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The Weapon by Bellamybabe
Chapter 4 : The Recovery
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Chapter Four: The Recovery-

“Wrong again, concentrate!” Gregory snapped before sending a stinging hex towards Harry. Harry winced as the charm hit and he fell backwards. “What was that? Was that an emotion? What did I tell you…? Boy you are going to be punished!”

Gregory walked over to the young child of eleven and conjured a cane. Harry looked at fearfully before forcing the emotion out. “I am sorry sir, it won’t happen again!” Harry was practically begging. Gregory pushed him away and lifted the thick piece of wood. Instinctively Harry covered his head with his arms.

Harry sat up gasping for air. He was covered in sweat and his heart was thumping for escape. The memory flashed before his head and he placed his hands over his eyes as he lay back before he tried to curl up. A hand gently squeezed his shoulder.

Taken by surprise, Harry jumped up and wiped out his wand. He pointed it at the kind woman with red hair. She was completely unrecognisable but something familiar encompassed him. He gripped his wand tightly as he looked at her then to the room around him.

It appeared to be a waiting room, a very much cluttered one. A sofa sat opposite a fireplace which presented the only light in the room. The room led to another which had a long wooden table and many counters. He gulped before he saw the self knitting needles and wool and the jumper forming underneath it. He stared at it. He sensed movement rather than seen or hear it. He turned and stuck his wand in the throat of a tall man with long white hair and sparkling eyes, the colour faded in the darkness.

“Hello Harry, how are you today?” Albus asked. Molly gasped as the wand made contact with his neck. “It’s ok Molly.”

“Harry calm down, we are not going to hurt you. We promise.” Molly said edging towards him, he held the free palm up to her and she stopped as a blue flicker shot up before her indicating an erect shield.

“Where’s Chaplin?” Harry asked though afraid to ask the question without a prompt.

“He isn’t here and this isn’t a test. Harry, what you have to understand is that what Chaplin did to you was wrong.” Albus said keeping his hands in plain view of the edgy child. “What Gregory did to you was wrong; he shouldn’t have hit you…”

“Don’t talk about him like that…” Harry snapped as the glass of a photo frame shattered making the occupants scatter and scream. “He took me in, sheltered me… taught me how to protect myself… told me to be wary of evil…”

“Harry I do not judge those actions but to physical beat you form an early age, not matter the circumstances, was wrong.” Albus said.

“Who are you?”

“Ah, the last time I told you my name you have me slammed against the wall in seconds.” Albus smirked.

“What’s going on?” Hermione muttered yawning as she came down the stairs. She was wearing a dress robe, but underneath was a t-shirt and shorts. She tightened it closed when she saw Harry. Harry looked at the ground.

“Harry had a nightmare and is well adjusting to the new surroundings.” Molly replied pulling Hermione close to her.

“I didn’t have a nightmare.” Harry yelled, memories of Chaplin forcing the information out of him sent shivers down his spine.

“Harry, we do not take your nightmares when ever you have them.” Albus explained. “We rather talk about them or left you to your own devices.”

“Where’s Chaplin?”

“Do you know where you were all this time?”

“We were in a building; hiding from the rest of the world.” Harry supplied, he gulped when he realised that maybe he shouldn’t have said anything.

“Harry, do you know were you are now?”

“We are in the same building?”

“Far from it Harry. Chaplin was hiding you. He was never to raise you. When your parents died…” he stopped as Harry gripped his head with both hands and groaned. Albus moved forward to help but was stopped by the wand that once again shot out toward him. “… Harry you have a godfather who was supposed to take you in, raise you and eventually take you to school. Harry, you are regarded as nothing but Ministry property. To then you are no one, to them you are…”

“A weapon… test the weapon, punish…. Alone.” Harry muttered as he clutched his head again. “Fudge, afraid of someone, bullied… she never stops visiting… red running from the ceiling…”

“Harry what are you trying to say?” Molly said after testing that the shield was down after conjuring an anti-spell for it. She was at his side holding him protectively close.

Hermione went to the file that Molly was reading whilst keeping an eye upon the muttering form that was Harry. She flicked through the pages and her eyes fell on his health page. It listed his menu and the medicine he was forced to take. It also listed the potions he was forced to take as well as the training. She read through it quickly before nearly shouting.

“His medication… he hasn’t had any… according to these pages the medication he takes acts as mental and emotional blocker.” Hermione said reading from it. “Gregory says here that because of the ‘brutal ness of the training and punishments to follow them to the letter, a caution of mental breakage has been seen in his mutterings in sleep or alertness.’”

Harry was still holding his wand at Dumbledore though now it was held loosely. Dumbledore gently spoke as he grasped his wrist and took the wand from him, very much aware that he was dealing with a powerful wandless wizard. He placed the wand on the nearest table and held Harry close as he continued to hold his head and mutter incoherently.

“Sir,” Hermione said a little warily as she turned another page on health.

