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Lost Hero by F4L
Chapter 1 : Kidnapped
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Disclaimer - I own nothing. JKR beat me to it =P

--Challenge set by obi danf kenobi--

Darkness fell around the town, and the residence had retreated to the warmth and shelter of their homes. It was Halloween and the trick or treating had ended. A brisk breeze blew, shaking the leaves from the dying trees. Lights in the houses went off slowly one by one and this was the sign for the Dark Lord to make his move.

Silently he emerged from the shadows and walked down the street. The only noise he made was the crunching of leaves beneath his feet. He raised his eyes to the end of the cul de sac. That's where he believed his targets were. His black cloak billowed around his ankles and he paused in front of the empty lot. His red tinged eyes scanned the area, nothing suspicious about it. A slender hand reached into his pocket where he pulled out a sheet of parchment with the words 'Godric's Hollow' scrawled onto it.

After reading the sheet he raised his eyes and saw now another home in the lot. A small smirk crossed his snakelike features as he entered the property.

Light was coming from beneath the door and he could hear faint voices inside. Lily and James Potter. Dumbledore's wonder students. The mudblood and the blood traitor. The thought of the two sickened him.

He wrapped his bony fingers around his wand and pulled it out of his robes. The Dark Lord raised his other hand and knocked on the wooden door slowly. Idly he examined his fingernails as he waited for the door to be opened. 'It's probably Sirius,' Laughed a male voice from behind the door.

The door slowly creaked opened. 'Why didn't you just come back with...' James started, smiling widely out the doorway. His smile fell and his mouth fell open in surprise. 'How did you ... Peter ... but ... how,' James muttered, his eyes locked on the Dark Lord who slowly rose his wand. The motion seemed to awaken James from his confusion as he shouted 'Expelliaramus' at the dark wizard while he ducked a streak of green light.

'Lily, run, take Harry!' Screamed James as he ducked another spell. 'Protego!' His shield deflected the flash of orange that then hit the wall leaving a black scorch mark all along the side.

'Give it up Potter,' Spat the Dark Lord. He glared at the young man who was ducking his spells with great agility. 'You will never defeat me.' James smirked slightly as he ducked another flash of orange.

'Oh I dunno, I think I'm doing pretty good,' He replied unable to hide his confidence. 'Stupefy!' As James shouted the spell, he saw old memories flashing before his eyes - last night having dinner with Sirius, an Order meeting, Peter accepting the position as Secret Keeper, Lily telling him he was going to be a father – the gaps between grew bigger and bigger. James tried to fight off the Dark Lord as his memories from Hogwarts began to appear. 'STUPEFY!' James screamed urgently, waving his wand wildly. The images stopped and James fell to the ground completely sapped of energy.

He brushed back his dark wavy hair off his eyes and gazed up tiredly. James swallowed thickly seeing Voldemort standing above him. Another scorch mark on the wall told James he had missed. There was a spark of interest in Voldemort's otherwise blank eyes. He watched as Voldemort began to morph into a different shape.

A small gasp left his mouth as a snake appeared next to him. It's fangs bared in what looked like a grin. James rolled out of the way when it lunged and tried to focus on his own transfiguration. In seconds he found himself in his familiar form of a stag.

James tried to stamp on the snake that was slithering around his legs and shook his head violently when the snake began to scale his legs. James changed back into human form and grabbed the snake, throwing it off him against the wall. James's legs buckled and he found himself on the floor once again. He saw Voldemort leaning against the far wall, raising his wand.

'Crucio,' Hissed Voldemort from the corner.

Intense pain shot through every inch of James's lean body. His legs folded up awkwardly against his torso and he felt his back being pulled backward as if someone was trying to snap it in half. He resisted the urge to scream but the pain became too much and he found himself holding his breath so as not to scream.

The pain suddenly vanished and he collapsed to the floor. James groaned loudly and tried to pull himself up, but his arms buckled beneath his weight. Slowly he raised his head and their eyes met for a split second before his head fell to the floor again. James was exhausted and pain coursed through his body like never before.

Voldemort approached him and kicked the wand from his hand with contempt. 'You evaded me for so long Potter, but did you really think your “Gryffindor bravery” would over come the cunning of a Slytherin? It's not bravery James, it's stupidity,' The Dark Lord informed coldly. 'You could have left, you could have apperated away ... but you chose to fight and you have lost. You've lost everything James.'

Potter lay on his stomach, gazing up at the wizard the entire world should fear. His hand clutched at the carpet as he thought of Lily, he hoped she had left with Harry, but something told him otherwise. His thoughts changed to Peter. He had betrayed them. One of his best friends had sold them over to the Dark Lord. James felt very empty all of a sudden. What if they had all been with Voldemort? Was Sirius part of this too?

'Goodbye Potter,' Voldemort said suddenly. James took a deep breath and his eyes filled with fear as a final flash of green hit him, sweeping the life out of his body. Voldemort watched as his grip on the carpet weakened and his clasped fist opened slowly. 'Morsmordre.'

Voldemort heard a small cry from the room at the end of the small hall and shoved open the door violently. 'Give me the boy,' He snarled, pointing his wand at Lily. 'You needn't die mudblood, just give me the boy.'

'No, not Harry!' Cried Lily, moving herself in front of the cot. Her teary eyes looked around for her wand that she had misplaced.

