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Harry Potter and the American Adventure by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 1 : The Separation
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Chapter 1- The Separation

In the small village of Godric’s Hollow, all was silent. No wind blew to disturb the gold and yellow leaves. No crickets chirped distantly in the night as most of the inhabitants of the village got ready to go to bed. All were oblivious to the yelling that was happening inside one house. For while it was late at night, Lily and James Potter were still wide awake as they and their good friend, Sirius Black, argued with Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

When he had arrived earlier that evening, the Potters had simply thought it was a friendly visit, something that was rare in these dark times. But it was in these dark times, fraternal twins Harry James Potter and Jennifer Lillian Potter were born and they were the reason for Albus Dumbledore’s visit. 

The four adults were currently in the living room of the Potter home, as the two infants slept on upstairs, oblivious to the loud arguing that concerned their future. Albus Dumbledore stood near the brightly lit fireplace, wearing robes of deep blue and watching calmly as James, Lily and Sirius argued about the proposed idea to send their daughter to America for her own safety. 

James Potter stood several feet away from the fireplace, near the couch where Lily and Sirius still sat. He was looking at the headmaster with a mixture of confusion and anger. “Why does she have to go to America? Why not somewhere here in Britain? With someone we know and trust?” 

“With someone you trust would be the first place Lord Voldemort would look for her,” Dumbledore replied calmly, leaning up against the mantel of the fireplace, supporting himself with his left arm as he looked at James. His blue eyes showed no sign of the sparkle they quite often held. “No, America would be the last place he would look, especially if she were disguised as a Muggle.” 

“Why exactly does she have to be hidden from Voldemort in the first place?” asked Sirius Black from his place on the couch, looking back and forth between Dumbledore and James. “I understand why he is after James, Lily and Harry, but why is he also after Jenny?” 

Dumbledore sighed and looked down into the fire for a moment, studying the flames. He looked up after a moment silence and towards Sirius. “She has shown signs of wandless magic, but he does not know that. What he knows is that she is now the holder of the Hogwarts Power Gem.” 

Sirius blinked several times, not sure if he had heard his former headmaster correctly. “I thought that it was just a myth? It’s actually real?” 

“Yes,” came the reply, but from Lily instead of Dumbledore. The three men in the room looked over to where she sat on the couch. She glanced around at them all; sadness was clear on her face as she contemplated the option of having to give up one of her children. “James gave it to me not long after the wedding. The woman married to a Potter is to keep it until a female is born. If none is born, it is passed down to the son to give to his wife.” 

“Is the part where only a female can use it also true?” Sirius asked, looking between James and Lily for an answer. James nodded and sat back down on the couch beside Lily, putting his head into his hands with a heavy sigh. 

Lily reached over and began to rub small circles on his back to help relieve the stress. She stopped this motion when he looked up at her. She brought her hand back down to her lap, where it wasn’t alone for long as James took her hand in his and intertwined their fingers. She gave him a small smile before they both looked back up at Dumbledore. “We’ve done everything we can to keep the fact that we had twins quiet.” 

“I know. But there seems to be a spy among us, passing Voldemort information. I do not know who it is, but that person is playing double agent,” Dumbledore replied softly, looking back into the flames of the fire. The room was silent for several moments as the Potters looked at each other, the pain of what they were about to agree to evident on their faces. They looked back to Dumbledore and nodded. 

“Okay, we’ll do it,” James replied. He looked to his wife beside him. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze before asking the question that they were both thinking. “But where in America and with who?” 

Dumbledore looked away from the flames and gave them a sad smile at their decision to give up their daughter, so that she could remain safe. “I have a contact in California. A squib named Michelle Gomez has recently informed me of a couple that had a daughter one year ago, but she is in failing health and will most likely not live for much longer. Michelle is one of the nurses that has helped with the infant.” 

James and Lily nodded for Dumbledore to continue. He looked at them sadly as he continued. “Fortunately, the only thing that will change about her is her appearance. Her name will simply change from Potter, to Corral. To change her appearance, I will use Ut Abeo Quam Unus Videor, which will make her look just like their child.” 

Lily’s eyes widened at the name of the spell. Thought it was not a very widely known one, she knew of it. It was said to be painful for the one it was being performed on, extremely difficult for the caster to perform, and would last for fifteen years. James looked at his wife in confusion before looking to Dumbledore. “There’s more to it than that, isn’t there?” 

Dumbledore looked at him grimly and nodded. “The spell will be very painful to her when cast and when it fades off in fifteen years.” 

James’ eyes widened as Dumbledore explained the spell. He looked over at Sirius and saw that he was now gaping at Dumbledore. ”Painful? Fifteen years?” 

“Yes James. It will be painful. Think of it as a long lasting Polyjuice Potion. It will change her inside and out and will last for fifteen years,” Dumbledore replied. “For fifteen years, Jennifer Potter will not exist, but Jennifer Corral will.” 

James looked over at Lily to see her on the bridge of tears as she looked at him with a look that told him, ‘it’s the only way to keep her safe.’ James gently squeezed her hand and nodded. James looked back to Dumbledore and asked, “when do we do it?” 

“After Halloween. The preparations must be made for the switch,” the elder wizard responded, looking at the young parents on the couch, not knowing that in a week’s time, they would be dead and the man beside them sent to Azkaban for murder.

Welcome to the first chapter of the re-write! A lot will be kept the same, but a lot will also be changed and expanded. So enjoy!

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