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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 7 : Night on the Town
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Draco first took Hermione to a club that seemed to be jungle or tropical themed. She quickly realized why it was given the name Paradise Jungle; it looked like an exotic paradise. One wall was actually entirely made of flames and at first she wondered if this was some sort of wizard club, but then she noticed it all had to be pyro techniques. What amazed her about the wall was that once it drew you in and hypnotized you by its glowing flames it would change into a full fledged wall of raining cerulean water. There were dancers on platforms high above them and a long bar that stretched from one end of the club to the other. The dance floor was vast and already packed full of people.

“What do you fancy,” Draco shouted to her above the music once they reached the bar.

“Umm, you’re the expert what is good here,” she shouted back at him.

Draco gave her an almost sinister grin, “Granger are you trusting me to order you a drink,” he asked.

“Come off it Draco, I can see the bartender making the drink and you are forbidden to use, “ she looked around to see if anyone was listening to their conversation then leaned into him very closely so only he could hear her, “magic.”

Draco leaned in even further to her putting their faces inches apart, so close she almost thought he was going to kiss her; yet she didn’t pull away.

“You saying you trust me, Mione,” he asked her using her nickname only her closest friends and family used with her. Her heart pounded in her chest.

“I didn’t agree to trust you Draco,” she answered in a seductive tone of voice and playing into his flirting, “I merely agreed to have some fun. I do trust you are very capable of that.”

He grinned at her and winked then turned and shouted something to the bartender. After about five minutes he turned back around to see her a few feet away from him and slightly rocking to the beat of the music. He walked up beside her, handed her the drink and looked up at the platform dancers. Hermione studied the drink for all but two seconds then gave it a taste. It was tart and sugary at the same time and no doubt the bartender had made it very strong.

“What is it,” she shouted to him. She noticed he was also rocking slightly to the beat and she wondered if he could dance, and actually hold the beat. The thought of Draco busting a move made her laugh.

“Long Island Ice tea,” he said smiling at her.

“It’s very good and very strong” she said taking another taste.

They each had two more drinks and finally Hermione had mustered up the courage to ask him if he wanted to dance.

“YOU CAN DANCE,” he said with a laugh, “Granger this I HAVE to see.”

“Actually Draco, I danced up until I was seventeen, every summer while we were on holiday. My mother insisted upon it actually, said it was good to do something other then study what I did when I was at school,” she said with a playful smile, “The question is can you dance.”

“I might just shock you,” he said. He took her almost empty glass and placed it on a nearby table as they walked towards the dance floor. Without any warning Hermione grabbed Draco by both arms and lead him on the dance floor, his stomach spun from her touch. He had not expected it but welcomed it more then she would know.

They both shocked each other as each of them realized the other could dance extremely well. They actually complimented one another nicely on the dance floor, both their bodies moving in rhythm to the music. Draco watched Hermione as she danced around him tirelessly; it was almost as if she was in a fixed reverie.

“Not the Granger I remember,” he shouted

“You never knew me, “she shouted back contently.

He gently grabbed her hips and pulled her into him slowing down their seductive ballet but not throwing them off the beat, “You never allowed me to,” he whispered hungrily in her ear.
He pushed the hair away from her neck nestled his mouth seductively behind her ear, and nibbled on it to see what she would do. He was yearning to kiss her, aching to touch her and feel her body close to his; but scared of rejection. She pulled back from him slightly and stared into his eyes with a complete look of perplexity.

Thousands of things were running through her head. She was dancing with Draco and not just dancing but at a night club in a city she had never been before. She was miles away from home and miles away from anything remotely familiar to her. Even Draco was unfamiliar as for once he seemed almost charming to her and she was shocked when she began to realize she was attracted to him, ruthlessly. She studied his eyes, she could sense he wanted her but was it just for play? Was she to be his next immense triumph? Suddenly she realized she didn’t care. She was far from familiar and she liked it, for the first time in years she felt free.

Without realizing it they had stopped dancing, both of them lost in one another and lost in confound thought. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was mere curiosity of the unknown but without saying anything Draco decided to risk it all. He pulled her to him again, she allowed it. He cupped her face with is hands and kissed her fiercely, she allowed him. Hermione Granger was kissing him back.
The music kept playing, the sweaty bodies around them kept dancing, the laser induced lights bounced off of them and they were unaware of the bubbles that had just started cascading in mass from the jungle themed ceiling. The world to them had stopped for they were wrapped tightly into one another kissing passionately. Nothing matter to either of them except this moment, these few precious seconds that would change their life forever. They seemed to be lost in a sea of music rapt souls but they weren’t lost at all; finally they both had been found.

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