'Stand aside girl,' The Dark Lord ordered angrily, he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down to the floor. He stood menacingly above her, smirking as she cowered instinctively. 'You will not survive this time, avada kedavra!' His voice was barely a whisper as the flash of green once again filled the house.

Voldemort turned slowly to the cot where the young boy lay. He placed his slender hand on the top of Harry's head and stroked his tuff of black hair. Without much hesitation, Voldemort grabbed the bundle of blankets with the baby boy and left the ruined house through the dark. When he had reached the top of the street he turned back and a sadistic grin crossed his face at the sight of the Dark Mark and then glancing down at the child, his grin softened. The boy was his.


When Sirius arrived at the scene having heard that the Dark Mark was hanging above his friends home. Upon seeing the destruction Sirius felt his emotions go into overdrive and found himself promptly throwing up in the bushes. 'Not Lily ... not James...' He croaked.

He felt himself grow numb as he went through the house. Sirius broke down when he came to James's fallen figure. His empty eyes were filled with fear, betrayal and pride. But the spark was no longer there. Sirius left James and went into Harry's room. He threw up again upon seeing Lily's body. Sirius knelt next to her, his hands shook as he raised her head gently. A hint of determination could be seen in her lifeless green eyes.

What about Harry? Sirius stood quickly and looked into the crib. No body ... he let out a small sigh of relief until he realised what this meant. 'He wouldn't have...' Sirius murmured angrily, throwing an old toy across the room. He watched it shatter against the wall and fall to the ground. Sirius slipped to the floor, his back against the wall. He held Lily's still warm body in his arms and rested his head on hers. The final tears he had fell onto her pale skin.


'Sirius? What're ye doin' 'ere?'

Sirius's eyes opened slowly and he found himself looking up at a giant of a man with a shaggy beard and a large brown overcoat covered in pockets. His tired, bloodshot eyes scanned the room and he suddenly realised where he was.

'He took him Hagrid, he took him and he killed them!' Sirius exclaimed, slurring his words as his emotions built up again. His eyes began to fill with tears again but he blinked them back in anger. Hagrid placed a large hand on Sirius's shoulder and pulled him into a hug. Large tears ran down Hagrid's face as he wailed uncontrollably.

'Lily an' James Sirius! How could he?' Sirius tried to reassure Hagrid as best he could, without crying more. Hagrid sniffed loudly and straightened up sadly. 'I've to take 'Arry ... Dumbledore's orders.'

'He's not here Hagrid, he kidnapped him,' Sirius said slowly. 'Take my bike and tell Dumbledore, you might be able to catch him.'

Hagrid looked in the empty cot in shock. 'Why'd 'e take Harry?' He asked, a hint of worry in his voice. Sirius didn't answer as both men made their way out of the charred house. 'Where're you off te'?' Hagrid asked, between sniffs.

'I have to visit a rat about a worm.' Sirius replied darkly, smiling in spite of himself and his bad joke. James would have hit him over the head for a joke as bad as that.


'Wormtail, tell the others that the mission was successful. We will meet tomorrow as planned,' Voldemort instructed, the baby still clutched to his chest. The two sat in the corner of a small pub, Wormtail had been hidden in his rat form for the better half of three hours awaiting news.

The Dark Lord stood slowly and left the dingy pub through a back door, making sure not to be seen. Pettigrew waited until he heard a loud crack before leaving.

He walked briskly down the street, pausing outside a boarded up shop. Peter faced the boards and jumped, seeing a masked figure looking out at him inquisitively. Peter nodded quickly before turning and leaving. The others knew, now he could return to hiding.

'PETER!' Peter jumped and turned quickly, this is what he had feared. 'Old friend ... tell me, why did you allow me to give you the responsibility of protecting Lily and James?' Sirius stood in the middle of the street, his wand in hand ignoring all the muggles who were stopping to watch. 'How COULD you Wormtail? Prongs was your best friend!' He exclaimed. His voice was slightly hysterical and Peter realised he would have to do something drastic.

'I never ... what are you ... James, Lil...'

'Don't! Don't you DARE say their names!' Sirius screamed. 'You owe them so much Peter, HOW COULD YOU?' Pettigrew winced with pain as he cut off his finger, all Sirius saw was him wincing from his words. Now was the time, thought Peter, before anyone else heard him.

'SIRIUS! HOW COULD YOU!? James and Lily Potter! They were your best friends!' Yelled Peter with dismay, a sly smirk crossed his face upon seeing the confusion on Sirius's. Sirius quickly raised his wand in anger but let out a surprised yelp as he ducked a flash of light.

Sirius sat up slowly, his mind was spinning. When his sight sharpened he let out a horrified gasp. A large crater had been formed in the street and surrounding it were bodies. Sirius looked around him and saw some people were still moving. A sick smile found its way on to Sirius's face and he started laughing manically, all reason lost.


Voldemort sat in a candlelit room with Harry in his arms. The small boy's fist was gripped around the Dark Lord's thumb. Voldemort raised his eyes to the Death Eaters around him.

'The plan will continue, even without Pettigrew,' He ordered sharply, attempting to look as intimidating as he could with the child in his arms. 'This child must never be harmed, he is not to know the truth.' The Death Eaters around him nodded slowly. 'He will never know about his parents, he will never know his true identity. The boy must be renamed and cared for in his infancy.' Voldemort paused, his eyes scanning the figures in front of him.

'Black?' Regulus Black bowed his head low. 'You shall care for the child until I am prepared to take him as an apprentice.' Voldemort handed the child to Black and announced the meeting to be over.

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