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A Dark Romance by kei_sainter
Chapter 5 : 5. The Second Realisation
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No. 5: The Second Realisation

At first, Emily was sort of disorientated.

But in the next split second, she realised where she was and who was beside her, breathing lightly.

She looked at her watch and relaxed when she saw it was only three a.m. and took a moment to watch Tom sleep.

Even in slumber he looked uncompromising and arrogant. His jaw was still powerful and his brows were knotted just short of a frown. And yes, in sleep-- he was still very much desirable.

Emily let her fingers gllide up along him muscular arm, savouring the feel of his skin against hers. In reaction, his muscles rippled then relaxed.

She loved him.

That realisation was a blow to her once she remembered who he was.

The Heir of Slytherin.

Destined for great things.

Could she really handle being loved by such a man?

She didn't get to speculate on that question because in the next second, Tom stirred and woke. Stretching with the grace of a jaguar, he froze halfway when he saw Emily but then relaxed, drawing her to his side.

'Hello,' he said.

'Hi,' Emily said shyly. The seductress in her had disappeared once she'd fallen asleep and she was back to being awkward.

'Emily… we need to talk.'

'About what?'

'What I've shown you tonight-- I haven't shown anyone else.'

'Why me?' she asked curiously, at how uneasily he got the words out.

'Because I trust you,' he told her sincerely, and their gazes collided. The sexual tension was back, 'besides… you do understand that there could be repercussions from last night.'

Emily froze. Her jaw opened to correct his assumption, but he must've seen it as a gesture of shock.

'We didn't use any protection,' he continued and his hand settled possessively on her bare stomach, 'but you can count on it that I'll protect you and any little one we may have created.'

There was that tone of ownership again.

It made them both hot. His head began to lower again, but this time his first kiss was planted at her stomach--and once again they rode the rollercoaster.

When Emily woke up next, she was in her bed in her dorm room.

And she still hadn't told him.


'You're looking far too cheerful today,' Devin complained.

It was already March and the boys were in the library, studying up for their exams.

Tom looked up from his books and frowned at his friend, 'what do you mean?'

'Did something happen between you and Emily last night?'

A red flush was creeping up Tom's neck, 'Maybe.'

The relationship between Tom and Emily had grown and grown. Though they hadn't gone back down to the Chamber since that first night, there had been visits to Tom's Head Boy room during free periods or before dinner.

And last night… ehem… they had tried something new.

Malfoy laughed appreciatively and patted his friend on the back with male-pride, 'Good. But people are becoming impatient for you to move on.'

'What do you mean?' Tom was rigid.

Malfoy coughed, 'She's not suitable for you. You should be with a Slytherin, one of your kind. Sure she's smart and determined-- but Emily won't hold up in our world.'

'I love her.' Tom said bluntly.

'I can't believe this,' Devin scoffed, 'you've laid her and now you're stupid enough to believe that it's more than just hormones?'

It was barely five seconds before Tom had Devin by the lapels of his robes up against the wall.

He pressed his fist into Devin's throat, 'Don't you ever… ever insult me or Emily again. If you know what's good for you.'

Tom dropped him to the ground before kicking him twice for good measure.

Then he walked away with one last withering glance.


There's a lot that can be said for a friend who has just been betrayed.

Pride ran deep in Devin Malfoy's blood. And he needed revenge.

He wasn't going to let some stupid notion of love ruin Tom and his chances of controlling the wizarding world if not the entire world.

That was his justification at being in Tom's Head Boy room while he was in class.

All he needed was something that could plant some seed of doubt in Emily Quince's mind. Just one thing that he could twist.

Tom's diary.

A black leather-bound book was one of a pile of books on his study table. He flipped the pages open and recognised the decisive hand-writing.

He spoke of his dreams and ambitions-- but nothing Devin didn't already know.


Malfoy couldn't believe his luck. There it was, in black and white-- Tom spoke of a prophecy. It explained a lot of things. His sudden interest in Emily, why he'd been so interested in her and her alone.


When Emily turned around to find Devin Malfoy right behind her, her hand went involuntarily to her chest.

She didn't like the blond boy.

There was something rather oily about him-- she knew that Slytherins were conniving but while he made her uneasy, Tom never seemed to.

But because he was Tom's best friend, she had made the effort to be civil towards him.

'Ms. Quince.'

'Mr. Malfoy, what can I do for you?'

'I heard that you and Tom did it last night.'

Emily drew a sharp breath at Devin's crudeness, 'I don't know what you're talking about.'

'Don't need to pretend, Emily. Tom told me-- after all it was part of the plan,' she wanted to smack that cocky grin off his face.