“What is it, Hermione?” Dumbledore replied calmly, trying to keep the young man from getting frightened again. It was evident that that was the case.

“It says here that he believes that Harry is in some ways able to tell the future!” She read almost disbelievingly. After being taught my Trelawney for almost a year she felt the whole thing was fraudulent.

“Does he give examples?” Albus said, wishing he read the whole thing before handing it over.

“That he instructed Gregory to double check the warming and lighting spells as a large storm was coming.” Hermione said. “Gregory wrote that he immediately punished the child for speaking out of term but soon found himself cold and in the dark as the large storm had begun. Do you believe this?”

“It is possible. Are they any more?”

“No. He makes a note at the end of the page that he was going to pass it off as a one off.”

“Maybe Harry learned not to speak out of term and kept his mouth shut.” Molly scowled. She leaned forward to see that Harry was still holding his head but seemed calmer. She rubbed his back barely hearing the words Albus was whispering to him. Hermione pulled out a chair that was left aside and observed from there.

“Fudge…” Harry whispered.

“Harry, did you say something?”

“Hogwarts office, Minister Fudge awaits angrily.” Harry muttered seemingly in a daze. “He is sending a messenger to look…” Harry held out his hand about a foot or two of the floor. A sudden flash of fire and Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix appeared; his head directly underneath Harry’s hand, who stroked it calmly. Harry moved away from Dumbledore and smiled softly at the phoenix who sang a song warmly.

“Minister Fudge is in my office I presume” Albus said knowingly. Fawkes sang a short note as if saying yes. He winked at Harry before Fawkes fluttered to Dumbledore’s shoulder and both disappeared in a flush of fire.

“He will return soon, Harry.” Molly said wrapping her arms protectively around him as he sank into himself again.

“I know.” Harry whispered, seemingly too lost within his own head to absorb what was going on, or that he just couldn’t find one bad bone within Molly.

“Ah, Albus, I see you finally decided to grace us with your presence.” Fudge said from his seat behind the desk. Albus walked around and cleared his throat. Fudge scowled before moving. Gregory Chaplin stood near the window and two other Aurors were standing near the door.

“I was out merely having a walk.” Albus said calmly, smiling softly at the minister.

“Albus, I know it was you that raided our secret location and stole one of our most precious pieces of property. So, give up the act, where is he?”

“A person is a piece of Ministry property?”

“I said give up the act. I know you have him, where is he?”

“Have whom, Minister?” Albus said softly. He leaned back and studied the temperamental minister before him.

“Do not play the fool with my Albus…”

“I assure you I do not.” Albus said.

“I have an eye witness that places you at the scene with several others.” Fudge snapped pointing to Chaplin.

“Mister Chaplin is that you, I could have sworn that you left all those years ago. What have you been doing with yourself?” Albus asked staring deep into his eyes.

“Albus, he saw you enter with several others and take this piece of property without the proper authorisation. Now, I ask for the last time where is he?” Fudge said as a vein was throbbing in his neck from his growing temper.

“I assure Fudge; I have no idea what you conversing about.”

“Albus, where were you tonight?”

“Walking as I said upon entrance.”

“I saw no figures upon the ground.”

“Alas, you do not know this land as I do. It is vast than what we allow the students to wonder too.” Albus said. “Now to who is this property, I might have heard and may be of help to you.”

“Albus, stop this dilly dallying I know you have Mr. Potter… where is he?” Fudge said before falling silent at realisation to what he said.

“Mr. Potter, but there is no Potter, left, unless maybe it is another line… do not inform me Fudge that you lied when I asked if you knew of Mister Harry Potter’s whereabouts. This is a child we are talking about. And you are doing what with him?” Albus shouted standing up suddenly.

Fudge waved it away saying that it could have been someone else using charms and potions to make him look like Albus before tipping his hat and wishing a good day before disappearing in the fire. The two Aurors followed. Albus looked at the now approaching Gregory Chaplin.

“Mister Chaplin, how are you today? Are you abusing some other child now?” Albus asked lightly.

“I believe Fudge has another planned. But for losing him I have had half of my fortune taken.” Chaplin said angrily.
“Well, you choose to take in a baby and raise him harshly.”
“He would have ruined me.”

“Not as much as I can or the papers can when they hear that you took the Boy-Who-Lived and practically tortured him into an emotionless state. You would not be able to go anywhere in Britain without the wizarding world scowling you. Good day, sir.”

Chaplin sighed before pulling something out of his pocket and placing it on the table. “Fudge will force me to try and control him. And I will be able to.” Chaplin said before leaving. On the table was a letter with fancy emerald green ink upon the table written in a handwriting Albus knew and missed. ‘Harry James Potter’ was written in Lily Potters familiar Handwriting. He smiled pocketed it and left for the Burrow with Instructions to Fawkes to get him should anyone enter.

A/N: Hey there. Another chappie. Did you enjoy? I should have another along by Monday. PLEASE REVIEW. Bellamybabe

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The Weapon: The Recovery


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