at them
“I’m Crabbe, he’s Goyle”
“I am Malfoy, Draco Malfoy” He said it with great proudness in his voice.

Draco was sick sitting around, he wanted Hermione. The two goons seemed to ant to hang with him, so he listened to one last pointless topic, but this one tweaked his attention.
“Did you hear Harry Potter is on the train”
“Yes.” Draco said with a bored sigh.
“That guy will be the Hero of Hogwarts one day soon”
“I highly doubt that” Draco said because I will be and then Hermione will give me a victory kiss!
“Well, that boy has so much history about him already any girl would fall for him”
Draco eyes popped. Any girl??? Hermione isn’t just any girl…but she loves reading and she read about Harry Potter and I remember her going on about his accomplishments! What if she is with him right now! They could be flirting! OR kissing! OR SNOGGING!!!!
“I have to go boys. See you at Hogwarts”
He left quickly and started looking in the compartment windows for a frizzy hair reflection.

“So, how is your love life?” Hermione asked Harry, “Surely a hero such as yourself would have a girlfriend” She asked with curiosity not interest but by the look on Ron’s face, he thought otherwise.
“No I don’t have one.” Harry laughed, “But I have a friend who’s a girl”
“Who’s that?”
“You.” He smiled and Hermione smiled back, they gave each other a hug, but at the worst time. Draco was looking through the window just at that moment. Seeing them talk and laugh and hug. How could she? I thought she loved me. All this time I thought she felt the same but I guess any girl would want a famous hero for a boyfriend. I’m a nobody. Draco walked away slowly, looking back now and again at the new couple.

When they reached Hogwarts and were in front of the doors to the Great Hall, Draco looked over at Potter and Granger, side by side talking. He had enough!
“Hermione what is wrong with you I couldn’t find you on the train”
“Sorry… I went looking for you then I sat inside a compartment with Harry and Ron hoping you would find me, but you never came”
“Oh I came all right! I found you in the arms of Potter!”
“What?!?!? No Draco you don’t understand it was an innocent hug, like friends give.”
“Don’t give me that angelic routine! You can be naughty when you want to be!”
“Well what are you saying? “
“We’re over you hear me! You filthy mudblood!” He came to her neck and angrily took off the locket. She began to form tears in her eyes.
“But Draco, I love you”
“Well I don’t love you, go ask Potter to go buy you a locket! To him it’s like one measly dollar!”
Hermione couldn’t take this. She was ran back to catch up with Harry and Ron. Draco was stunned at what he just did, Oh Hermione, I’m so sorry…

In the Great Hall, all the first years were being sorted. Once Draco was sorted into Slytherin, he sat down and looked at the locket he hand been gripping in his hand… What great memories….


“Hermione, this is Draco” Her mother said to her small toddler. She looked at his big blue eyes and smiled. She wore a little pink dress and her hair was in pigtails and was tied with pink ribbons. She wore little shiny black dress shoes and white socks. Draco stood there with a big smile on his face.
“Your pretty” was all he said and gave her a hug. It was hugs like all toddlers give hugs to other toddlers when their mom tells them they have to go say sorry. The slight difference was how long they hugged for, they wouldn’t let go of each other and a friendship was made.
“Wanna go pay house?” Hermione asked
“Ok! I’ll be the daddee and you be the momee” They dressed up and began playing house in Draco’s tree fort.
“How do I look?” She asked her “husband” Draco. “You look great, but there is still one thing missing”
“What’s that?”
“A necklace” Out of Draco’s suit pocket came a little pink box. He handed it to Hermione.
Hermione opened it to find the gold locket.
“It is so pretty!” Draco helped her put it on.
“Thank you husband” She gave Draco a kiss on the cheek. They continued to grow up together and become friends.


Now all Draco could think about was how because of him he ruined a perfect friendship. He heard Hermione’s name being called as she sat on the stool.
“There’s something missing” and he looked down at the locket. “Hermione”

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My Childhood Love: Something Missing


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