'What plan?'

'I knew you'd ask. Did he ever tell you about the prophecy? That he needed to lay a girl in his seventh year to bear him the heir of Slytherin?'

Emily took a step back, she willed her hand to stop from touching her stomach.

'You're lying,' she whispered.

'Read it for yourself,' Devin extended a book to her.

She recognised it as Tom's diary. When she read the first few sentences in his neat writing, she dropped the book and turned, walking away, trying to calm herself.

The mantras were running in her head so loudly that she didn't hear Devin's sinister laugh.


'What's going on Emily?' He'd finally cornered her, one day.

Emily had been avoiding him, and Tom was becoming more and more frustrated.

During meals she'd sit so that she would have her back away from him. During classes she'd get their earlier so that she didn't have to sit next to him.

Of course she tried to do it subtly, giving him little smiles and saying 'sorry'.

If ever he made it to class in time to grab the seat next to her and ask her what was wrong, she would casually tell him

'nothing, really. I've just been busy with homework. Our O.W.L.S. are coming up soon.'

Finally he couldn't take it anymore.

For an entire month, he'd let her go on her own way. After all he had his studies to concentrate on too. He'd accepted her excuses at face value.

After all, he believed that she loved him as much as he loved her, even though the words hadn't actually been spoken to each other.

'What do you mean?'

'Don't lie to me!' he tightened the grip he had on her arm.

She froze, 'You're hurting me.'

He was unyielding and kept his grasp, if she'd been playing him for a fool all this time. He needed to know now.

'And I will keep on hurting you until you tell me what happened between us?' he said softly, though the softness did nothing to hide the threat.

'I'm not pregnant,' she blurted out.

It was his turn to freeze, 'So?'

'Isn't that you wanted from me?' her eyes were fiery and her words were slurred with bitterness, 'to provide you the heir of Slytherin.'

'How did you find out?'

'I saw your diary.'

'You looked in my diary?' he yelled at her, and he saw the stark fear in her eyes.

'Why me? Why not one of your adoring fans?' she dismissed his question.

'Because I love you.'

'Yeah right-- I was nothing more than a means to an end, someone that could provide you with something that you wanted,' she contradicted him, 'and you always get what you want don't you Lord Voldemort.'


For the two months she'd known him as the heir, Emily had never once called him by his alias.

She'd wanted to keep their relationship far from his other interests, though she'd never begrudged him of his ultimate ambition.

His eyes flickered.

'I don't know what hurts more, the fact that you belittle our love, or the fact that you make me sound like a ruthless bastard.'

'You are a ruthless bastard.'

'No I'm not Emily. You know what I can be,' his voice was lulling her, as did the music box he gave her, as did the dagger which called to her, 'and I know we'd be invincible together. You by my side-- will having my child be such a trial to you?'

Heaven only knew how much Emily loved him and was about to succumb to his lips.

But she knew she would never know if he chose her because she was who she was, or if the only reason he chose her was because he believed it was written for him.

'What if I can't have a child?'

His mouth seemed to slowly stop right before her.

'What do you mean?'

'What if I can never have children?'

'Are speaking hypothetically, or are you speaking personally?' he took a step back.

'Why do you think that I never asked you to use contraception, or used any for myself? I had appendicitis as a little kid, it affected some reproducing part of me… I can't have kids.'

The bridge was there between them.

'You wouldn't want me then,' she said flatly.

'You made a mistake Tom,' she spoke in a controlled manner that made him very proud of her, 'I'm not the girl in your prophecy. You convinced yourself in love with me-- so I won't make this hard for you… '


Tom watched her walk away.

He watched her take his heart.

The words rang in his head, You made a mistake, Tom.


Two months later, the graduating class left Hogwarts for the last time.

Tom Riddle disappeared, and no one knew where.

Emily went back home to her family home in Ireland and spent her summer taking walks with her cat.

She was pregnant.

When she'd gone to the doctor, she told Emily that it was a one in two hundred chance that she would have become pregnant.

That on its own made it impossible to kill the child growing within her.

Tom Riddle would have his heir, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing and packed her bags and set off for the last place she thought he'd try to find her.

If he ever tried.

Somewhere in the world, the Heir of Slytherin was born.


A/N: Hmm... my one and only not so happy ending due to the fact that I've been ridden with bad luck since attempting to write this-- in fact im half expecting to get my electricity cut off *cross fingers, knocks on wood*

I hope you enjoyed, please comment if you liked it. If not, feel free to throw cookies at me. I swear I wont eat them *cross fingers behind back* Love Kei

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A Dark Romance: 5. The Second Realisation


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